(Westfalia Landeszeitung, January 9, 1938)
Otto Rahn Reads in Dortmund Evening Lecture
at the Dietrich Eckart Haus


Otto Rahn in Cathar cave

German Newspaper coverage 
of a speech
by Otto Rahn in 1938

Otto Rahn, the young poet and researcher read and lectured Friday evening at the Dietrich Eckart Verein (club) in front of a rather large and very captivated audience. After a few introductory words by the person in charge of cultural events for the Dietrich Eckart Verein, Kurt Eggers, who greeted Rahn as a comrade and briefly outlined the Lucifer-Problem which Rahn would talk about. Next Rahn created an image of Lucifer in such emphatic and compelling language that it could not be thought out in a more moving and explicit manner. Rahn read from his newest work, "Luzifers Hofgesind" (Lucifer's Court Servants), which tells about his travels and findings in Southern France where he followed the traces of the Grail and the Albigenses (Cathars), the pure and true heretics, and from new viewpoints, he drew a prolific picture of this anti-Roman movement which also spread in Germany at that time. The lecture covered difficult material and required extreme discipline and alertness. It was a good sign for the symbioses of lecturer and audience that no word was lost and that the image of Lucifer, which Rahn celebrated with the Albigenses as the Bringer of Light, was most effective.

Two parts of the evening can clearly be differentiated: The first, where Rahn reported on the research and current status of the Grail and Lucifer-Problem - here the most powerful words and the most exciting creative power came into play - and a second, in which the lecturer based on concrete examples drew conclusions from his new points of view and teachings and arrived at a not only interesting but also largely convincing reevaluation of historical events, leading figures, and facts. The hurdle of a rationalism of the old kind - a danger which would without doubt exist for a less truthful and strong acceptance of nature and reevaluation - was avoided by Rahn very well. In true excitement, he again led back to the sources and origins of real desire for freedom and true closeness to nature.

The Albigenses have been exterminated. In Southern France, 205 leading followers of Lucifer were burnt on a giant stake (March 16, 1244) after a great crusade led by Dominican priests in the name of Christian mildness. The teachings of Lucifer, the Bringer of Light, and his followers were persecuted with fire and sword. The Albigenses are dead, but their spirit is alive and takes effect, especially in these days, in a renewed and rejuvenated excitement and passion. Christ's representative could burn people, but he was wrong when he thought he could burn with them their spirit, passion and desire. This spirit became alive again yesterday, took its effect and was visible in Otto Rahn - a descendent of the ancient Troubadours - in front of many people.

Rahn set a new limit to the spirit tied to the Romans, to the belief in a life after death, and the fear of hell; he negated Yahweh and the Jewish teachings, and professed "Luzifer's Hofgesind" in whose name Kurt Eggers closed the evening with the following greeting: "Lucifer, who has been done wrong to, greets you."

Altogether the evening was a great success, which was a promising beginning for the future work of the Dietrich Eckart Verein. The quartet of the Conservatory provided an excellent setting for the evening and furnished the artistic background for the multitude and richness of thoughts.

Dr. Wolff Heinrichsdorff



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This Film Is A Masterpiece!!!
An Absolutely Astonishing Work Of Impeccable Research And Superb Photography Accompanied By An
Unforgettable Musical Score.
Thank You, Richard Stanley!
Holger, Gnostic Liberation Front.


The Secret Glory of Otto Rahn

 Film By Richard Stanley

       Read About It At This 'Unofficial' Richard Stanley Website:

   Between Death and the Devil


Some time ago, I tipped your site on THE SECRET GLORY, the Otto Rahn documentary directed by Richard Stanley. That documentary has now been released as an extra feature on the limited edition DVD release of DUST DEVIL, a gnostic feature film by Stanley. An in-depth review of the release can be found here
( ); I'll include the section of concerning THE SECRET GLORY at the end of the mail.

Some videoclips of both the documentary and Stanley's video interview regarding it have been posted to YouTube, here are the hyperlinks.

In the search of THE SECRET GLORY (1/4):
In the search of THE SECRET GLORY (2/4):
In the search of THE SECRET GLORY (3/4):
In the search of THE SECRET GLORY (4/4):

The documentary has not been uploaded in its entirety, but here's what there is.

SECRET GLORY without commentary (1/2):

SECRET GLORY without commentary (2/2):

SECRET GLORY with commentary (1/1):


- lauri

between death and the devil
the unofficial richard stanley website


DISC THREE: The Secret Glory

The third disc in this set contains The Secret Glory, which is Richard Stanley's 2001 documentary that details SS Officer Otto Rahn's bizarre quest to find the Holy Grail. With a ninety minute running time, this feature length documentary proves to be a fascinating look into a part of the Second World War that isn't really touched on much in the history books or the standard History Channel style documentaries. It begins with Stanley's narration explaining how Lucifer was cast out of Heaven, then the origins of the Holy Grail. We get some history of the artifact that explains its significance and from there we learn about how the Nazi's came to be interested in finding the grail, specifically how Otto Rahn obsessed over it. 

Otto's daughter is interviewed quite extensively here and she explains how her grandfather was a very religious man and how much of that was passed on to her father. A few other interviewees explain Rahn's growing obsession with the artifact and how it all ties into the Nazi philosophy of the time.

This is a fascinating documentary and anyone with a remote interest in either the history of the time or in the supernatural should really enjoy the way that Stanley ties all of this together. It's very well researched and quite detailed in its explanations and it thankfully treats the subject matter completely seriously. In addition it also contains some really interesting archival footage and still photographs that further serve to round out the film.

Included as the main extra feature on this disc is an optional commentary track with Richard Stanley and Norman Hill. As with the commentary for Dust Devil, this is a very active track as Stanley has just as much to say about this film as he does about the main attraction on the disc. He covers how he came to make this project and details some of the research that went into getting it written.

Subversive has also included an interview with Richard Stanley in the supplements for this disc, and he starts it off by saying that the idea for making this film probably came from watching too many Argento films at a young age. From there he explains how he came on board the project and after that he talks about different religions and how they affected the events portrayed in the documentary. He also comments that part of the appeal of this project was being able to work on a movie where the cameraman wouldn't get hurt (as he did on both The White Darkness and Voice Of The Moon!). Throughout the twenty seven minute he covers trying to track people down for interviews, and more. It's a pretty high brow talk but if you enjoyed the documentary this does a nice job of shedding some light on its origins.

Rounding out the extra features on this release optional soundtrack (from Simon Boswell), trailers (for The Secret Glory, Voice Of The Moon, White Darkness, Alice, Future Kill and Dust Devil, a Richard Stanley biography and a DVD credits screen. Menus and chapter stops are also provided.



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