Cosmic Energy Versus Aura




Cosmic Energy


Cosmic Energy Versus Aura

Miroslav Provod 


        At the time, when Aristotle brought up to the world of physics the word "ether", this word had already been known for millennia. Ether is a part of energy that had it's name in each culture. Taoists  called it "èchi", Babylonians "ti", Indians "Ódžas", the Japanese "rei ki", Hebrews "ruach", Tibetans "šugs rlung", the Vedic religion "prána".

            Four thousand years later the occultist Reichenbach called the spatial  irradiation of life-energy "ód". In many cases of the new history this energy of life matter that irradiates into it's surroundings was called "magnetism". This "magical" energy still calls up our attention that is even getting greater and that's why it would be appropriate to summarise it's very long terminology. In the literature it is usually described as cosmic energy. That's how we called it in our empirical research and I think that this name is appropriate. Because of the same reason it would be better if we call the first part of cosmic energy, which had been up to now in our research called "energetic space", by it's usual name aura. Cosmic energy consists of three energetic parts - the aura, the zones and the inter-zones. Ether consists of two energetic parts - the zones and the interzones.


 Kosmic energy = aura + zones + inter-zones

  Ether = zones + inter-zones


            The properties of aura are associated with all matter, not only organisms, as is sometimes described. By experiments with aura we got to know that when the auras of two or more objects are in contact, their auras come together to form one common aura. It was found in another experiments, that the energies of objects that form their common aura are slowly exchanged in between them until their energetic potentials are equal. This phenomenon that hasn't been described anywhere yet could be used to explain many unexplainable events. It's nothing new - the properties of aura, which we will be learning, were already used 2000 years before the first pyramid was built. At, you can find in the part called "diagrams" the graphical illustration of the three parts of cosmic energy - the aura, the zones and the inter-zones, with a detailed description of their properties.


            Nobody has yet been successful when trying to find the motivation for building hundreds of thousands of megalithic constructions, while the properties of aura offer evidential explanation. If we place a rock into the aura of a water stream, the auras of both matters join into one common and the rock gains energy. It works in the same way if we place a different aura into the aura of a water stream, including organisms. It works like this in between matters of all elements - the matter in a common aura that has lower energetic potential gains energy from the matter with higher energetic potential. There are numerous examples, like with other physical phenomena, of energetic interaction between matters. It's easy to manipulate with the size of aura. It's quickest and most efficient when using groups of capacitors with great capacitance. However, we don't recommend to experiment with capacitors charged to high voltages, because it leads to an increase of potential on the membranes of our cells, which could cause some health anomalies. The properties of aura can't be put together with the result, which we would expect. The aura of a group of capacitors of a radius of 40cm can influence us negatively. However, it has been proved over time that the aura of a mobile telephone with a radius of a few tens of centimetres doesn't affect our health.


            Aura - the first energetic part of each matter - is a common name. In connection with cosmic energy, the unknown parts are the zones and the inter-zones, the second and third energetic parts of each matter. The zones are copying the shape of the aura like peels and in various distances in between them. With greater distance from their source they gain gigantic dimensions and it's not possible to find out how far from the source they go. We don't know why, but each third zone is ten times greater than the first and the second zone. In the space between zones there are energetically weaker inter-zones. There are usually four of them, but in some cases there are more of them and they are always located closer to the zone that is located closer to the source. Together with the zones there is a great number of them and they create a very dense three dimensional raster - ether.


            In regions of any matter, even in the regions of gas planets or clouds, we always find three parts of cosmic energy. Many objects can have their own aura, for example a stone, a lump of stones, a building, a group of buildings, a person, a stadium filled by people, a stream, a thunderstorm cloud, a tree, a planet - until the aura gets in contact with an aura of a different matter. In such a case both come together to form one energetically common aura with common energetic parts. It works like this in most cases, but there are also exceptions. Our planet Earth has the greatest aura by the above stated rule, so all the auras on the Earth should then have one common aura with the Earth. It's not like this. Hopefully, some measuring devices will give us a clue in the future.


            The crossing zones and inter-zones fill the surface and surrounding area of our or any other planet. These ethereal parts are located literally everywhere throughout the space and we are able to define the density and composition of their "mother" matter, by looking at their changing ethereal intensity. There are specific widths and distances between  zones and inter-zones of every matter and every matter also causes or send out into space it's specific ethereal parts - it's like a bar code characteristic for each matter. It's not far before we could identify the type, the amount and the distance of some elements under the Earths surface that is kilometres below the surface by means of special detectors and computers. So we always meet the zones and the inter-zones on our planet in connection to ether.


            The cosmic energy and it's three energetic parts have been used by people for millennia. Einstein disregarded ether by his unshakable logic. Ether isn't acted upon by gravity, it's not material - ether is "nothing". It's invisible, it can't be measured nor weighed. We can't calculate it  so "NOTHING" can't exist. The logic and knowledge of modern physics don't allow scientists to protest against Einstein and to accept again that ether exists. The modern physics just isn't able to accept the existence of ether based on it's knowledge and therefore it must reject it.


   However, immaterial or more likely slightly material energetic ether does exist.


            The fact that ether exists is also supported by satellites whose optic documented that lightning discharges from thunderclouds don't occur only between clouds or between the clouds and the Earth but also between the clouds and somewhere above them, somewhere unknown away from the Earth. Where and how does this incredible energy go? The cause and reason for this fact haven't been explained yet anywhere. Similar physical vacuum is associated with the cause of energy of up to 1000times more energetic lightning discharges on Saturn as they were documented by Cassini probe.


            Einstein was certainly a genius, however, he wasn't infallible. For example at present we know that the speed of light is not a maximum speed. In some time we will also know that the person that was wrong with the hypothesis about ether wasn't Aristotle but Einstein. Some individuals who can, without optical means, identify a moving living thing, for example a person, sometimes even long distance away from them, talk usually about "registering" the movement of the persons aura. This term is however not correct. An aura of a person, whose energy is about average, is about thirty centimetres "fat", wide or more likely high. So if people with extremely developed sensitivity in a static position register a movement of etheric energetic parts of a moving person, they don't register the actual aura to such a distance but etheric spatial "impulses" that are moving from aura into the surrounding space of "infinitely distributed" etherical zones and inter-zones.


              The energetic value of a matter (the level of cosmic energy) is going up for example with increasing pressure on a given matter. The "aura" of water could be in addition also increased by thermal or microwave heating. Another increase of energy with liquids could be realized by so called dynamisation. (In a lab we could reach dynamisation just by shaking, when the molecules intensively act by friction on each other. When a sea water is dynamised by inner and outer friction near a shore it shows greater energy values in that area, which also increases it's surrounding aura or cosmic energy.) It's interesting that each matter has it's "energetic memory". It means that if a rock gains cosmic energy when exposed to great pressure, it doesn't lose it straight after the pressure is removed. Each matter, therefore, has an ability to accumulate the cosmic energy in itself for some time.


            Everybody knows places such as Lourdes, where people were spontaneously cured in relation to headwaters. In many places like this there are pilgrimage churches built above these headwaters. Many sceptics talk about these miraculous cures in these places or in normal thermal spas with a contempt. In these cases it is energetically modified water, which was subject to great pressure and was warmed up deep under ground. It is known that in some spas the water also gains energy from rocks that contain energetically strong metals. There are also spas where unexpected cures occur due to the energy taken from a water that was close to radioactive rocks that contain very energetic element uranium deep under ground. In some spas the bodily energy is reinforced by drinking underground energetically intensive water, in others the cosmic energy is gained by the body when swimming in the water, when the cosmic energy is transformed from the charged water into the patients body. It is known that an ill person often doesn't need special medicine for his cure, but a sufficiency of "inner" cosmic energy, in order for the body to initiate the cure processes. Especially elderly people often don't have enough energy to cure their health process. The cells in bodies of some people have often lower intensity of cosmic energy than the molecules of curative water. By being in this energetically rich water the cells of the curing patients gain greater energetic level on their cellular membranes, which is a basic presumption of a proper functioning of these cells and also some mechanism that begins their cure.


            The energetic parts of cosmic energy have similar properties to electric energy in many ways. By components of unknown principle that cause cosmic energy there is an effect called "suction by a point", which is similar to that of electrons. The cosmic energy flows from areas with greater energetic levels to areas with lower energetic levels. While the transfer of electrical energy happens immediately, the cosmic energy transfers between different sources at much slower rate. However, some properties of cosmic energy differ from those of electrical energy. The electromagnetic waves don't penetrate Faradays cage but this is not true with cosmic energy. If we place a source of cosmic energy into a safe (any other source of cosmic energy), they are in interaction and the final value is a sum of both energetic sources.


            There are traces of manipulation with cosmic energy and ether found throughout the ages. Now we look back in time and search for the effort of our ancestors that knew the equation of the linear relationship between the intensity of their etheric potential of their body and their better health very well.


            If we evaluate megalithic constructions from the cosmic energy standpoint, we find out that a rock of a point shape placed into the aura of a water stream or into a place where there are zones of that water stream it gains energy from that water source and it starts to be a menhir. With respect to specific weight and composition of that rock this standing point - menhir - gains greater energetic value than a standing point - a man - would gain. This rock works like an energetic storage battery. Upper streams that are more "dynamised" with faster flow and with a waterbed made of stones show greater energy than lower streams with slower flow and with a soft waterbed. This is also emphasised by the fact that menhirs are situated in the upper parts of water streams, especially in their inner bends, where the zones are denser and create greater energetic value. This can be easily verified by a simple experiment.


            We wind a hose around a rock that is about 2 metres high. The value of it's aura could be modified by changing the number of threads or by changing the intensity of the water flow. However, the energy doesn't go up quickly. The cosmic energy transfers very slowly as stated above. It's not like an "acceleration" when we press a gas pedal in a car. The matter of the rock has a significant energetic inertia and the energetic increase takes place over a time period that could last from tens of minutes up to hours depending on it's mass. Similar energetic "dope" (an increase of cosmic energy on the cellular membranes of the cells in a human body) could be reached when a person sits on a chair that is wrapped in tens of threads of a plastic hose with flowing water. The rock could be activated not only by the energy of water flows (underground wells, streams, rivers, sea streams), but also by other energetic sources like for example: metals, fire, thunderclouds and many other sources.


            A classic example of an energetic gain of a rock from ether was a menhir "Mené er Groah" (it was destroyed by a lightning strike), which was 23.5 meters high and was located near Locmariaquer in Bretagne. It is an isolated case, but is very informative, because it brings up the knowledge of ancient cultures about the energetic properties of ether. The engineers got a task to build an energetic source of the capacity wanted in that place. The easiest solution would have been to spread the matter of a high menhir into more menhirs. However, this wasn't possible, as the ether zones didn't offer the required energetic level - this was located higher above the ground surface. The engineers then had to build a high menhir. The obelisks built in later cultures had the same energetic reason as "Mené er Groah" menhir.


;           The lonely standing menhir was the easiest megalithic structure that was giving energy to many people. In order to refill or increase the level of cosmic energy in our body people didn't have to sit on top of the menhir for hours. It was enough when the "cured" person stayed in the region of aura of the menhir or even in a zone that was located further from the menhir. People didn't miss the fact that they could gain more energy faster when they are between two or more menhirs, where the auras are denser. This inspired them to cover the tip of the menhir with another rock. This is how an energetically "richer" dolmen was created. There are hundreds of thousands of dolmens existing. The ancient engineers did know well that it matters what type of rock needs to be placed on top of the "curing platform". The effort to reach a maximum value of cosmic energy and the ability to compare the energetic interaction that is related to the chemical structure of individual types of rocks compelled the ancient wizards and healers to often difficult transport of different rocks and stones. These engineers must have known the energetic values of the interactions very well because even that they could have placed a stone from a close vicinity onto the dolmen desk, they have transported big stones from great distances whose chemical structure was different.


            The next level of energetic structures of the past were Ziggurats (Babylonian tower). With time, the progress came to the knowledge that the matter of the structure, which gains energy from etheric zones, must not be a monolith nor a rock but it could also be high quantity of earth. Moreover, the matter of the structure of a ziggurat was activated by a metal (on the top there was a golden statue of a gods). Later, this knowledge was used by all megalithic and religious structures. Towers with bells, minarets with golden domes etc. further dynamically increased the energy of the objects. However, the increase of cosmic energy can't be beneficial for human health in a linear relationship forever. When building religious structures it was observed that more means less, in other words - from the present sciences point of view - it was found that going over the optimal level of charge on the cellular membranes is dangerous in the same way or worse than the energetic deficit. The matter of the structure must have been balanced by the energetic gain, the amount of time spent in the sanctuary and the amount of people who were inside. Because of that, pastorates were built out of the energetic reach of the religious structure. The energy could have been regulated by the number and height of towers. The towers then gain energy from three sources - when penetrating etheric zones, because of the known fact of suction by a point and they are activated by the metal of the bells. We can't pass over the position of the bells. In the 15. and 16. centuries the bells were also hanged in the opposite way than it is usual - with the tongue upwards. This was especially beneficial with heavy bells that were then easily swung - the bell started to swing under it's own weight and the swinging was kept by a paddle. Because this type of hanging bells was considered un-catholic in the 17. century, most bells in most towers that had been hung in this way were hanged with the tongue downwards. By an easy experiment we could easily prove that bells that are hung by the tongue downwards increase the energetic value of the tower by 250%. If the bell is hung with the tongue upwards the basic energetic value of the matter of the tower decreases by 30%. The shape of the matter of the bell works in the same way as the shape of a water stream, dome or cope does: it creates greater energetic density. The towers of religious structures that have a goblet located on their top (it's a similar case like when there is a bell hung with the tongue upwards), decrease the energetic value of the structure.


            The calculation of the optimal amount of matter and height of the towers was impossible before the construction has begun because of the creation of different relations between surrounding zones and inter-zones. It was not until the construction has begun when the energy of the object was being regulated until it reached it's optimal value by changing the volume of the matter, the amount of metals, the energetically strong crystallic pebbles or the height of the suction points. The characteristic energetic properties for all kinds of religious structures was their high mass, towers, rounded shapes and supplemented activation parts like metals, fires, etc.


            The motivation for the construction of menhirs, dolmens, cromlechs, mounds, stone mans and other similar structures was usually explained by astronomical, calendar, agricultural and ritual motives. We can't wonder that other arguments couldn't have been offered by known facts. But there are even more mysterious megalithic structures - thousands of stone spheres that weigh more than 15 tons. They are located in Costa Rica and in other parts of the American continent and some even close to the north pole. The arguments for their existence weren't persuasive but I agree that it's not possible without the knowledge of ether. A rock in the shape of a sphere that is located in an etheric zone is energetically activated and becomes an independent source, which sends spherical zones out into surrounding space. These cross other energetically stronger etheric zones, interact with them and by their conductive properties bring greater amount of cosmic energy to the place where the stone sphere is located. It is probable that heads of Olmeks that are made from stone and have similar mass could have had similar function.


            In Nazca plain the etheric zones are marked in the flat terrain. The water flows that were built underground were built to connect individual zones so that the energy could be transported to another place. A verification that shows that the zones in the Nazca plain were made energetically stronger are the rows of stones located very close to some zones (the stones are in interaction with the zone).


            The present architecture isn't interested in the energetic of the structures and some structures could be so called "cancer houses" or could just slowly negatively affect their inhabitants. Sceptics could say that the steel constructions of skyscrapers and their height must show the negative effect more markedly. The answer could be found in history, when people on the American continent built more than hundred thousand mounds, they cared a lot that the clay mounds weren't built on a subsoil made from rock and they carefully isolated them by means of organic matter. When building mounds in Europe, the same technologic progress was abided. When constructing skyscrapers, we can't even imagine that they would be built in another way than on a solid subsoil made from rock. We can deduct that the contact of the structure with the seam works in the same way as grounding by the fact that it drains the energy away into the ground. However, it could be different with some low-bed structures that were built on earthen seams. In these connections it could be interesting to find out statistically the death rate in different hospitals.


            It's not easy to believe the fact that ancient people already had the knowledge about etheric energy that our civilisation will now only start to learn. The twentieth century, when thousands of scientists unsuccessfully tried to resolve the mysteries of megalithic culture proves that the explanation is not in the region of known facts. Therefore we looked for the answers of puzzles of structures somewhere else.

June 2006

Miroslav Provod sen. + jun.

262 84 Zaluzany¨

Czech Republic


Cosmic Energy

by Miroslav Provod

Although the twentieth century will certainly pass into history as a century of scientific achievements and unprecedented progress, it has not provided explanations of many historical and even new phenomena, which in many instances are denoted as mysteries. The reason of this may be found in the many still undiscovered pieces of the mosaic of general knowledge which constitute obstacles to a continuous progress in some fields of science, as well as in the belief that the progress of civilization must proceed in the direction approved by us in advance. According to the prevailing concept, apart from what has already been discovered, nothing so far unrevealed could have existed in the past. And these points of view did not allow us to understand the activities of ancient cultures, and these have been so to speak compressed, ”at all costs”, to fit our concepts. The respective assessments were of course not very plausible, and the same applies to many other hypotheses. For the same reasons it has been impossible to find viable explanations of a number of controversial phenomena of the present time.

Our empirical research has yielded some so far unknown facts that offer convincing substantiation for a number of so far unexplained phenomena. We have been surprised that some new items of information have taken us back into ancient history, while others have focused our attention on unknown fields of energy. We were not able to comprehend that natural energy, which is all around us and even constitutes a significant part of the human body, could have remained hidden for science up to the end of the 20th century. It appears incredible that at the time of computers and cosmic flights we will have to acquaint the public with an energy that had been utilized by mankind some thousands years ago. We are aware that this will not be a simple task, but we will do our best. First of all we will acquaint the reader briefly with the development of our research, and later on will deal in more detail on some practical examples.

The impulse of our research was based on the fact that cell membranes have a capacity, similarly to capacitors, which are capable of storing electric power. Another impetus was given by our earlier experiments in which we were determining the size of our friends´ aura with a dowsing rod, purely for their amusement. The progress of our research reached a turning point at the moment when we asked the question whether capacitors may also have their own auras when they have a charge similar to that of cell membranes. Then we had to prove that charged capacitors have actually their auras. The long-term research with many types of capacitors of various capacities was aimed at finding the relationship between the charges of capacitors and those on cell membranes of organisms. The first finding was that control of voltage on condenser terminals allows the size of their auras to be changed. One of the first findings was the fact that dwelling in the proximity of a group of capacitors charged to 320V (DC voltage) brings about an increase in the person’s aura, as well as diverse health anomalies. We therefore assumed that cell membranes probably react similarly to capacitors. In the case of capacitors the increase in aura size is caused by increasing the voltage on the electrodes, and in the case of organisms the increase in aura size may be induced in the same way – by raising electric voltage on cell membranes.

According to another finding, the dowsing rod responds to the aura and in addition to this, also to a large number of additional unknown stimuli in the direction away from the aura. At this point our research had to be interrupted because we were not able to distinguish between the individual reactions. A chance accident helped when I used a dowsing rod that was shorter by one centimetre, and the number of reactions was reduced to one fifth. After some time we have found the respective rule and divided the points of reactions into two groups. The shorter dowsing rod indicated points at almost regular spacings which we called E-zones. The longer dowsing rod responded to points between the E-zones, which we called intermediate zones. These are in all cases adjacent to the E-zone, which gives the direction towards the energy source. There are usually four of them, but more in some instances. We have renamed the aura to the energy space. All the three phenomena – the energy space, the E-zones and the intermediate zones were given the name energy components. The source producing the energy components was given the name P-charge to distinguish it from the capacitor charge. We have called the unknown energy cosmic energy.

Further research revealed that in the case of capacitors the energy space is completely filled with energy, and approximately copies its shape. The E-zones and the intermediate zones in the form of skins also approximately copy the shape of the capacitor. We have not so far succeeded in finding their number, because they peter out in other unknown E-zones. We have also established that increasing the voltage on the capacitor terminals brings about an increase in the size of the energy space, but also an increase in the spacings between E-zones and intermediate zones.
Further on we have found that two or an unlimited number of charged capacitors placed side by side so that their energy spaces are in mutual contact or overlap, will merge into a single common P-charge with common energy components. In additional experiments with capacitors when some of them had been uncharged, these acquired a spontaneous increase in voltage. Following several days of experiments we were able to note the following rule in our journal: Selected capacitors with high-grade dielectric insulants, placed in energy components of charged capacitors, exhibit an increase in voltage.

The most significant finding of our research appears to be the fact that the P-charge of man and other organisms takes the same position among other P-charges of inanimate matter. All of the properties of the P-charges mentioned also hold for organisms. From this it follows that the electric voltage on cell membranes of organisms is continuously affected by countless P-charges of all kinds. It is experimentally easy to prove that health disorders can be readily induced by increasing voltage on cell membranes. From this it follows that slow and gradual increase in voltage on cell membranes may cause health disorders after longer periods of time. And vice versa, it should be possible to eliminate health disorders or at least to suppress them by reducing voltage on cell membranes.

The dowsing rod reacts to water springs. We therefore went to the countryside to test its efficiency. As our test specimen we have selected a small creek with a flow-rate of about 20 litres per minute. On the very first day we came to the conclusion that the phenomenon is of the same character as that of capacitors. Flowing water exhibits the same energy components as capacitors (energy space, E-zones, intermediate zones). In the case of capacitors, one can change the voltage, with water streams one can change the flow-rate. To save our walk to the creek, we have substituted it with a hose passing the same amount of water. However, we found that water in the hose produces lower energy values than that in the creek. From this we deduced that the soil in the creek plays some role in this, perhaps acting as an amplifier. To check this assumption, we placed stones in the creek and in all of its energy components. Our assumption was proved correct as the stones accumulated energy in their mass, this interacted with the P-charge of the water and the joint P-charge was higher. The transfer of energy from the stream to the rock has inspired us to carry out a study of menhirs and other megalithic structures.

High-voltage power distribution lines

The intermediate zones between two E-zones are always adjacent to the E-zone that determines the direction towards the P-charge. This finding acquired earlier has led us to the source of an unknown aggressive E-zone that we have identified in the countryside. Its source was a high-voltage power distribution line. For several subsequent weeks we were plotting the sizes of energy components into plans for all types of high-voltage distribution lines. Each third E-zone is about ten times wider than each first or second one. Therefore, each third, sixths, ninth, etc. one is ten times wider and more aggressive. We have crosschecked this rule and found that it applies to all types of E-zones and all types of P-charges.

Before evaluating the new information I remind you that it is impossible to give it in relation with known facts so that it is impossible to judge, it is possible to verify it only by repetition experiments.

Measuring instrument and dowsing rod

Doubting the activity of the dowsing-rod comes from the fact that no measuring device has been made to validate ”unseen” energy, which we predict would show the identical reactions. We all know the current view of skeptics who say- it is impossible to declare something to be true, that is indemonstrable; especially when the dowsing-rod does not come though well in any of three trial tests. If we judge the arguments from the point of view of current science, there is nothing to talk about. It is possible to add something to the whole current knowledge and the arguments could take a different form. Judge for yourself. I will share all my experience with you.

I shall describe meeting a man who has received admiration for his extraordinary activities. Such men are usually born with these abilities, but Oldrich Hradil (1912-1989) from Brno was different. After being badly poisoned with lead he lost his ability to feel hot and cold, but his heat receptors were reacting to something mysterious instead of hot and cold. This he found very disorientating at first. Already in the hospital, he learned that the strange feeling going through his whole body from head to toe and back, was being caused by people who were moving along the corridor which was located behind the wall next to his bed. After few days he was able to distinguish whether the person in the corridor was a male or female. When I met him, he was already able to distinguish about 80 kinds of the reactions what were causing various sensations in his receptors. He was able to identify the kinds of metals in a box without error. At the cemetery he was able to recognize with covered eyes whether the grave contained man or woman or man and woman buried together. He felt even more reactions than I am able to identify with the dowsing-rod. And the difference was he could say what caused them and how intense they were.

Frantisek Kahuda who is dead by now experimented with his unique abilities and made records about them. By meeting Mr. Hradil I realized that the sensor for the measuring device which could replace the dowsing-rod is to be found in every human being (maybe in other organisms). I was speculating about experimenting with heat receptors what could be affected in the same way as the dowsing-rod. By questioning some doctors and studying scientific literature I realized that it would not be easy. The heat receptors are still within the area of medicine that needs further investigation because present knowledge does not enable further research. It follows that dowsing-rods respond to a phenomenon for which full credit awaits full recognition. This is why the old-fashioned word "unscientific" is used when talking about dowsing-rods. It is necessary to realize that the reaction of the dowsing-rod is consistent with the laws of nature, which are yet to be learned.

On the other place I describe the instructions for the reaction of the dowsing-rod which starts from many natural and man-made energetic sources and are located everywhere but in as yet unnoticed amounts. Each source produces results through its energy components. Various differing metal-shaped dowsing-rods produce strange forces. If we make the dowsing-rod shorter or longer it will react to different energy components in the same way as changing the identity of the power. I have described only three energetic components only because I used shorter and less sensitive dowsing-rods. Even though I suppose that energetic components will be much more. It is almost impossible to orient all the reactions with no systematic procedure and knowledge of the energetic component's regularity. This is one of the reasons why dowsing-rods have not held up in any of the tests

Stress Zones

The interaction of organisms by effects of stress zones is all the time a subject of many considerations, but its existence has not been scientifically proved yet. In connection with the new finding of our research master Harold S. Cober, Ph.D.,, has referred to that the changes in energy value of water what we show in not established units, can be watched by evaluation of the different value of pH. This piece of knowledge makes possible to prove not only the interference in stress zones, but also the functionality of dowsing rod.

For easier orientation we have divided the stress zones to three energy components, which we have called: ”Energy space, energy zones and energy interzones”. Energy space (aura) is situated in the close nearness of the energy source and is no need to search it, for everybody it is easy accessible. The next two components – energy zones and interzones can be find only by the dowsing rod.

Identification of the value energy components is simple. I use to it 1,5 liter plastic bottle, which I fill by the water with known pH. I place it to an energy zone for 24 hours and after it I measure in the water a new value of pH. The difference between both funds of pH validates the attendance of stress zone. It is a new piece of knowledge, which must be check up many times therefore I would welcome if the friends of dowsing repeat this experiment. If it is validated it could be useful to everybody, judge yourselves.

The human body contains about 70% of water, so it can be presupposed that by staying in an energy component (energy space, zones and interzones) the water of human body is affected by the same way like the water in an experimental bottle. However it doesn't need to be shown visibly, the change of pH level proceeds slowly – slinking and the human body probably responds to it by immediate invoking of an activity to the disposal of this undesirable effect. It is used to the part of the energy and the components, which can be missed at the securing of other important functions.

The Czech cancerologist doctor Oldrich Juriska has watched for over 50 years the connections with the appearance of cancerous diseases in specific localities on his patients. ”The patients had mostly come from the identical parts of streets or even from the identical houses. The long-term staying in this location first express oneself by sleeplessness, disorders of heart activity, nervous problems, diseases of joints, dispositions to inflammations and lower stamina of organism” stated doctor Juriska and continued ”Past 20 to 25 years can appear cancerous ailment”.

I do not doubt that the cancerous diseases have many reasons, but the energy components (stress zones) can be one of them.
Notice: By the bottle test is not less interesting to watch the size of the energy space that can be identified only by the dowsing rod.

Forest Dieback

At the end of the year 1982, the public was informed about a new, quickly spreading forest dieback for the first time. Werner Berends, a German engineer based in Hamburg, comments on this as follows: On the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany, it can easily be documented that the greatest damage was suffered by coniferous forests situated in the main direction of winds in places on the leeward side of a new high-voltage line, provided that the line has been in operation for at least five years. In the years 1983 and 1984, I was closely monitoring the damages in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I have arrived at the opinion that there is a direct causal nexus between this forest dieback and installation of new power lines with the highest voltage values (400 kV).

Berends points out the scientifically indubitable fact that coronary charges occur on the high-voltage lines, whereby ozone and nitrogen oxides are formed, and the air is ionised due to the effect of a strong electric field. ”Foggy weather is especially favourable for these processes, which do not only take place at the height of the trees' crowns but often even inside the forest. The small drops of fog full of harmful substances move around in the air for a longer time and therefore can receive additional poisons, while being strongly ionised at the same time. In every ionisation process, there is a balance between the positive and negative ions. This is not the case of the power line systems because of the perpetual intensity and asymmetry of electric fields and because of gravitation and wind. Due to the great extent of the new high-voltage line systems, vast volumes of forests are ionised”.
In the northern mountainous regions of the Czech Republic, our forests are dying too. I do not doubt that the assessment of Mr. Berends is correct, but I believe that other causes will need to be taken into account besides the causes stated by him. In the Czech Republic, the line 400 kV goes through many forested places, but the damaged forests are only found in the northern region. I do not mean to say that high-voltage lines are harmless for organisms, quite the contrary. Their creeping adverse effect escapes our attention and we are not concerned about it just as the antique Romans were not concerned about drinking wine from cups made of lead.

During our research, we have already been investigating a similar issue when the Health Information and Statistics Institute published a map of the Czech Republic, where areas with varying incidence of oncological diseases are indicated. The North Bohemia, Sumava and North Moravia were identified as the risk regions. The Central Bohemia and South Moravia are the places with the lowest risk. In other words: the risk areas are large forest systems; no forests are found in the places with the lowest risk. Of the ten forested risk areas in the Czech Republic, forest dieback takes place only in one of them. There is a good reason for relating the forest dieback with incidence of oncological diseases because damage of cells in organisms takes place in both cases. If we assess all of the ten risk areas with respect to the amount of high-voltage lines of all kinds, we shall discover a significant fact. In the area where forest dieback is taking place, the number of high-voltage power lines is several times higher than in any of the nine remaining risk areas.

In the Czech Republic, forests cover 33% of the total area. The sum of the ten forested areas identified as risk areas represent a lesser part of the total forested area. The remaining part of the total area consists of a sum of several hundreds of smaller forests.

It follows from the research into the interaction of P-charges that a shared power zone of two or more P-charges (trees in our case) shall come into being if the power zones of individual trees overlap. Therefore it is true that continuous forest areas create shared P-charges with shared power zones, which are separated from each other by arable land, pastures, etc. A large power zone of any P-charge is crossed by a number of power zones of P-charges originating both in the Nature and civilisation. This creates greater power overstress in the zone and this overstress increases the voltage on the cells of organisms. If we put the forest areas in the Czech Republic in descending order according to size, we shall find out that the ten largest areas were identified as risk areas by the Health Information and Statistics Institute.

Risk power zones are not created solely by forested areas. Parts of a city, individual buildings, railways, ships, aircrafts, motor vehicles, individuals, etc., can also become such zones. In some cases, intersection of more power zones can cause immediate problems.

The quickly spreading forest dieback is a grave problem, which affects the entire society and whose cause lies in the sphere of hitherto unexplained facts. We do not doubt that it shall be possible to stop the forest dieback and, in addition to that, to make use of the surplus power. However, this must be preceded by further research.

(completed with the new piece of knowledge)

The teachings of the Vienna doctor Franz Anton Mesmer (1734 – 1815) on animal magnetism has attracted great interest by doctors for more than fifty years beginning in the eighteenth century. His finding have been revived in the twentieth century in the sphere of so-called popular healers. Animal magnetism is understood to mean a vital fluidum contained in the body, on whose quality and amount human health strongly depends. This concept is close to the Indian prana teaching. Mesmer published his book on animal magnetism in 1779 and thus launched an avalanche of para-psychological discussions that no one has so far managed to stop.

In his therapeutic treatments, Mesmer always kept a group of patients in a dark room. They held hands and formed a ring around a vessel with iron filings and magnets. Mesmer approached them accompanied by mysterious music, ”magnetized” the sick people by circular movements of his hands and urged them vocally to feel improvement of their ailments. The patients lapsed into an ecstatic state, possibly lost consciousness, went asleep, had spasms, and, suddenly, alas, they were healthy. They got rid of tumours, great pains and many (at that time) incurable diseases. Blind people regained their sight; lame people and quadriplegic´s walked and moved about without any help from others. Tubercular people breathed freely and caverns in their lungs healed very soon afterwards, dying people stood up and thanked their doctor for saving their lives.

I have recapitulated briefly what is known in general about Mesmer, and now I will deal with the principle of his treatment. A vessel with iron filings and magnets will induce smiles of disbelief and doubts with all sceptics, together with everything that cannot be put into association with our experience. However, quite opposite reactions arise in view of the results of our research. Below I shall introduce a diagram showing energy components of a magnet and iron.

In order to make it easier for laymen to grasp I will not use the physical units for magnetism. A permanent magnet from a loudspeaker 560 g in weight has an energy space radius of 18 cm. A piece of iron weighing 17 kg has an energy space radius of 43 cm. On placing the magnet on the iron, their joint energy space will have a radius of 130 cm. On calculating the volume of spheres from the given radii, their sum will not be equal to the energy space volumes of the magnet and the iron. No calculation nor logic hold here, everything is the other way round.

Just to approach Mesmer´s vessel with iron filings and magnets, we carried out another experiment. To a distance not smaller than one meter from the iron and the magnet we placed for one hour a sitting assistant whose energy space radius at his breast level was established in advance as 40 cm. After one hour his energy space increased up to about 110 cm. In this connection it should be noted that the energy space of an upright person has the form of a mummy. For the sake of more precise calculation we have to approximate the shape of the assistant´s body to that of a sphere by seating him on a step and having him rest his head on his knees. Mesmer´s vessel is therefore functional and capable of transmitting energy to people. From this, one can derive that the amounts and mutual proportions of iron and the magnet do not play any important role. The dark room, the mysterious music and Mesmer´s movements obviously helped the patients to concentrate. By holding hands in a ring, they created a common P-charge that could have helped in energy transfer.

The megalithic buildings that where introduced recall how men in the primeval ages obtained the energy with which Mesmer cured his patients. From the aspect of our era it appears incredible, to forget the energy exploited upon all continents should not been allowed. But it has not been forgotten, judge for yourselves.

There is no doubt that the knowledge of megalithic culture was used in the buildings of Cisterian monasteries. Their position near water streams support their standing energy contact. The water pipes below churches were able to regulate energy of the matter and the building by numerous megalithic constructions. The shape of these churches was very tall and thin and also very large for use 12 to 30 monks (after that number they needed to start another monastery in a new location). There must have been something special in the size and shape as well. The tower of a church can have the same energy function as an upset menhir and could be connected with the phenomenon, which physics calls ”point intake”. From an energy standpoint, it is not exacting to find an acceptable place for church construction, in Czech Republic, where showers yearly produce about 600 liters of water to quadrate meter, on the area needed for church building it could find several underground water wells.

Also the green stones at random built in the walls of rooms were not used accide ntally. It was concerned with rocks of large content of copper that were used for energy regulation already in old ancestry. The Olmec combined the plurality of tons stone blocks with thousands tons greenish gemstones, called serpentine today.

Cistercians had been the members of friary in Catholic Church, which separated in the year 1098 of Benedictine holy orders. The Cistercians among other expanded the Gothic style and in the places of their coverage they introduced the new agricultural methods.

The characteristic marks of megalithic structures are visual on Chartreuse Gothic cathedral, which was built at the place where the deep well is situated and its water had been imputed the miraculous power already before Christian era. The cathedral was built in an energy space of subterraneous well and the matter of building is always supported with its energy (by the premise that the well works till this time). Since 11th to 13th century existed near the building in which the pilgrims hold the habit assumed of the antique latency ritual: they slept nine days in the nearness of the well to reach the recovery.

The practices of megalithic constructions was probably not devised by the Cistercians, they assumed it from their predecessors and transferred it thereafter. The mystery of megalithic buildings, monasteries, churches and cathedrals is hidden in the sentence: ”The energy of moving water can be accumulated in other material”. I can not understand how so important information could remain in the whole milleniums in secrecy.

Close to appreciation of mentioned experience I cannot understand how Franz Anton Mesmer arrived at healing by means of a vessel with iron pilings and magnets without the knowledge of interaction relevant to energy resources. It was not possible to discover the healing effect of mass without this previous finding, it equates to somebody constructing an electric locomotive before the discovery of electric. I suppose that Mesmer did not discover anything but probably gladly visited the monastic libraries. The fact is that the healing operated him and could be interesting to deal with.

My thanks to Mr. Steven Guth from Australia in behalf of information about Cistercian monasteries,


In Lourdes since the year 1858 there were 3.500 of the recovery written down. The Church has admitted like a miraculous till this time only sixty-six of them. To disclose the veil of the Lourdes mystery I shall try to motivate ”the convalescent effect” from the standpoint of research the energy streams.

The grotto in Lourdes, where from time to time proceeds the convalescent action, has two known energy sources and could have more of the unknown. One of the known sources is the well in the grotto, from which about one liter of water per second runs out, the second source is the river running through in the nearness of the grotto. The unknown sources can be energy components intersecting lapidary massive, squally clouds, position of the moon etc. The suitable combination of various flowages the both water-sources together with acceptable combinations of unknown resources can create the property of energy space, which could be the starting mechanism for healing effect.

The similar medical equipment existed already in the olden ancestry but in much more perfect fulfillment. In megalithic constructions, which were constructed for healing effect, the patients did not need to wait quantity of days or weeks till the miracle comes, the healing setting could be prepared for the rated time. The energy of flowing water was accumulated in the mass of buildings, which were situated to the energy components of water-sources. Without end moving the water flowage affected the quantity of accumulate energy, therefore the regulation stone conduit to later buildings was installed. The energy could be also modified with the combinations of minerals, minerals with gemstones, mica, sand with the content of heavy metals, etc. Thereof can be readily derived that people long ago understood what kind of value needs the energy space for invoking the healing action

Before entering into the healing surrounding the people had to be enough disposed. The labyrinths built-in the flooring constructions of some buildings infer what kind of such preparation could have the course. The method how to relax – to put off stresses can be done by lot of ways, but for this purpose the labyrinth appears like an optimum equipment. The preparation could be more exacting but what I describe has been derived from the structure of buildings.

Thus can be state that no miracles happen in Lourdes. The phenomenon what convalesces is the pure energy – energy of watercourses, its principle to the science remained hidden. The reality that no miracle happens anyway does not sink the convalescent phenomenon from the standpoint of religion, only specifies it. It can be understand so that the Creator of nature created her principles too.

From the ancestry can be by deduction derived that the energy of watercourses was exploited also in the later era as well as in the Middle Ages. The Etruscan people past 7th century before Christ built gigantic constructions what reached the average even 40 meters, (conformable to the mounds on American continent). The Celts before the ritual ceremony charged the stones by fire, similarly was charged the circular construction Stonehange.

The Cistercian monasteries were built into the energy components of watercourse. The regulation stone water pipeline was installed under their churches as well as by some megalithic constructions. Chartreuse gothic cathedral was built on the hillock, which was in the Christian era one of the most haunt of France. The Druids sooner gathered there and more formerly the whole Celtic world. The cathedral was built above the dolmen and the Celtic well. The labyrinth in the stone pavement of the cathedral in present time is situated under the benches.

The similar sanitary equipment such as the buildings of megalithic culture we could construct nowadays providing that we chart the energy of watercourse and further natural and civilize energy sources. Since the long-ago constructions nothing changed out from the energy standpoint, every building has its energy value, we do not know only what of kind. It can be useful, but it can harm to us too. The correct reply can be given only by the research.
I shall not be surprised if the specialists do not believe all what I describe, I did not believe it at first too. Really is impossible to give the man with a stone chopper in hand to context with the regulated energy of building. It is really illogical, the historians therefore have to do something with the stone chopper.

The expressive example of the energetic regulated construction is the plateau Nazca. Till this time nobody has given the reason for this structure. The underground water canals are complicated regulation system what enabled to affect the visualized energy zones on the plateau. The underground water canals under the area of mounds and artificial water tanks in San Lorenzo had the same function – they ensured the energy regulation of the construction. The water tank constructed on pyramid Akapana was for the structure together with the water pipeline the regulation equipment. Just like that it was by Osireion and another constructions where the resembling regulation system was built. By the others constructions without regulation like menhirs the people had to wait for the right water passage, in contrast to us they knew for what to wait. The detailed description each of the mentioned construction as well as the interpretation of energy watercourses, you can find in
The paradoxical position to which we come in connection with the long past ancestry cannot be valued so that the people of megalithic culture overtook our era. It was our united evolution that continued, something was only forgotten. One of the reasons could be the fact that the megalithic constructions were specified like the ethnic fetishes and therefore some of the constructions were removed. The another reasons could be, that only by the dowsing-rod could be the energy of watercourse identified and it is yet an unscientific instrument whereby the serious scientists do not wish to be engaged. Approximately it could have been but it is already the history.


There have been many books written about the Bermuda Triangle, in which the authors have tried to explain mysterious affairs or to persuade the readers that nothing there is mysterious. According to the knowledge we have acquired by research on the interaction of the P-charge, it appears that in the whole area of the Bermuda Triangle the energy conditions are more expressive than on the other places of oceans. The Gulf Stream, which carries away as many as hundred million tons of water per second, with the speed 4 to 9 metres per second has polarity of other streams, gigantic vortices, trade-winds and eighty squally days in the year, together create a gigantic energy potential.

I deal with energy of smaller water streams, but something so stately as the movement of water mass in Bermuda Triangle, I do not dare even to judge. Probably all energy sources of the Bermuda Triangle create a collective charge and have collective energy components. In this case the whole area would create collective energy space with considerable over-voltage. Everything situated there would be its components – craft, aviation, even the part of coast. But it need not be the verity, common energy space with different energy potentials could be even more. Without measuring instruments, which for the present are not at our disposal, it is difficult to orient oneself. For this purpose we suggest utilizing the help of history.

The primary inhabitants of American continent built into energy zones of watercourse more than 100,.000 artificial earthen hills (energy storage battery). It is more than probable that they choose the most interesting energy places – the zones of collective P-charge of moving water mass in the area of Bermuda Triangle and their crossing with E-zones of earthly large streams. If a map exists whereupon these artificial places were marked, their joining could mark E-zones, that would relate energy space with neighbouring areas. By comparing this with a map of the sea stream, we could obtain interesting information about the grandiosity of source or sources.

By evaluation of the energy situation in the Bermuda Triangle in connection with our accumulated knowledge through research of the interaction of the P-charge, we can suppose that in sporadic combinations of energy moving water, winds, squally clouds, tornadoes and further energy influences of collective energy components can cause electronic disorders by over-voltage. In other events I deal with dulling the ability of thinking in connection of energy over-voltage. It is impossible to exclude the idea that in some cases of similar conditions in the area of the Bermuda Triangle, the same could fall on crews of aviation and craft, also inhabitants of seaside area.

The fact that our ancestors accumulated natural energy for further utilization should doubtless call up increased interest on knowledge of what kind of method they employed. Probably its accumulation would be a simple affair.

It could be very useful to direct the research in this way, unfailing the energy resources of oceans could help to solve rising energy requirements.

The interaction of energy mass

The megalithic constructions were built up for the accumulation of energy watercourses in the rocks. The same effect we can achieve is if we replace the energy of watercourses by the energy of condensers. In the top part of the graph No.1 the energy components of condenser 5.000 m F charged for voltage 1 V are illustrated. The phenomenon that is not easy to substantiate is written down in the bottom of the graph. We put the mentioned condenser on the rock of 10 kilograms weight where no energy is noticed. The multiple energy of the condenser has the rock retained at once – the rock works like a magnifier. After multi-hour contact with the condenser the rock will the energy within a few days lose.

Menhirs, mounds and other historical constructions, were built to energy components of watercourses. Some watercourses changed probably their lines and in this case the mentioned constructions would not be functional again. But it is very easy to revive them by the help of condenser group. Not only to revive but also to improve – the condensers enable the energy regulation.

The experiment ”IRON AND STONE”, noted at the graph No. 3, is interesting too. All metals have identifiable constant P-charge as well as other mass. For this experiment I have chosen the iron on the ground by the knowledge applied to present buildings. The energy components of the iron weighting 17 kilograms are demonstrated in the top part of the graph. It is sufficient to lay down a rock on the iron and an amplified effect of the mineral will show at once (the middle part of the graph). When we put the charged condenser to a stone it works in the same way, the stone has obtained the energy, which will trail off in some days (bottom of the graph), however the energy of iron has not subsided.

The mentioned interaction of mass can not be given to the connection merely with megalithic constructions, heap sight concern also constructions of our era. If we apply finding of the experiment with the iron and the rock to a living house, we come to the same conclusion. The cement concrete without the iron armature has not measurable energy value but the cement concrete with the iron armature obtains much more energy. The iron or other metals, which were used in another parts of building, affected the construction by the same mode. The distribution of forced water exchange and power-installation are the further energy sources what participate by considerable measurement on resulting the energy conditions. It needs to be notified that P-charge of human body works like other P-charges, it obtains or loses the energy from the environment in which it is. Nobody knows what kind of energy condition is optimal for human body. People of megalithic culture have known it because they have built the constructions with energy regulation.

I send round my articles to about 800 addresses and I am pleased that more and more specialists of various branches take interest in it. But I do not doubt that someone does not care about it. In this case you will return this article without suggestion, I shall consider it like an advice that I should not send my next materials.

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