Exposing Daryl Bradford Smith: Part 1



By Curt Maynard

Thursday, April 26, 2007

How do I know Daryl Bradford Smith is not on the up and up? Allow me to explain.

Initially I thought Daryl Bradford Smith [hereafter referred to as DBS or Smith] was probably the real deal with an ego that just wouldn’t quit. There are many people like that you know, they love themselves and they want to be the center of attention. Me, I like to keep a relatively low profile in order to live my life free from the kind of harassment that tends to go hand in hand with those critical of God’s chosen people.

So as I said, initially I thought DBS was probably legitimate and just liked to have his ego stroked extensively, but then I noticed that he began to call people that I know “Zionist agents,” and tools of the Zionists. I then began to scrutinize him a little closer. Not long after that someone emailed me an
article written by John Kaminski which detailed what Kaminski thought was a well orchestrated attack on him during a DBS radio interview, Kaminski stated that DBS blindsided him with accusations of racism and xenophobia, which is a bit funny in that Kaminski is a liberal and tends to lean to the left, especially when and where it applies to race relations. In short, John Kaminski cannot be considered a racist period! In fact, much of Kaminski’s writings could be considered anti-racist, except when he focuses on Jewish Supremacism, in which case he can be highly critical of the Jewish ethnos/religion. On January 20, 2006, DBS himself confirmed the fact that he had accused Kaminski of racism and xenophobia when he openly admitted as much on his radio program; allegedly believing Kaminski to be involved in an attempt to have him [DBS] arrested - the result of French anti-free speech laws.

After reading the Kaminski article, I put the information in the back of my mind and proceeded on with life. Not too long after that though, I received another email from someone detailing the fact that DBS was now accusing Michael Collins Piper of some mischief, adding of course the by now expected “Zionist agent” for good measure. After reading that I couldn’t be silent any longer, I was at the time working on an essay about Bill O’Reilly entitled “
Bill O’Reilly is a Lying Son of a Whore.” As an afterthought, I decided to toss in my two cents about DBS. Based upon the fact that DBS had accused far better people than himself of being agents of Zion I noted that I believed him to be an “agent provocateur,” and “focused almost entirely on smearing the good names of other dissidents, anti-war activists and historical revisionists,” which is true, all one need do is listen to his radio program and/or read his website. According to DBS, he, Eric Hufschmid and Christopher Bollyn are the only honest individuals associated with the truth movement. Come on people, that right there should send alarm bells off in your head!

I don’t have an opinion on Christopher Bollyn, I was saddened to see him leave American Free Press and even more saddened to see him align himself afterward with Smith. I don’t know anything about Hufschmid, as I’ve never listened to him or closely read anything he’s written, but I do know that he’s involved with Smith and has actively engaged in the same type of ill-defined, condemnatory slanders of men far better than himself, which causes me to suspect that he’s no good either. Based upon what I just wrote above you might conclude that I don't pay a great deal of attention to Internet squabbles. You're right, I don't, I consider them to be counterproductive and/or a waste of time. But in the case of DBS, I'll make an exception. Read on and you'll see why.

In any case, Smith apparently read my article and decided that I too must be a Zionist agent, after all, I dared to question his self appointed status as “truth teller number one.” In any case, DBS remained for the most part a non-entity in my life until I visited his website a month or so ago and noted that he was accusing Ernst Zundel of being a Zionist stooge as well. That was the last straw for me. At that point I knew that DBS himself is the Zionist agent, nobody in their right mind could or would consider Zundel to be anything other than what he is, the #1 Political Prisoner in the world today. Who does this guy DBS think he is, Zundel has been on the front lines battling Zionism for more than thirty years, he’s been spat on, slandered, taken to court innumerable times, firebombed and most recently has spent the last four years of his dwindling life in jails and prisons in three countries all because he refuses to accept the official version of the holocaust narrative without question! That’s it, that’s his crime. Do you understand that? Zundel was arrested [without warrant], deported to Canada from the United States [without due process], spent two years in SOLITARY CONFINEMNT in a Canadian maximum security prison, and was then unconstitutionally deported to Germany where he now sits in a prison for the next five years for nothing more than questioning history. Is this sinking in? Do you understand what is being said here? The law that Canada used to deport Zundel was recently overturned because of its unconstitutionality, yet nobody is talking about how Zundel was negatively impacted by this Orwellian legislation. And here we have an upstart like DBS accusing a great man like Ernst Zundel of being a tool of the Zionists? Chrissakes people, wake up, this guy Smith is no good.

In one of Smith’s articles entitled “
Can we trust Viktor Ostrovsky” Smith utilizes and exploits the reputation and prestige of the great revisionist Robert Faurisson by suggesting that anyone unable to “discuss the research of Robert Faurisson” should be held under a cloud of suspicion. I guarantee you that if Robert Faurisson knew that DBS had accused Zundel, who by the way is very familiar with Faurisson’s work, of being a traitor to truth and revisionism, he’d condemn Smith in a New York second! Of this, there is no doubt. This is obviously a case in which Smith feels free to denounce one notable revisionist [Zundel] by bolstering another [Faurisson] in an effort to convince listeners/readers that he’s legitimate and actually cares about historical revisionism. Zundel and Faurisson are close friends and have been for decades. For Smith to exploit Zundel’s inability to defend himself while the man sits in jail is nothing less than cowardly.
But wait, that’s not all. In the same article DBS actually has the nerve to say that he and Hufschmid “are the newcomers,” [but] “yet in the span of a few years, have produced more important material that all of the other people put together.” Dear reader, this cretin Daryl Bradford Smith is actually trying to convince people that he and Hufschmid have produced more valuable material than the Institute for Historical Review, American Free Press [formerly The Spotlight], AND Ernst Zundel, who has single handedly done more to expose the weaknesses associated with the official holocaust story by commissioning the Leuchter Report alone than DBS, Hufschmid and a dozen other fools will ever accomplish in their entire lives. The Leuchter Report is just one of the many gifts Zundel has given historiography and mankind; he’s also been involved in three major civil rights cases in Canada, all of which encompassed the issue of freedom of speech, something we ALL benefit from.
DBS was especially critical of an article I wrote about Ernst Zundel entitled “Why I admire Ernst Zundel.” He thought, or so he wrote anyway, that my reference to Zundel’s admiration of Adolf Hitler was proof positive that I’m a Zionist agent attempting to “create the impression that anybody who doubts the Holocaust [Note, DBS always capitalizes the word holocaust] is a “lunatic with a Hitler fetish.” I’d note here that I discuss the holocaust openly on the Politically Correct Apostate, unlike Smith who refuses to discuss the issue and has a caveat right on his main page stating as much:

“Daryl Bradford Smith does not discuss or investigate evidence related to the Holocaust [Capitalized again]. He will, however, speak about free speech issues and our basic human right to freely exchange ideas.”

Had Smith been honest with his readers/listeners, he would have informed them that several paragraphs below where I noted that Zundel admired Hitler, I penned the following which clearly explains from which direction I’m coming when I mention Zundel’s views concerning Hitler. “Ernst Zundel admires Adolf Hitler, so what? Ernst Zundel doesn’t believe any Jews were gassed at Auschwitz, so what? Ernst Zundel is and has been for some time; extremely critical of Zionism and its designs on the world, by God…it is too damned bad more people aren’t behind him on this!” I stood by those words when I originally wrote them and I stand by them now. So what! There are people that admire Stalin who murdered far more people than Hitler is alleged to have. There are people that admire Chairman Mao, a notorious mass murderer who also murdered far more human beings than Hitler is alleged to have, yet we don’t condemn them, why Zundel? Think about it. The gist of the above sentence that apparently irritated Smith so much is that freedom of speech allows an individual to have and share their own individual opinions, this apparently is a concept DBS is against or at least unsympathetic with, despite his insincere rhetoric on imathewitness.
For me, DBS’s condemnation of Ernst Zundel was the last straw. I sat back and said nothing when DBS accused me of being a Zionist stooge, but I won’t tolerate him or anyone else accusing a man as unselfish as Ernst Zundel of the same. Smith’s subversive role became quite clear to me when I read what he had to say about Zundel, I know now that Smith isn’t crazy, confused, or egocentric, he is and has always been exactly what he accuses other of, a Zionist agent provocateur, whose sole purpose today is to sow discord among those seeking the truth.
Tonight I'm tired, so we'll pick this up tomorrow - we’ll look at some of the things he’s said about other noteworthy individuals. In the end dear reader, we’ll use Smith’s own words to expose him for what he really is, a lying son of a whore, just as I said he was back in August 2006.






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