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Trust Betrayed By Man

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Jesus said, "Whoever believes that the All itself is deficient is himself deficient.
 Jesus said, "It is I who am the light which is above them all. It is I who am the All.
From me did the All come forth, and unto me did the All extend. Split a piece of 
   wood, and I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there.
Gospel of Thomas
By The Gnostic Liberation Front.

I am writing this article with tears in my eyes and a heavy
heart. Yes, those "other" creatures of God who are all around
us, but whom we hardly ever recognize as real beings, how do they fit into the total
picture of our state of awareness? Indeed, we say that God is all in all--that God is
omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. Does this not mean that ALL is of God?
And that animals are just as much God's expression of himself as man is? If so, I
should think that this is very true as a concept and that it must be understood in its
awesome meaning to us. And it is awesome in-deed, for it is an enormous
responsibility for us to become aware-of and then to incorporate into our lives. For with
this state of consciousness--with this state of awareness comes the responsibility to
deal with animals as we would deal with human beings, and seeing in them
Life--everlasting Life--God manifesting itself as deer, horse, cow, dog, bird, cat etc.
and then treating this Life--this specific expression of God--as we would hopefully
treat another human being; with love, respect and dignity.

Yes, this, of course, would be the minimum which should
develop out of  this specific awareness. But there is so much more to be understood.
According to the words of Christ Jesus, we should love God more than anything in
the world. Now, since God is ALL there is--and I hope you understand my
words--we should love everyone and everything as God's self-expression coming into
our consciousness--coming into our awareness. For it is that of whatever we become
conscious becomes a part of us--as our Self. Can you comprehend this awesome
concept? Can you see where it leads us on the spiritual path? What, in your search for
Truth, can you be sure of? It is only one thing that you know for sure. You know,
that you are conscious of being conscious. You can say with absolute assurance: " I
am conscious." Because without consciousness you would not be. Thus, I dare say to
you : Consciousness is God. And further, is not consciousness another word for
mind--infinite mind--universal mind? But, how do we deal with this mind which in
some small part is also our mind? Through thought of course. Thought, our thoughts
are our connection to God who is infinite Good. What we think determines our state of
consciousness and thus allows us to commune with God. 
Our thoughts, planted into the Universal Mind, will lead us either into the Kingdom of Heaven 
or into the realm of evil and darkness. We can indeed come to terms with the divine plan
of infinite evolution towards an infinite God by using and expanding our state of
consciousness--our state of awareness of God--through a harmonious use of our
thoughts and actions. And as we advance to a higher, more universal, state of
consciousness, we not only advance ourselves but also advance ALL that has become
part of our consciousness--that has become part of us. And indeed this means
ALL--men, women, children, animals, trees, flowers, rocks, grass and All that is.
This is the meaning of REDEMPTION --of ourselves, of all life, of all beingnes. And
thus, we must eventually free our state of consciousness from the mesmerism of evil,
from the false bonds to racial memories and false perceptions, and thus redeem all that
has become a part of our consciousness. Can you understand the implications? Thus
we are responsible to consciously watch what we are conscious of, and to redeem
it,  if necessary, through pure thought the moment it presents itself to us.

  Now, I tell you that animals and in particular pets are
"angels" in disguise. We are surrounded by them and yet rarely ever really see them.
We interact with them on various levels and sometimes even love them in a peculiar
way. Yet, do we really understand their importance to us? Do we really appreciate the
opportunity they give us to learn to understand God and His Creation? In the course
of my own life I have dealt with pets on many levels of awareness and love. And, in
retrospect, I have often treated them cruelly as "distant" objects and inferior beings
who somehow are here but have no real meaning in the "scheme of things." They
were like toys to me with a certain sentimental value but who could be replaced by
another more appealing one. Then, some years ago, as I was working my way
through some Gnostic and metaphysical publications, contemplating the
Synonyms for God such as: Mind, Soul, Spirit, Love, Life, Truth, --Universal Mind,
God being All in All, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent..., I was suddenly struck
with the awareness that my dog, as he was looking at me with such a look of
unconditional love in his eyes,...was God looking at me through the eyes of this dog. I
suddenly understood more about metaphysics in one split second, than I could have ever
learned through reading. But, perhaps you do not understand and think that this is too
much indeed. Think it through please--is this not what all the various meta-physical
concepts and words mean? All is One--God is One--undivided, ALL...Thus, if I see
God expressing himself to me--through my mind, my consciousness--,as dog, cat,
mouse, or as man, woman or child,  is that so difficult to understand? Is that to
much to accept as truth? But, from this experience, from this sudden flash of
illumination, I know that something truly mystical transpired at that
moment--something sacred and pure... When, for the first time, I
really saw--experienced--my dog. It was LOVE pure and simple. We both
became aware of something life-transforming and holy. We both, became aware of
God as LOVE at that very moment.
Whoever does this is evil to the core

  Thus, I urge you, in love, to really become aware of the
animals in your life and of your responsibility for their welfare and redemption; for
they truly are "angels in disguise" to all of us. They are God's gift to us so we may
learn and explore the possibilities of ALL LIFE at its best--through vulnerability and
surrender to unconditional Love. Simply put: Animals are sacred because All Life is
sacred. And this is a lesson we all must eventually learn. Just as we pray and look to
God, Christ, Angels and Spiritual-
guides to help us and to understand us, in times of vulnerability and
stress, the animals, the pets in our lives, are looking to us to provide and care for their
needs, and also to love them unconditionally. We are gods to them by divine design.
Let us never ever take this responsibility lightly. For this is our chance to prove
ourselves worthy of God's love for us. Thus, it is so very important for us to learn to
include animals in our self-awareness and environment. We
must always treat animals with all the love, patience, respect, understanding and
wisdom we can muster in the hope that God will deal with us in the same way.
Have we not all heard accounts of the unswerving loyalty and love which dogs and
cats have demonstrated? Would we, under similar conditions, be so loving, forgiving
and loyal? Man's cruelty to man is well confirmed. But man's cruelty towards animals
is an outrage beyond anyone's imagination. From horse-racing to dog-racing, from
slaughterhouse horrors and cruelty to animal test-experimentations, from hunting to
fishing, from kicking and beating pets to abandonment and starvation, from the
horrors of so called "pet stores" to the horrors of "puppy-mills," the list of man's
failure as an enlightened being becomes infinite shame, as he glories in his savagery and
murderous brutality. But woe to them all for the law of subjective mind demands
retribution from everyone no matter who or what he is.

The Universal Law will avenge every
creature, man , animal, or tree. The willful destruction of Life, as well as every cruelty
committed must be answered to the highest judge there is : our own
conscience. And this is not a lenient court of understanding judges; but the
uncompromising judgment of our "higher" self. Be-aware that All Life is sacred
because every life is a link in the chain of the Universe and that whatever happens to
even the "smallest" one must happen to all. As long as we have so many savage
humans who glory in hunting and fishing and call it a "sport," and as long as we have
such unenlightened beings who buy pets for their children and then mistreat them
when their value as "toys" has worn thin, as long as we see animals as something
apart from us humans to be hunted and eaten, the savagery of this world, this material
world, must continue unabated. How painful it is to see all this going on and to be
unable to change it. My heart aches for all the innocent, trusting, loyal, loving little
beings of God who have been so cruelly mistreated and killed through all the
generations of mankind's existence. How man has failed in his responsibilities! How
savage man still is! Indeed, it is truly a sign of spiritual advance-
ment to cherish and love all of God's creation, and to be aware of God expressing Him-self
through animals and pets or whatever it is that we encounter on this dense planet.
   God  sees us as we see Him!
There is a darkness permeating this material universe which can only be lifted by man.
"Enlightened man", that is. For the carnivorous evil which embraces our very existence can
only continue as long as man is carnivorous himself. The liberation must start somewhere
and that point of "somewhere" is man on this dark planet.
          Religious Slaughter of Animals...
    No wonder the world is submerged in evil!
           Hog tied in transit
            Pictures from
At the slaughterhouse, cows are hung upside down, 
their throats are cut, and they are bled to death



Dear Friends ,

The Washington State Patrol, with the help of two other state agencies, hopes to conclude its investigation this month into whether slaughter or animal cruelty laws were violated at the IBP slaughterhouse. A Walla Walla County prosecutor then will decide whether to press charges.

Please write/fax/email to : 1: Attorney General Christine Gregoire. 2: Washington State Governor Gary Locke. 3: All of the Washington State Legislators.

All of their contact info is enclosed at the end of the sample letter.

The following sample letter applies to Attorney General, Governor, and all of the State Legislators . However, the "Requests" may be slightly different when addressed to different people :

(Please address to the correct people for each letter you wrote. You may modify our Sample letter in your style if you choose to.)



Dear Honorable Attorney General,

We would like to Request :

Please Prosecute IBP COMPANY located at Wallula, Washington State against its extreme Animal cruelty at its IBP slaughterhouse.

Atrocities are happening to thousands of cattle every week in slaughterhouses in Washington State and throughout the US, according to numerous sworn affidavits from meat industry workers. Your action against IBP COMPANY will set the First example for the country towards "Humanity" in the history of U.S. Meat industry .

If IBP Company is not prosecuted and penalized, the cruelty will continue forever... We will have no choice but to advise all of our friends, members to stop traveling to Washington State for pleasure. We will also advise all of the friends and members stop buying any of the commercial products and services made from Washington State. We will also contact our local media about the Cruelty of the Slaughterhouses continues in Washington State.

Hidden camera videotape obtained by the Humane Farming Association (HFA)-shows, among other atrocities, live cows dangling upside down from a moving conveyor, animals being trampled, and a conscious cow having an electric prod held in her mouth.

And it's not just cows that suffer in slaughterhouses. Pigs are subjected to similar abuses. Some who survive stunning are dragged through tanks of scalding water, kicking and squealing until they drown.

With animals whizzing by at the rate of one every few seconds, workers report that they cannot ensure that each animal is rendered unconscious. But workers say they'll be fired if they stop the production line.

U.S.Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman conceded on Feb 11, 1999 in an interview with C-SPAN Washington Journal that the ENFORCEMENT of the Humane Slaughter Act is almost NON-EXISTENT !

An former Veterinarian Dr. Lester Friedlander, worked for USDA for 15 years had signed affidavit and stated that :

"When the USDA issued regulations in 1979 to assure the consumer that animals were being humanely handled and slaughtered, IT WAS ONLY PAPERWORK. IT'S ONLY A BIG COVER-UP....... Because when we try to enforce the regulations at the lowest level, our supervisors in Washington start hiding. They don't want to hear anything about it. ..... They are just trying to cover themselves for the future so when they retire they can get a job as a consultant. Many of the former training officers, area supervisors, regional directors, agency administrators, Washington staff officers moved directly into industry jobs as high pay consultants......". (Please refer "Slaughterhouse" documentary book by Gail Eisnitz)

On May 31, 2000, a coalition of animal protection, consumer, and worker organizations held a press conference to further expose the IBP Slaughterhouse cruelty . Affidavits from numerous IBP-Wallula slaughterhouse workers were included with the petition. Following are part of the excerpts from some of those affidavits:


At IBP-Wallula, stun operators are often unable to render cattle unconscious, as evidenced by the following affidavits:

Affidavit #6, paragraphs 5 and 9: "There's a problem for me with knocking the cows. The chain goes too fast, more than 300 cows an hour....If I can't get the animal knocked right, it keeps going....The chain doesn't stop. It keeps running. It never stops. The cows are getting hung alive or not alive. They keep coming in. They just keep coming, coming, coming."

Affidavit #3, paragraph 7: "The problem in the knocking box is that you have to work real fast because the chain is too fast and the animals that come into the box are jumping everywhere. And don't shoot the cow really right. And you let him go like that. And the shacklers, they get them like that, and so they shackle them alive...."

Affidavit #4, paragraph 4: "The majority of the time, the knockers are in such a hurry that they can't knock the cows good enough. Some of the cows get up and run around chasing. When cows are hung alive on the chain, they look like they are trying to get unhooked to run."

Affidavit #3, paragraph 4: "I estimate that 30 percent of the cows are not properly knocked and get to the first legger alive....To still be alive at the second legger the cows have gone alive from the knocker to the sticker to the belly ripper (he cuts the hide down the center of the cow's abdomen) to the tail ripper (he opens the [rectum]) to the first legger (he skins a back leg and then cuts off the foot) to the first butter (he skins from the breast to the belly and a little bit on the back) to the worker who cuts off both front feet. Those cows then go to a worker who sticks a hook into the joint where the first legger took off the foot and the cows are hung from the trolley hook. I can tell that these cows are alive because they're holding their heads up and a lot of times they make noise."

Affidavit #6, paragraph 6, 7, 8: "...All the workers can open the legs, the stomach, the neck, cut off the feet while the cow is breathing. It makes noise...And the cattle go down the line for many minutes and they're still alive. They cut the legs and everything. The cattle move their eyes and their nose. They're looking around.

"Sometimes the supervisor comes and works on the live cows. They don't want workers to stop the chain, so when the live cows are really active, workers are supposed to honk the horn and the supervisor will come to help them skin the live cow....I would estimate that one out of ten cows is still alive when it's bled and skinned."

Affidavit #8, paragraph 4: "About thirty percent of the cows are still alive down the line. Sometimes more. I would see that they would be hanging there, trying to pick up their heads, they would move back and forth on the shackle, they would be blinking their eyes and looking around. You know they're alive because they are breathing real hard, they make noise, they kick the other cows, and it moves the whole chain."


Affidavit #10, paragraph 3: "I got kicked in the jaw by a cow that had been knocked but it was still alive. They had already knocked the cow and it was still alive and it kicked me under the chin. I received seven stitches for that."

Affidavit #16, paragraph 23: "There are accidents because the cows are still alive. At the back hoof, the cow was kicking and it cut off one worker's three fingers. The cows are kicking and jumping and everything. And the company didn't save the fingers, so the worker lost them...."

Affidavit #17, paragraph 2: "...I had two accidents because the cows were still alive at the first legger and they kicked me in my face twice. The first time I went on nine months of light duty because I got kicked in the face. My lips were cut and my teeth were driven up into my mouth. Because of these accidents...I moved from the first leg to the second legger.... Unfortunately, the cows are still alive at the second legger."

One Washington slaughterhouse worker says : "Cows can get ten minutes down the line and still be alive. All the hide is stripped out down to the neck there." According to another, "Workers open the hide on the legs, the stomach, the neck, they cut off the feet while the cow is breathing. It makes noise. It's looking around." Still another says, "Their eyes look like they are popping out. I feel bad that I have to do my job on them." (please refer to : )

Animal activists Susan Oakey and veterinarian Rick Hamlin,
pictured at Hamlin's animal hospital,
oppose a research project involving live dogs at UT Southwestern.




Originally published by Dallas Observer March 30, 2000
©2001 New Times, Inc. All rights reserved.

With friends like that...

Protesters dog UT Southwestern over canine vivisection


Over the last two years, scientists at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas have purchased 63 dogs for use in federally funded experiments that began as far back as 1988. The canines, mostly foxhounds and mongrels, are trained to run on treadmills, and are then anesthetized for pneumonectomies, a surgical procedure in which one lung is removed.

One month later, after the dogs recover from surgery (which removes anywhere from 45 percent to 68 percent of their lung capacity), they resume treadmill exercise. But first, they are fitted for special masks linked to machines that monitor their breathing. Their workouts are observed for a year or more. Eventually, the dogs are killed and their lung tissue is studied.

What's the point of all this? A staff of 10 researchers at UT Southwestern, one of the country's top academic medical centers, says the experiments helped them become the first scientists to demonstrate that dogs naturally regenerate lung tissue and even restore normal lung function after pneumonectomy (a claim others dispute). Now, they are studying whether this tendency can be reproduced in humans and say more experimentation is needed to better understand the phenomenon.

"At present, the only definitive treatment for patients with advanced lung disease is lung transplantation," according to summaries provided to the Dallas Observer by UT Southwestern after a request under the Texas Public Information Act. "In light of the chronic shortage of donor organs and the severity of long-term transplantation-related complications, the search for other treatment options is imperative."

But UT Southwestern's canine experiments, led by physician Robert Johnson (who declined to comment to the Observer), have not gone unopposed. Animal activists have mobilized locally to protest the experiments as cruel and unnecessary. At a recent "Bark-a-thon" in late February, 60 protesters with 30 pet dogs in tow picketed the medical center during rush-hour traffic.

The research hospital didn't back down, but responded with a statement defending animal research as crucial to "virtually every major breakthrough in human and veterinary medicine in this century." The hospital, according to the statement, also reviews experiments for scientific validity and abides by federal, state, and local laws "to ensure [research animals] are treated as compassionately and humanely as possible."

More specifically, spokesman Phil Schoch says, researchers for the $200,000-a-year project wanted to see why dogs recover well after losing a lung, while humans wheeze and gasp. "Even with one lung, these dogs could still outrun the best Olympic athlete," he says.

Dogs make better recoveries, Schoch says, because their remaining lung expands to fill up open space, a condition that doesn't occur in humans because of thick tissue separating the lungs. The researchers are working with surgeons to see whether such tissue can be trimmed in humans; they are also studying regenerative drugs. "These animal studies lay the essential foundation for the clinical development of any promising new drugs," Schoch says.

Activists aren't impressed and promise to keep up the pressure. "I can't imagine having my chest cut open, having 68 percent of my lungs removed, having part of my teeth cut off, being fit with a heavy mask, and being forced to run on a treadmill," says Susan Oakey, vice president of Animal Connection of Texas. "I can't imagine the distress that would cause."

Rick Hamlin, a Garland veterinarian who runs the Kindness Small Animal Hospital, has reviewed the researchers' journal articles and also takes a dim view of the experiments.

He scoffs at the hospital's assertion that "there are no signs of discomfort" by the dogs post-surgery because of pain-reducing drugs. "I find that to be quite incredulous," says Hamlin. Long-term pain, he says, "is just in the nature of a thoracotomy," a term that denotes the opening of the chest through surgery. "Whenever you crack the chest," he says, "it involves substantial pain."

Hamlin, who as a student at Texas A&M once "liberated" a research dog, also objects to the tone of the researchers' articles and abstracts. He complains they record the dogs' status "as if collected from a petri dish instead of from a living creature that is often referred to as our 'best friend,'" and has "a deep sense of love and compassion toward humans."

For the most part, however, opponents argue strenuously that the medical benefits yielded by hospital investigations don't appear to justify pain inflicted on the dogs. Hamlin argues that the experiments are not groundbreaking, but redundant, pointing to a 1973 article in the Journal of Thoracic Cardiovascular Surgery called "Regeneration of the Lung in the Dog."

And Neal Barnard, a medical doctor who heads the Washington-based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine -- a progressive health-care group that has fought animal testing nationally with some success -- calls the whole effort "patently ludicrous."

While UT Southwestern says "the dog closely resembles the anatomical and physiological characteristics of humans," Barnard says human behavior affecting the lung, which can be severely damaged by emphysema, chronic asthma, smoking, and asbestos, makes experimental lung removal in dogs suspect.

"You don't get one damaged lung and one healthy lung in humans," he says. "The other lung is damaged too, and the dog model doesn't account for that." However, the hospital says that cancer, drug-resistant infection, and life-threatening bleeding often lead to solo lung removal.

Barnard posits that human subjects could be used to study lung regeneration. For example, UT Southwestern is one of four institutions nationally using the Vitamin A compound of retinoic acid to further stimulate lung growth in dogs; Barnard says the substance could just as well be given to humans under experimental therapies.

"These people are trying to make a rationalization for these studies," says Barnard, who deems their funding better spent on preventive care. The real motive behind such studies, he charges, is attracting much-coveted research dollars to the university and getting articles published in scholarly journals.

This belief, strongly denied by researchers, has engendered its own slogan. "Doctors publish, dogs perish," as Susan Oakey puts it.

The treadmill exercises aren't the only canine experiments at UT Southwestern. Another team is examining how the brain processes information from receptors in skeletal muscles and major arteries, which activate during physical activity and send neural signals to the brain critical to controlling blood pressure. The experiments may help ease heart disease, Schoch says, and are conducted on dogs under full anesthesia.

Schoch says that goats, sheep, and worms are also part of other UT Southwestern experiments, but that rats and mice account for "99 percent" of experiments at the school, which counts more than 1,000 full-time faculty members.

While some groups have fought rodent experiments, arguing they are painful and difficult to extrapolate to human health matters, Animal Connection of Texas says it will focus on dogs first. In the meantime, the group, which successfully fought to end the practice of Dallas shelters selling strays to research labs, plans to continue its protests. Members once inundated Dr. Robert Johnson's neighborhood with fliers detailing the experiments, but some activists considered that tactic too militant, so they stopped it.

The group has also sought access to meetings of the hospital's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, a panel of faculty members that supervises experiments. Initially, hospital officials denied that state open-meetings laws applied to the panel, but they dropped that claim under threat of a lawsuit, according to Don Feare, an Arlington lawyer representing Animal Connection.

Controversy or not, Neal Barnard thinks animal testing is on the wane. He says his group has convinced many medical schools to cease animal lab experiments and succeeded in ending military "cat-shooting" studies, Drug Enforcement Agency narcotics experiments on animals, and monkey self-mutilation projects. Sophisticated analysis, in vitro research, and use of human cells are methods that are gradually replacing animal experiments, he says.

"We are getting better and better at using human patients," Barnard says. "We are seeing fewer and fewer of these crude animal experiments."


The newsletter of San Francisco Liberation Radio
Sunday, April 1, 2001.

San Francisco Liberation Radio, 93.7 FM
Broadcasting 4 p.m. - 11 p.m. nightly, 12 midnight on Saturdays,
In Western San Francisco

 Broadcasting Cruelty
By Richard Edmondson

Let's see now…how can we boost our ratings and beat out the competition? I know! Let's take a pig, chop his testicles off, and broadcast the squeals over the air!

Such thinking now apparently is commonplace among the brilliant strategists at Clear Channel Communications.

The Texas-based corporation, which owns more than 1100 radio stations throughout the length and breadth of America, is apparently dissatisfied with being merely King of the Airwaves. It now would seem to be making a bid for the Grand Sultanship of Animal Cruelty. Talk about killing for profit!

When I spoke at the SFLR benefit at Cell Space on March 9, I made mention of an incident at KBPI, a Clear-Channel-owned station in Denver where a DJ had a station intern drop a live chicken off a second--and then a third--story balcony. The DJ in question, one Stephen Meade (later convicted of animal cruelty), was on the air at the time telling his audience about the chicken's reactions.

Little did I know I had only part of the story, however.

Now comes "Bubba the Love Sponge," a morning DJ at Clear-Channel-owned WXTB in Tampa, Florida.

Bubba's story is so improbable were it to be fictionalized it would be almost unbelievable.

For one thing, Bubba, formerly known as Todd Clem, had his name legally changed. He is now known officially--and legally--as "Bubba the Love Sponge Clem."

Do characters like this really exists? The answer is yes they do and some of them work for Clear Channel.

But wait. There's more.

On the February 27 edition of Bubba's morning show the station aired--live--the castration and slaughter (yes in that order) of a captured wild boar.

The Florida media, who have been having a field day with the story, have reported that the segment, dubbed "Bubba's Road Kill Barbecue," also included a contest involving the eating of the animal's testicles.

Bubba, who has whined that he has become the "pincushion" of the Tampa Bay media, was taken into custody last Thursday and charged with animal cruelty--this after a mounting nationwide campaign spearheaded by animal rights groups, including the Virginia-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

One Florida-based animal rights group, Animals Deserve Absolute Protection Today and Tomorrow (ADAPTT) has even gone so far as to launch a campaign to have advertisers cancel advertising on WXTB.

And what's more, they have been partially successful.

So far the Bennigans restaurant chain, J.C. Penney, Universal Studios, Disneyworld and others have cancelled ads on the station.

But ADAPTT is not content to let the matter rest there. It's three demands are:

1. Bubba's arrest (this has been accomplished) 2. Bubba's firing (so far Bubba has only undergone a brief suspension, and has since returned to work) 3. Clear Channel's adoption of a "zero tolerance" policy toward the use of animal stunts at all of its stations nationwide.

Denise Hanania, a WXTB listener who heard the broadcast and whose comments ended up posted to the ADAPTT website, described it this way.

"This morning, I heard the most horrific sounds coming from a squealing pig fighting for his life. They first hog tied him and castrated him with no anesthetics and then slit his throat. He did not die instantly, his legs still shaking as the blood rushed out of his neck. What they did next was cook him and eat him including his testicles for a contest."

Also ending up on the ADAPTT web site were color photos of the boar-killing, which had originally been posted on WXTB's web site but which were quickly taken down after the controversy broke.

Not quickly enough, as it turns out.

The photos of Bubba and company can be viewed at the following: 

By the way, ADAPTT has launched an investigation into what it says are acts of animal cruelty at other Clear Channel stations, alleging the broadcast of a steer being slaughtered at one station, and the feeding of a rabbit to a snake in another.

Some of the Florida media have offered some astute critical analyses of the whole Bubba affair, most notably Mary Jo Melone writing in the St. Petersburg Times.

"Whatever they do to Bubba -- who has made so much money he owns nightclubs and maintains a pornographic Web site -- it won't be enough. It won't put a dent in the corporate mentality that makes Bubba possible," writes Melone.

"People forget. The airwaves on which his station, 98 Rock, broadcasts are owned by the public. To have a radio license is a privilege, not a right. Because it is a privilege the federal government regulates what you can do on the radio. At least it used to.

"If a person was verbally attacked, he had a right to respond. The station had to do a certain amount of news reporting on local issues. The station had to pay attention to concepts such as equal time, fairness, and even obscenity and local community standards of taste.

"'These concepts have sort of left town,' says Neil Hickey, a media critic and editor-at-large for Columbia Journalism Review, whom I interviewed this week. 'Nobody talks about them anymore.'"

"Nobody talks about them because the laws that once made radio a civil medium were thrown out by Congress, in the name of deregulation and free speech, during the 1980s and '90s. Competition was to rule the day. Better radio was supposed to result. What resulted instead was Bubba."

After this particularly cogent analysis appeared in the St. Petersburg Times, Bubba, in a fit of petulance, demanded that his listeners cancel their subscriptions to the Times and boycott the newspapers advertisers.

The turning of the public airwaves over to louts like Bubba certainly seems to be in keeping with Clear Channel's corporate philosophy of dumbing down the population (two DJs for KYLD, one of Clear Channel's holdings in San Francisco, recently were arrested for impersonating escaped jail inmates), but even worse than that is the appalling insensitivity to the suffering of a living creature.

When I was a young boy growing up in Tennessee my parents gave me a BB gun for Christmas one year. Mostly I contented myself with bouncing BBs off of tree trunks, but one day I raised my weapon, took aim at a bird perched in the branches of a tree, and pulled the trigger--not expecting I would actually hit it, and certainly not mentally prepared for the sudden, brutal onslaught of death on that spring afternoon.

The bird--it was a bluebird--came plummeting down to Earth. In something approaching quivering astonishment I walked over and looked down at what I had so carelessly and unthinkingly wrought--and then burst into tears.

That incident went a long way toward curing me of my boyhood fascination for guns. And I further resolved that I never again wanted to kill another animal.

The willingness of a media corporation like Clear Channel to exploit the suffering of an animal for ratings says something about the state of our society, as Melone so accurately points out.

But the only reason Bubba got so much attention is that he happened to work for a radio station. The daily suffering of millions of animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses passes with little comment, and if you doubt the horrendous torture that goes on in such places, then get a copy of "Slaughterhouse" by Gail Eisnitz and read it cover to cover.

It is as inevitable as death and taxes that indifference to this kind of suffering in animals will ultimately lead to indifference to the suffering of humans.

It is certainly no coincidence that a country in which a corporation like Clear Channel reigns supreme on the public airwaves is also a country where state executions are carried out; where human hellholes like California's Pelican Bay Prison are allowed to exist; and where school yard shootings are becoming as commonplace as a day at the beach.

Little wonder then that the Tampa Tribune describes Bubba as "crude but widely popular." Most likely the advertisers will return to WXTB after an appropriate interval, for much like ancient Rome, as depicted in the Oscar-winning "Gladiator," we are a society which revels in cruelty.

And now you can hear it live over the public airwaves.

God sees us as we see Him!


In The Arms Of An Angel





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Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.
The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...

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Rumor Mill News Website
Posted By: Gnostic
Saturday, 1-Jan-2011
...I have been reading here the last few days on the subject of forgiveness
even for those that are truly damning this world into their financial prison play pen
even more than it already has been. This really is an interesting subject
because most people are not willing to believe or even conceptualize
what is their own lack and resolve that could change them into the very thing
that they so hate.
I see it all the time where people will point the finger and completely ignore
their own failures because they see in themselves a completely different personage
than those that they feel are dark and evil... Yet they do not realize that so often
they parody the very thing they hate, but for some reason they do not see it in themselves.
My question is, how much would it take for anyone to start becoming
like the very thing they hate. And the answer my friends is quite shocking, it would only
take a few degrees in any direction to begin to direct yourself into the very selfish acts
of war, hate and dominion over others...Continue


Tracking the Crack in the Universe
May 21, 2008
By Bronte Baxter
...Did you ever wonder why a good God
would build a world where the only way
to survive is by taking life?
How long would you stay alive
if you refused to eat?
You may love animals and grow plants
inside your home and flowers in your
garden, but every time you eat,
you destroy the life of something.
A something with a consciousness,
that feels and desires to live, as we do...


Animal Liberation Front


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