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Some people use paranormal means to commit crimesEven when I was little and growing up in Malaysia, I overheard tales told by older kids about how thieves had burgled such and such a home using black magic. In my childish ignorance I imagined the thieves, sporting fearsome beards and moustaches, striding majestically into homes, and with a wave of their wands putting the occupants of the homes to sleep before robbing them. My father unwittingly strengthened this image all the more, when one day, he told us that a house nearby was robbed after the thieves threw a piece of thick smouldering knotted rope into the house before robbing it. The copious smoke that issued from this rope and filled the home had apparently put all the occupants into a deep sleep, and allowed the thieves to rob the home at will. This case however cannot be classified solely under the paranormal category as the thieves may have soaked the rope in certain chemicals or plant juices which upon ignition could have produced the paralysing smoke.

These incidents however caused me great fear, and for a time I imagined every person whom I saw, who had a somewhat fierce disposition, to be actually a thief in disguise. Naturally, I outgrew these fears, but as I started work, they reappeared with a vengeance. I had by this time however gone into the practice of prayer and meditation, and as the reader will see, they acted as a bulwark against the forces of evil. I will relate below how some criminals in South East Asia use paranormal means to rob their victims.

One of the first cases I heard about regarding this matter after I started work, was how a friend of mine was robbed of all his possessions by a group of thieves who put my friend into a stupor as they carried out their deed. I was intrigued by this case and questioned my friend in detail as to what had happened.

He replied that he had come home from work that evening feeling extremely tired. He had a drink and sat in front of the TV and watched the evening news. It had grown dark outside as the news bulletin ended. My friend then switched on the lights and continued watching TV. He lived alone in his bungalow, as his wife and kids stayed in a large town nearby so that his kids could attend a good school there. My friend then told me that he felt that the lights started to grow dim. At the same time, he lost focus of everything around him. His furniture, the TV and all other items around him became blurred. A sudden stupor overcame him; and although he could still see the hazy forms of the furniture around him, he could not move his arms and legs and could not open his mouth. He felt as if he had been nailed to his chair. He then discerned the hazy forms of humans moving about in the hall where he was sitting. They appeared busy, moving here and there, but my friend could only watch their hazy forms, and could not even talk or get up from his chair. This went on for a while, and then there was silence. My friend must have dropped off to sleep in his chair. When he awoke the next morning, he was shocked to discover that the chair he was sitting on was the only item left in the house. Everything else had been burgled. He made a police report, but the items that were stolen were never recovered.

I followed up on several similar incidents in the region, and found that all of them had a similar pattern. The individual or all of the family members present would first inexplicably fall into a stupor. They would be unable to move or talk, but could hazily observe individuals moving about in the house, ostensibly removing all items from the home. The victims however would be unable to identify any of the thieves while they were in this state. If however, as usually occurred, the family was asleep when the robbers struck, they would not hear any sound and would not wake up from their sleep as the house was ransacked.

A lucky break in my investigation into the matter came quite unexpectedly. A trainee assistant manager came to stay with me who was an expert in this matter. He hailed from a state bordering Thailand. It is an open secret in South East Asia, that the Thais and the Javanese (from the island of Java in Indonesia) were the masters in this form of magic. Being so close to Thailand, my new housemate knew about the methods employed by thieves using paranormal means to rob, and more importantly how to neutralise their powers. This is what my house mate had to tell me.

The thieves would first recite a spell while in the vicinity of the house they had planned to rob. This invariably put all the residents in that house to sleep or into a stupor. The spell will not work under certain conditions - which I will deal with later. Once the thieves enter the property, at least two conditions had to be fulfilled in order for the spell to continue working. Firstly, something edible that is present in the house has to be eaten by one of the thieves. The leader of the group normally carries out this activity by eating something out of the refrigerator from the house. The other condition was that as the robbers leave the property after robbing it, one of robbers has to defecate just outside the front door of the house. These tell tale signs can always be noticed in houses that have been robbed in this manner. The spell it seems could only work if everything was in its natural order in the house, and there were no creature/ humans in the house who can keep their eyes fully open. Thus families in areas where this form of robbery was rife resorted to counter measures to prevent the spell from working. These are some of the methods.

The man of the house would usually reverse his sarong just before he went to sleep i.e. the border of the sarong that he wore that was closest to the floor would be used to tie round his waist, while the border that was tied to his waist would then hang close to the floor. Another precaution they could take was to reverse any broom in the house just before they went to sleep; i.e. the brush of the broom was turned up, while the end of its handle rested on the floor. A third and favourite method employed by most households was to keep a pet fish. A fish does not close its eyes when it sleeps and therefore the spell will not work in a house that has a pet fish. Not all fish however could dispel all spells. While most could resist the normal spells cast by the robbers, many fish species would succumb to stronger spells. There is one fish however that can resist all spells. This is called ikan puyuh in Malaysia. It is a sort of stickleback which normally does not grow more than six inches. It is a very common fish found in all waterways in South East Asia. This fish has a silver body with three equally spaced black spots on both sides of the body. The spell will also not work if the occupants of a home are pious, and regularly engage in prayer and meditation and live without committing any vices.

My home was once attacked by a robber or group of robbers who practised this craft, but I awoke as soon as one of them entered the house, and prevented my home from being robbed. This is what happened.

I used to meditate twice everyday- in the morning and evening, during that period (I still do, but am sometimes irregular these days). I also led a clean life. I had then a large German Shepherd as a pet which was an excellent guard dog. He was extremely vigilant, and would be up at the slightest sound.

At about 2 a.m. one day I was fast asleep with my dog sleeping next to me on the floor. I was suddenly thrown up in bed i.e. my body rose up about a feet while still in the prone position, and then came crashing back onto the bed. This movement awoke me instantly. I looked at my dog and found him still fast asleep. Then I heard the sound of a window being forced open. I looked at my dog again, and was amazed to find him still fast asleep. Without wasting any more time, I jumped up and switched on all the lights in the house. There was silence after this. My dog stirred and woke up drowsily- he seemed completely unaware of what was happening. I called out for my gardener who slept at the rear of the bungalow, and he came running. I told him to check the windows to see if any had been forced open. He found one. Arming ourselves we went outside together with the dog, which was now fully awake. The dog picked up a scent outside the window that had been forced, and followed it all the way to the gate of the perimeter fence of the bungalow. I did not follow the trail after this spot as it was still dark. My investment in meditation and a clean life had paid dividends.

Thieves who originated from the island of Java used, in addition to the above method, others that also involved the use of spells. No padlock could keep these robbers out of a house. When faced with a large and complicated lock that could not be prised open, they employed spells to destroy the lock. This they did by chanting some verses and then either blowing on or spitting on the lock. The lock then burst into flames and broke into little pieces and fell to the floor. Guard dogs too were of little concern to this group of robbers. There was a case in Kuala Lumpur where a lady heard one day her two dogs which were in her front yard, barking furiously at about three in the morning. They suddenly fell silent after barking for a few times. The lady looked through her first floor bedroom window and saw a small group of Indonesians disappear round a street corner. Fearing for her dogs, she rushed downstairs and found both her dogs cowering in fear in a corner. Not only did they look extremely afraid, their legs were also shaking violently. They were not poisoned however.

What I found out later was that some of these robbers could assume the form of wild animals, like tigers, for a very short while in order to frighten guard dogs. It is a well known fact that dogs, no matter from which part of the world they originated from, are terrified of tigers. This could be a trait that has been genetically passed down from time immemorial for the survival of the species. I know from experience, that dogs get rooted to the ground with their legs shaking violently even if they catch the whiff of a tiger.

The more common method of obtaining ill-gotten gains using paranormal means in Malaysia is by using a disembodied spirit. This spirit is called a 'toyol' (a good article on this can be found in Wikipedia). It would appear that toyols are only capable of robbing Muslim homes. They are unable to rob from houses whose occupants are not Muslims. Whether this was the case, or whether I was protected by my spiritual practices, here is my experience with one such creature.

In my early years in the plantations, I worked in a rubber plantation in a remote location. There was much theft of produce in the plantation, and I had to continually set up ambushes and the like to deter the thieves. This disrupted the thieves' activities quite a bit, and they wanted me out of the picture. They managed to obtain samples of my hair and nail clippings from my garbage bin and took these items to an aboriginal man. [There are a few races of aboriginals in Malaysia (e.g. The Negritos and the Senoi), who are expert at black magic]. The thieves asked this aboriginal to cast a spell on me in order that I not interfere with their operations. After trying for several days, the aboriginal informed this gang that he was unable to do so. He told them that he was unable to break through my spiritual armour. The thieves then tried using a toyol to get at me.

One morning, as I was about to leave for work, I noticed that there were numerous burnt marks on the grass of my lawn. I examined these carefully and was shocked to find that they were tiny human footprints. They started from one point at the fence, walked to all my windows, one by one, and then made their way to another part of the fence where they stopped. I called in an elderly Malay man to examine these footprints. He told me that someone had released a toyol into my compound in order to steal money from me. The toyol had tried entering the home through the windows, but failed to do so. The spirit then left the compound through another part of the fence.

The thieves tried another method to disable my policing activities. One morning I found the imprint of a hand on my door. It looked very much like the hand of a monkey dipped in used lube oil and then imprinted on my door. I ignored this and doubled my efforts of trying to catch the thieves. The overall result from all this was that theft was greatly reduced in the plantation.

The moral from these stories is this. We need not be afraid of people who threaten to harm us through paranormal means if we are spiritual and lead a clean life. Hundreds of methods (of black magic) for causing harm to others may exist, but none will work if we walk the straight and narrow.

By Carlosox

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