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Leaked Memo Reveals WTO Plan to "Sell" Itself to American Youth Deanna Swift,

Michael A. Aquino, Ph.D. Lt. Colonel, Military Intelligence,  USAR-Ret. 

Response to Aquino 7/19/2001 Alex Constantine

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     Michael A. Aquino, Ph.D. Lt. Colonel, Military Intelligence,  USAR-Ret. 


Robert Sterling
Editor, The Konformist 

US Army Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino is a notorious figure within the conspiracy subculture. Founder of the Temple of Set (after leaving the Church of Satan), Aquino is perhaps best known in con circles for his involvement in a sex abuse scandal at the Presidio. He is also the winner of the Beast of the Month for July 1997. In 1999, I put up the Aquino files on this site at the request of Curio Jones. (It was soon taken down at the request of Curio, after getting heat from abuse victims who disapproved of The Konformist site.) In email, I informed Aquino of this, and offered to put up any response he had. Here is the first detailed written response to the allegations that he has okayed for my release. Much of the background is lost, but if you check out his BOTM profile and the profile of him, you'll be able to fill in the blanks. If anyone chooses to dispute his version, I encourage you to email me an opposing view, just as I offered him. Thank you, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist Michael A. Aquino, Ph.D. Lt. Colonel, Military Intelligence, USAR-Ret. * * * CORRECTIONS * * * >But just exactly WAS going on at the Presidio remains >puzzling, mainly due to the fact that there never was a trial. Following the publication of the "recovered memories of Satanic ritual abuse" book _Michelle Remembers_ in 1980, the United States and other Anglo-American countries went through a decade of "SRA" scares and witch-hunts. After the 1984 McMartin Preschool became internationally publicized in one such scare, day-care facilities generally became targets of "SRA" witch- hunt instigators. The epidemic extended to U.S. military services as well, including 15 U.S. Army day-care centers and elementary schools by 1987. In late 1986 it was the turn of the Presidio of San Francisco. On 9/28/86 the _San Francisco Examiner_ began a series of 8 front-page stories sensationalizing the witch-hunts. Approximately a month later one set of Presidio parents claimed that their son might have been anally raped by one of the day-care teachers, Gary Hambright, and the scare was off and running, with scores of children being "abuse-diagnosed" by a "play-therapist" despite not a single published confirmation of actual physical harm to any child. Hambright denied any "abusing" whatever, and all of the other teachers and staff supported him. As in other witch-hunts it made no difference: Over the next year Hambright was suspended, indicted, charges dropped, reindicted, charges redropped amidst a massive media frenzy. Parents rushed to file over $84 million in claims, as was also routine in such witch-hunts. [The previous year a similar, highly-publicized witch-hunt at West Point had resulted in $110 million claims.] Hambright was originally indicted 12/86 on the basis of allegations made by the Tobin parents (which kicked off the witchhunt). This indictment was dismissed 3/87 on the grounds of hearsay. After more parent/therapist input to investigators, Hambright was reindicted 9/87 on "two counts of oral copulation and 10 counts of lewd & lascivious conduct" (_SF Chronicle_ 1/4/88). All of these charges were dropped by 2/17/88. On 2/18/88 the _Chronicle_ said: "The final count of oral copulation against the former Southern Baptist minister was dismissed by U.S. District Judge William Schwarzer after the parents of the alleged victim said their child could not withstand the rigors of the trial." [The Tobins originally alleged "anal rape" of their son by Hambright. When a pediatrician refuted any evidence of this on S.F. television, the allegation was promptly switched to "oral copulation".] No news article that I have ever read indicated that there was a shred of *physical* evidence showing that *any* child at the Presidio had been sexually abused in connection with that scam. I say "news article" because I was not privy to investigators' records on the Hambright allegations, and can verify only what I read in the media. Partway through the investigation a stir was created when the media announced that several of the children had been diagnosed with Chlamydia. However (a) the Army later announced the tests were unreliable, (b) no retesting of the children was ever conducted, (c) Chlamydia can be transmitted by direct contact with any mucuous membrane [such as mouth or eyes], (d) no testing of the children's parents for this disease was conducted, and (e) reportedly Hambright did not have this disease. [For that matter, as verified by our own medical records, neither my wife Lilith nor I has ever had it either.] The *only* "evidence" against Hambright thus consisted of parental hearsay allegations and the allegations of "therapist" Debbie Hickey, the Army psychiatrist who conducted the "play therapy" indoctrination sessions for the children once the scam got underway. Later on, after Lilith and I had been attacked by Chaplain Adams- Thompson, I met with Hambright's public defenders in their S.F. office to see what documents they might provide which might help us. During that meeting (which occurred after the second dropping of all charges against Hambright), I bluntly asked the two lawyers if there were *any* actual evidence - not just accusations - that Hambright had committed any abuse crime whatever. They both said, "None at all." [They didn't say "no comment" or "we can't discuss that".] To me the ultimate proof that no Hambright abuse was committed is the *timeline*. According to the _Chronicle_ story quoted above, Hambright was ultimately accused of sexual attacks of up to 60 children during the period May 85-November 86 (when the Tobins made their allegations and started the witchhunt against him). Is it possible that 60 children 3-6 years old (the only age group in Hambright's daycare classes) could have been raped and sodomized for *a year and a half* before the Tobins made their allegations *and not a single parent noticed anything wrong with any child either physically or behaviorally during that year-and-a-half*? I assume that none of the parents ever took any child to the Presidio hospital for any such problem during that time, otherwise symptoms of sexual abuse would have started an investigation *right then*. No one noticed *anything* the slightest bit wrong with *any* child until *after* the Tobins had started the whole accusation/"therapy" show on the road. These are the basic facts I know about the Hambright allegations. On 1/6/90 the _Chronicle_ stated that Hambright had died 11/8/89 of AIDS: "'This seems to be the sad, final chapter in the story,' said Nanci Clarence, one of two federal public defenders who represented Hambright in the child molestation case. 'Gary died with a clear conscience. It's just too bad that he had to spend the final two years of his life battling these baseless charges.'" >So how did Aquino, a highly decorated Vietnam veteran >and former Green Beret, end up as a suspect in a child >molestation case? Left out of the Presidio claims bonanza were Christian chaplain Larry Adams-Thompson and his wife Michele, who had never reported their daughter Kinsey for any physical or psychological symptoms during the entire time she had been under Hambright's supervision at the day-care center (9/1-10/31/86). In their original 1/87 FBI interviews both parents were specific about that "date- window", because Kinsey turned 3 on 9/1/86 and, as confirmed by the Presidio Director of Personnel & Community Affairs, Hambright supervised only children age 3 and older. Despite Kinsey's untouched state [on 3/12/87 Presidio doctors examined her and pronounced her a virgin free from any physical signs of abuse], her parents placed her in an intensive 8-month program of "play-therapy". The same "therapist" who pronounced the scores of other children "abused" soon pronounced Kinsey "abused" as well. Her parents, however, were not content with just accusing Hambright. In 6/87 Michele introduced "SRA" themes and insinuations about me - who had been a topic of curiosity and gossip as a famous Satanist officer throughout my 1981-86 assignment to the Presidio Headquarters - to the "therapist". Then on 8/13/87 Larry and/or Michele saw my wife Lilith and myself at the Presidio post exchange and went running to the witch-hunt investigators alleging that their daughter had accused us of kidnapping and raping her while she was under Hambright's supervision. This quickly resulted in an even more sensationalistic international media storm. The San Francisco Police investigated, verified that Lilith and I had been 3,000 miles away in Washington, D.C. - where I was on duty every single day Kinsey was at the daycare center 9/1-10/31/86 - and closed the case with no charges accordingly. >According to the San Francisco Chronicle: > >"In a police report filed in August, a 3-year-old girl who >attended the Presidio day care center alleges that she >was molested at Aquino's Russian Hill home by Aquino >and Gary Hambright ... In fact, as a reading of that police report makes clear, the child was never interviewed by the SFPD and made no such allegations at all. The person who made the allegations was her stepfather, Chaplain Larry Adams-Thompson, who invented them with his wife Michele in order to attempt to defraud the U.S. Government of $3 million in falsified claims based upon them. >"Aquino has strongly denied involvement in the girl's >molestation, saying he was 3,000 miles away from San >Francisco, attending classes at the National Defense >University in Washington at the time." (San Francisco >Chronicle, Nov. 3, 1987, p. A7). The "date-window" specified by Larry & Michele Adams- Thompson was 9/1-10/31/86, because this was the only period during which their stepdaughter Kinsey was in Hambright's class at the day-care center, and he was essential to their allegation-story. Kinsey was a "drop off" child at the center, which meant that on every such drop-off her parents had to pay for the supervision, which they did by check. Investigators later obtained all of their checks for that "window", establishing all dates on which she had been at the daycare center. A comparison of these dates with my daily class-attendance records at the Industrial College of the Armed Forces in Washington, D.C. (where I was assigned during that "window") verified that I was in class, 3000 miles away, on all possible dates for the Larry/Michele allegations. >Certainly it would have been easy for a 3-year-old child >to become confused. But apparently she recalled enough >to name "Mr. Gary" and Aquino as her abusers ... As noted above, the child made no allegations against my wife or myself at all. The allegations were invented by her parents and stated to the San Francisco Police by her stepfather Larry. On 1/14/87, after the Presidio child-care witch-hunt against Hambright had been in process for two months, Larry and Michele Adams-Thompson were interviewed by the FBI. - - From the transcript of the FBI report: a. "Mrs. Adams-Thompson advised that her daughter Kinsey had been attending the school [Presidio Child Development Center (CDC)] since spring 1986. When she turned 3 in September, she was transferred to 'Mr. Gary's' (Gary Hambright) class." b. "When Mrs. Adams-Thompson asked if Mr. Gary had been mean to her or tried to touch her, Kinsey replied negatively." In this interview - only 2-1/2 months after the "window" in which Adams-Thompson parents would later allege so many different and dramatic sexual atrocities occurred - the Adams-Thompsons stated their child's denial of any abuse. They made no mention of any emergency medical care of Kinsey, such as would have been necessary had she been abused as they would later allege. They made no mention of anyone other than Hambright at all, nor of any reason to think that Kinsey had been abducted from the day-care center at any time. They did not accuse Hambright of anything. On 3/12/87 Kinsey was medically examined, including both her vagina and rectum, at Letterman Army Hospital. The findings of this medical examination stated specifically that there was "no physical evidence of abuse". Obviously this was very inconvenient for her parents, who realized that they weren't going to cash in on the witch-hunt claims bonanza unless they could somehow invent and sell an "abuse" story concerning their child. >and to identify Aquino's house at 2430 Leavenworth St. >as the place where the molestation occurred. To the SFPD on 8/14/87 Larry Adams-Thompson stated that on 8/13/87: "Michele and Kinsey responded to the 2400 block of Leavenworth, and Kinsey was told to see if she could recognize any of the houses that she had been to before. While walking past 2430 Leavenworth, Kinsey identified that as the residence of Mr. Gary where she had met 'Mikey' and 'Shamby'." However the 8/13/87 record of this trip by CID Special Agent Bradley Potter reveals that virtually every element of Larry's statement to Pamfiloff concerning it was a lie. Potter acknowledges that "Kinsey did not direct SA Potter, who was driving, where to turn or which route to take. SA Potter drove to the vicinity of the 2400 block of Leavenworth Street, San Francisco". [They took the child to no other blocks either before or after.] The CID report states that the adults drove Kinsey up and down the 2400 block twice, each time eliciting no response from her whatever. Then, obviously determined that the child would do *something* that could be represented as an "identification", they parked the car and walked her down the same street. By now, of course, it was obvious to Kinsey that whatever they wanted her to "recognize" was on that block and that block only [among the thousands in San Francisco]. When the group reached 2430, Michele stopped, picked up Kinsey, pointed her at the building, and told her that "she was safe and no one would hurt her". Kinsey still said nothing whatever. That, per its official CID report, was the famous "identification" - a detail which Larry Adams-Thompson somehow forgot to provide or mention in his later allegations to the SFPD. >Other details were recalled as well, according to the Chronicle: >"The child told investigators that, at the home, she was filmed >while bathing in a room that had black walls and a cross >painted on the ceiling." (San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 30, >1987, p. A1). As noted above, Kinsey was never interviewed by the SFPD. The above allegation was made by her stepfather Larry, and was unsupported by any of the child's own statements in her "therapy" indoctrination, as verified by their official records. Larry Adams-Thompson's actual allegation to the SFPD was "The living room had black walls and a cross painted on the ceiling." As the SFPD verified during its raid, our living room was beige with a beige ceiling and had/has no cross painted on the ceiling. Nor did/does any other room have a cross on the ceiling. The only black room in our home was the bedroom, which was so small that there was no room for any chairs, etc. in it besides the full-size bed. It could not possibly be mistaken for a "living room". >The girl also recalled that the tub in which she bathed was >a "plastic lion bathtub." Larry Adams-Thompson's actual allegation to the SFPD was "the house had a bathtub with lions feet". When the SFPD raided our home, they discovered that its bathtub is flush to the floor, with no feet nor decorations whatever. >By February 1987, the child had visited an Army therapist >several times, and had 'disclosed being molested.' She blamed >the molestations on 'Mikey' and 'Shamby.' - From the therapist session notes, later subpoenaed: In six months of sessions, from January through June 1987, Kinsey never mentions a "Mikey" at all. Rather it is her mother *Michele* who first introduces this name, and the allegation of "Mikey" as a molester, to therapist Hickey and Kinsey in the 6/30/87 session. Michele also introduced the "Army officer" association during this session. [Inconveniently, when shown a selection of officer insignia during the session, Kinsey selected a warrant officer rank emblem, which looks nothing like a Lt. Colonel's silver maple leaf.] "Shambee" (Hickey's spelling) appeared first in the official notes on 1/27/87, introduced by Kinsey as "her friend at school" who was spanked by Mr. Rogers on TV. Kinsey added that Shambee "also had its neck broken", indicating that "Shambee" is either an imaginary "friend" or perhaps a doll. "Shambee" was reintroduced as "Mikey's wife" by *Michele* Adams-Thompson on 6/30/87. Kinsey never alleged any abuse, or participation in abuse by "Shambee", at any time. >"Events in the following months are not detailed in the report. >But in August, the report says, the girl and her father were >shopping in the Presido PX and the girl suddenly became >afraid. "'The victim ran to (her father) and in a frightened >way clutched his leg. (The father) looked up and saw a man >whom he knew to be Michael Aquino,' the report says. When >she was asked whether she knew Aquino,' she said, 'Yes, >that's Mikey.' "A few minutes later, she told her father that >a woman with Aquino was 'Shamby.' Again, the report simply relates what Larry Adams-Thompson alleged to the SFPD. In fact there is *only* the word of the two adult Adams-Thompsons that this incident ever happened at all. All that is known for certain is that Larry and/or Michele saw us at the PX on that day. There is *no* evidence that Kinsey was with them. There is *no* evidence that Kinsey reacted to anyone as they alleged. There is *no* evidence that Kinsey "identified" anyone as they alleged. Inconveniently the two adult Adams-Thompsons gave different, contradictory in numerous details, and in some aspects physically impossible versions of this "PX story" to various investigators. Lilith and I noticed no such commotion at the PX [we still do not know what any of the Adams-Thompsons look like], and not a single PX employee or checkout clerk verified any part of this story whatever to investigators. >"In further interviews, the girl reported that 'Mr. Gary' had >driven her to a home off the Army base. There, she said, two >men dressed as women performed sexual acts on her and >photographed her. Inconveniently for Larry & Michele Adams-Thompson, it was later established that Gary Hambright was an epileptic who could not drive and had no car. Note again the later medical examination of Kinsey, which verified that she was a virgin with no signs whatever of any sexual abuse. >In the wake of the exposures, Aquino filed a $1 million >claim against the city San Francisco, naming Glen >Pamfiloff, an inspector with the SFPD's juvenile division, >and Officer Sandra Gallent, as participants in the raid on >his home. On the advice of my attorneys I dropped this claim and instead filed a complaint with the San Francisco Police Commission concerning both officers. After over a year's investigation, the SFPC upheld the complaint and filed a report with the San Francisco Police Chief accordingly. Not a single item of evidence of any crime whatever was found in our home during the surprise SFPD raid, and all items which were taken were later returned to us by the SFPD. >many other children, along with their parents, gave >statements. As reported in the _San Francisco Chronicle_ 8/2/88, at the time of the allegations: "26 other Presidio children were interviewed, and [said Deputy District Attorney Michael Williams] *none* could pick Michael Aquino out of a police photo lineup." Not a single other Presidio parent besides the Adams- Thompsons alleged anything whatever against my wife or myself. The attack upon us was exclusively the whim of Larry & Michele Adams-Thompson, to give them a creative excuse for their $3 million claims scam. >So how did the man at the center of all this controversy >escape prosecution? Because no crime whatever was committed by my wife or myself, and there was no evidence of any such crime. On the other hand, there was abundant evidence that the chaplain and his wife had fabricated their allegations in order to attempt their $3 million defrauding of the government. This was quietly swept under the official table, as the Army was not prepared to charge a Christian chaplain with crimes against a Satanist. >And how was it that more than 50 children could be molested >on a military base in a major American city without a single >conviction ever being won in the case ... Because, as detailed at the beginning of this email, all published evidence to date indicates that *not a single child was molested in the Presidio witch-hunt*. It was an $84 million claims enterprise. [That's a lot of money and a lot of motivation.] >Almost immediately from the day the story broke, the Army >took the position that Aquino's satanic practices were protected >by his First Amendment freedom of religion ... It was interesting >that the Army would take this position with regard to the top- >secret security clearance of a practicing Satanist, while >continuing to exclude gays from even its lowest rank and file >positions. Apples and oranges. Freedom of religion (*not* just *some* religions) is clearly, absolutely, and explicitly protected under the First Amendment. That Amendment makes no mention of sexuality one way or another. >"Aquino, a psychological warfare officer who has worked >in military intelligence, holds a top-secret security >clearance that allows him to handle information whose >release would 'gravely' damage U.S. security, >according to Defense Department regulations. This applies to anyone with a Top Secret security clearance. Quite obviously in my 26 years as an Army officer, I never compromised any classified information at all. Had I done so, I would certainly have been charged with *that*, no matter *what* my religion. >"He maintains the clearance even though he has performed >Nazi occult rites and has described himself as the 'Anti-Christ,' >in literature published by the Temple of Set." (Chronicle, >Nov. 3, 1987, p. A7). While I have researched Nazi occultism in the National Archives of the United States and scholarly sources available through any major university library, I have never performed or participated in any ceremony practiced in Nazi Germany. As the Temple of Set is an Egyptian religion which does not believe in Christian mythology, any allusion to myself as an "antichrist" would have been nothing more than a humorous lampoon on popular Christian superstitions, as was not at all uncommon in the 1960s-70s before the "Satanic hysteria" of the 1980s occurred. >A bid by Aquino to have court martial charges pressed >against the 3 year old girl's father--for making "false >allegations" against him--was unsuccessful. Actually I twice filed formal court-martial charges against Chaplain Larry Adams-Thompson for making false official statements and attempting to defraud the government of $3 million in false claims based upon them. Both times the charges were dismissed by his commander without the investigation required by the Uniform Code of Military Justice. >Aquino nonetheless vowed to press ahead with his case-- >"all the way to the White House," if necessary. No, I simply appealed the dismissals of the charges to the next higher headquarters (at the 3-star level), which also refused to investigate them. At that point it was obvious to me that the Army was simply not going to consider them, period. May I add, however, that I swore to both sets of charges personally and officially, and I was certainly never charged with false swearing in either instance. If you are interested in a free subscription to The Konformist Newswire, please visit: Or, e-mail with the subject: "I NEED 2 KONFORM!!!"


Response to Aquino 7/19/2001 Alex Constantine 

< Michael A. Aquino, Ph.D. Lt. Colonel, Military Intelligence, USAR-Ret.>

He is "retired" only in a PR sense. Aquino was processed out of the Army due to the abuse allegations, according to official documents posted on the Web by Curio. He was a psyops officer, trained in the use of propaganda to mold public opinion, and here come the shaggy dogs ...

< Following the publication of the "recovered memories of Satanic ritual abuse" book _Michelle Remembers_ in 1980, the United States and other Anglo-American countries went through a decade of "SRA" scares and witch-hunts.>

I don't recall one university study, a thesis, a news article or even a subway scrawl linking this book to exposures of RA in the '80s. This is an allegation, and by Aquino's own rigorous standard of evidence (as applied to the children's testimony) has no relevance. Elsewhere, Aquino has dismissed ALL allegations as "hysteria" kindled by the publication of Pazder's book, as if this is a material statement of his own innocence.

Robert D. Hicks, a criminal justice analyst at the Law Enforcement Section Department of Criminal Justice Services during the first Bush regime, is the source of the "hysteria" argument. Hicks seems to deny even that animal mutilations take place. The Michelle Remembers bromide was bruited on the West Coast by Paul and Shirley Eberle. Perhaps Hicks was unaware of it, but the Eberles ran a disgusting pornographic publication for pedophiles in Los Angeles, FINGER magazine, under the noses of his criminal justice system, so perhaps we are not so "hysterical," after all.

Ralph Underwager, a known pedophile sympathizer and RA revisionist, and the FMSF have also made much of this comment from Hicks, who could teach Gerald Posner a thing or two about distorting evidence to arrive at a pre-determined conclusion.

< After the 1984 McMartin Preschool became internationally publicized in one such scare, day-care facilities generally became targets of "SRA" witch-hunt instigators.>

"Witch-hunt." The jurors stated unanimously after the fact that they believed children were molested at McMartin (and so did the jurors at Presidio, for that matter). But identifying the perpetrators beyond reasonable doubt was, they found, not possible because they were working with young, frightened children who could not even tell time, a necessity in a criminal case this serious. McMartin was not a "witch- hunt." The chidren still insist that ritual abuse occurred. Cover stories, propaganda, revisionist tactics and flimsy excuses do not count as evidence to the contrary.

< The epidemic extended to U.S. military services as well, including 15 U.S. Army day-care centers and elementary schools by 1987. In late 1986 it was the turn of the Presidio of San Francisco.

On 9/28/86 the _San Francisco Examiner_ began a series of 8 front- page stories sensationalizing the witch-hunts.>

The stories were as factual as one might expect from the Examiner. It is Aquino's life that is "sensational," and that came through the reporting..

< Approximately a month later one set of Presidio parents claimed that their son might have been anally raped by one of the day-care teachers, Gary Hambright, and the scare was off and running, with scores of children being "abuse-diagnosed" by a "play-therapist" despite not a single published confirmation of actual physical harm to any child. Hambright denied any "abusing" whatever, and all of the other teachers and staff supported him.>

The medical evidence supported the children's allegations - unless chlamydia, a sexually-transmitted disease, contracted by five or six of the children, is not to be considered evidence or to cause physical harm.

< As in other witch-hunts it made no difference:>

As in other RA cases, that is.

< Over the next year Hambright was suspended, indicted, charges dropped, reindicted, charges redropped amidst a massive media frenzy. Parents rushed to file over $84 million in claims, as was also routine in such witch-hunts. [The previous year a similar, highly- publicized witch-hunt at West Point had resulted in $110 million claims.]>

Correct. At Presidio, the Army settled quietly with some of the parents. The Pentagon announced it would tear down the preschool and organize "strike teams" to investigate future cases of organized abuse - why go to the trouble if there was no problem? Why settle with the "greedy" parents if nothing occurred at the base?

< No news article that I have ever read indicated that there was a shred of *physical* evidence showing that *any* child at the Presidio had been sexually abused in connection with that scam...>

Chlamydia has been reported. The San Jose Mercury-News published details of the of the medical exams in 1988. Professional physicians threw their weight behind the children.

< The *only* "evidence" against Hambright thus consisted of parental hearsay allegations and the allegations of "therapist" Debbie Hickey, the Army psychiatrist who conducted the "play therapy" indoctrination sessions for the children once the scam got underway.>

And the toys that police found scattered about the Aquino apartment, some bearing names that the children recognized? One might call that evidence, unless the Aquinos whiles away evenings with stuffed animals when not worshipping the God of Confusion. Yet Aquino denies there is evidence.

< Later on, after Lilith and I had been attacked by Chaplain Adams- Thompson, I met with Hambright's public defenders in their S.F. office to see what documents they might provide which might help us.>

An "attack" took place? Did the chaplain didn't injure the Anti- Christ..

< During that meeting (which occurred after the second dropping of all charges against Hambright), I bluntly asked the two lawyers if there were *any* actual evidence - not just accusations - that Hambright had committed any abuse crime whatever. They both said, "None at all." [They didn't say "no comment" or "we can't discuss that".]>

Please post the tape of that conference, Dr. Aquino. Otherwise, this is an allegation and does not count as evidence, just as the children's testimony is completely discounted by yourself.

Academics say that children are more honest when providing testimony than adults. And they are not to be ignored because a Satanic cultist - one who has written in praise of nazism and advocated affecting brainwaves en masse with mind control satellites - contends they are tiny liars.

I'm snipping the remainder of Aquino's statements because I've heard them before so often I could recite them myself. He claims he is not a Satanist, for example. But a visit to his Web site should convince anyone that he is indeed a Satanist. The ToS answering machine has reported that it is a "Satanic religion." If he cannot concede this elementary fact, there is no point in debating. He will not give ground because to do so would be to admit that he has been lying all along.

Alex Constantine


Response to Rightmyer Post 7/23/2001 Xeper

Dear Mr. Sterling,

Appended below is my response to a Usenet post by Dan "Alex Constantine" Rightmyer in which he quotes from a previous statement of mine in your newsletter.

This is just a courtesy copy for you accordingly.

Sincerely, Michael Aquino

* * * * * USENET POST FOLLOWS * * * * *

Dan "Alex Constantine" Rightmyer <> wrote:

<<He is "retired" only in a PR sense. Aquino was processed out of the Army due to the well-known Presidio abuse allegations, found to be substantial, according to documents posted on the Web by Curio.>>

The Army investigation of Chaplain Adams-Thompson's falsified allegations against Mrs. Aquino and myself, in order to defraud the U.S. government of $3 million in claims based upon them, was closed in May 1989 with no charges whatever.

If Chaplain A-T's allegations had really been considered substantial, then most assuredly I would have been court-martialed. As it was, the Army was under no illusion whatever that they were false, from the moment he made them on 8/14/87, which is why it didn't bother to open its own investigation until 11/23/88 - and then only as a stunt to intimidate me into resigning in order to appease Helms' demand that I be purged because of my religion.

Throughout the investigation I had been on fulltime active duty at the U.S. Army Reserve Personnel Center (ARPERCEN), St. Louis. I continued on fulltime active duty through September 1990 (another 1- 1/4 years) - with my above-Top Secret security clearance, I might add.

At the end of September 1990 my fulltime Active Reserve contract expired, and I automatically reverted to the parttime Active Reserve. I was assigned as an Intelligence Officer to Headquarters, U.S. Space Command, Colorado, for the next several years until I decided to request transfer to the Retired Reserve in 1994. My request was approved, and I remain today a Lt. Colonel, USAR-Ret, as is a matter of public record.

All of my Officer Efficiency Reports from the time of the Chaplain's attack through to my 1994 retirement give me the highest possible evaluations in all categories, including morals, and upon retirement I received many commendations from from the President, the Chief of the Army Reserve, and the Commander of ARPERCEN. That's also documented record.

<<The SFPD only let Aquino off because the principals "refused to cooperate."

That is what you call the fix.>>

The SFPD investigated Chaplain A-T's allegations, verified that Mrs. Aquino and I had been in Washington, D.C. - 3,000 miles away - on *all possible* dates alleged by A-T, and closed its investigation with no charges.

That is what you call an ironclad alibi.

<<Aquino maintains that a letter from Jesse Helms prompted the subsquent Army probe, but Aquino has never produced it, never placed it into evidence during the hearings, because its existence is doubtful, as are many of the vapid claims he makes.>>

Wrong again. The two [not one] Helms letters were reprinted in their entirety in my attorney's brief in the 1990 lawsuit I filed against the Army CID for its illegal abuse of its investigative authority.

<< <<Following the publication of the "recovered memories of Satanic ritual abuse" book _Michelle Remembers_ in 1980, the United States and other Anglo-American countries went through a decade of "SRA" scares and witch-hunts.>>

I don't recall one university study, a thesis, a news article or even a subway scrawl linking this book to exposures of RA in the '80s.>>

_MR_ was not "linked to *exposures* of RA", but rather was the inspiration for a decade-long epidemic of similarly-*faked* "RA" allegations, as has been documented in numerous studies. Rightmyer may care to refresh his selective memory at:


See above-cited website. I can't believe Rightmyer is still chewing on this long-since-exploded "SRA" scam.

<< << On 9/28/86 the _San Francisco Examiner_ began a series of 8 front-page stories sensationalizing the witch-hunts.>>

The stories were as factual as one might expect from the Examiner. It is Aquino's life that is "sensational," and that came through the reporting..>>

I was not mentioned at all in any of the _Examiner_'s eight stories cited above, for the simple reason that it hadn't occurred to Chaplain A-T to try to fake an allegation against me yet. [That took him and his wife another 10 months.]

<< << Approximately a month later one set of Presidio parents claimed that their son might have been anally raped by one of the day-care teachers, Gary Hambright, and the scare was off and running, with scores of children being "abuse-diagnosed" by a "play-therapist" despite not a single published confirmation of actual physical harm to any child. Hambright denied any "abusing" whatever, and all of the other teachers and staff supported him.>>

The medical evidence supported the children's allegations - unless chlamydia, a sexually-transmitted disease, contracted by five or six of the children, is not to be considered evidence or to cause physical harm.>>

As I noted, there was not a single published confirmation of actual physical harm to any child, and the initial "chlamydia" report was promptly discredited by the Army physicians as unreliable. No mention of any subsequent *verified* chlamydia was ever made, to my knowledge, nor were the children's parents (from whom this disease can also be communicated) announced as being cleared. On the other hand, the medical records of Mrs. Aquino and myself verified that neither of us had ever had it. [Presumably the daycare teacher who was the original target of the Presidio scam - Gary Hambright - never had it either; otherwise the press would certainly have announced that.]

<< <<Parents rushed to file over $84 million in claims, as was also routine in such witch-hunts. [The previous year a similar, highly- publicized witch-hunt at West Point had resulted in $110 million claims.]>>

Correct. At Presidio, the Army settled quietly with some of the parents. The Pentagon announced it would tear down the preschool and organize "strike teams" to investigate future cases of organized abuse. Why go to the trouble if there was no problem? Why settle with the "greedy" parents if nothing occurred at the base?>>

Because the Army, like the rest of the country at the time, was totally unprepared for the "daycare abuse allegations" epidemic, and simply tried to appease parental accusers because it didn't know what else to do that would not make it look "unsupportive of Army families and children". It did not have the guts, or the resources from independent research as yet, to expose such scams for what they were.

<<And the toys that police found scattered about the Aquino apartment, some bearing names that the children recognized? One might call that evidence, unless the Aquinos whiles away evenings with stuffed animals>>

On a single shelf in one of our rooms were about a half-dozen stuffed- animal toys that my wife had collected over the years, as do many ladies. And for Rightmyer's information, not a single of these souvenirs had been "pre-identified" by any child. Not a single one was taken by the SFPD in their search warrant either. So no, Mr. Rightmyer, my wife's collection is evidence of nothing except your own wishful fantasies.

<< <<During that meeting (which occurred after the second dropping of all charges against Hambright), I bluntly asked the two lawyers if there were *any* actual evidence - not just accusations - that Hambright had committed any abuse crime whatever. They both said, "None at all." [They didn't say "no comment" or "we can't discuss that".]>>

Please post the tape of that conference, Dr. Aquino. Otherwise, this is an allegation and does not count as evidence, just as the children's testimony is completely discounted by yourself.>>

I did not tape my interview with Hambright's attorneys. I simply went there to (a) see what documents they might have that were relevant to Chaplain A-T's and his wife's behavior, and (b) ask them point-blank whether there was anything to the earlier allegations against Hambright. My wife and I knew *we* were victims of a deliberate scam, but we knew nothing about Hambright except what we'd read in the papers.

What I recounted above was simply that, without discussing any details of their client's case, both attorneys (Federal Public Defenders) stated to me flat-out that the witch-hunt against Hambright was completely baseless.

As for fruits of that interview: Among the papers those two FPDs found and gave me was the January 1987 FBI interview of the Adams- Thompsons. In this interview - only 2-1/2 months after the time- period in which Adams-Thompson would later allege so many different and dramatic sexual atrocities occurred - the Adams-Thompsons stated Kinsey's denial of any abuse. They made no mention of any emergency medical care of Kinsey, such as would have been necessary had she been abused as they would later allege. They made no mention of anyone other than Hambright at all, nor of any reason to think that Kinsey had been abducted from the day-care center at any time. They did not accuse Hambright of anything.

That's called a "smoking gun" exposing the adult Adams-Thompsons, Mr. Rightmyer - or are you too blinded by your "SRA!" agenda to see that in front of your nose?

<<a Satanic cultist one who has written in praise of nazism>>

Kindly quote any writing of mine in which I have praised Nazism.

<<and advocated affecting brainwaves en masse with mind control satellites>>

Kindly quote any writing of mine in which I have advocated affecting brainwaves en masse with mind control satellites.

[I once wrote that the pleasing effect of rock-and-roll music might have something to do with its causing the human brain to resonate at the alpha-wave frequency. I assume you don't think I'm going to take over the planet with rock concerts!]

<<He claims he is not a Satanist, for example. But a visit to his Web site should convince anyone that he is indeed a Satanist.>>

One more time, slowly, for the mentally-challenged: I am a Priest of Set. Set is an ancient Egyptian god about 5,000+ years older than any Judaeo-Christian mythology. "Satan" is a figure of J-C M. I do not believe in J-C M. I do not believe in "Satan". Got that? Was I going too fast for you?

I *do* think that J-C M manufactured its "devils" from many older, competing Mediterranean religions, including that of Egypt. Its "Satan" was accordingly given features from the Greek Pan, the Mesopotamian Baal, the Phoenician Astarte, the Egyptian Set [and probably Amon, Ba-neb-Tett, et al.], etc. and *then*, not unsurprisingly, pronounced THE PERSONIFICATION OF EVIL. This happens a lot between different religions, incidentally.

The Set of whom I am a Priest is not in the least Evil, does not advocate Evil, and does not appreciate Evil. He doesn't care about J- C M one way or the other. If you read the Temple of Set's General Information Letter on its website: 

some evening when your brain is not clouded by CIA mind-rays, or rock- and-roll recordings beamed to you by the insidious Dr. Michael Aquino, you can see that - very clearly - for yourself.

<<The ToS answering machine has reported that it is a "Satanic religion." If he cannot concede this elementary fact, there is no point in debating.>>

Call it (415) 771-9155 and listen for yourself. The only mention of "Satan" is - as above - to identify and eliminate the confusion of the Setian religion with anything anti-Judaeo/Christian (Satanism).

<<He will not give ground because to do so would be to admit that he has been lying all along.>>

I've told the truth, provided abundant evidence of it, and sworn to it under oath many times. I do get a little tired of re-re-repeating it for the hearing- challenged, however.

Now consider this, Rightmyer: Are you proud of yourself for trying to defend, promote, and revive a scam - "SRA" - that destroyed hundreds of innocent lives, wrecked families, traumatized children by indoctrinating scam-artists' disgusting sexual fantasies into them, ruined many legitimate & decent daycare professionals, and extorted millions of dollars in fraudulent claims and lawsuits? All so these twisted cranks could get tabloid media glamor and make some fast free money?

For someone who prides himself on being an exposer of conspiracies, you sure got played for a sucker by this *real* one. Unless, of course, you also thought it was just really, really lots of fun.

Michael A. Aquino, Ph.D. Lt. Colonel, USAR-Ret

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Leaked Memo Reveals WTO Plan to "Sell" Itself to American Youth Deanna Swift, 


AlterNet July 17, 2001 

Geneva -- Ever since the disastrous "Battle of Seattle" in 1999, the World Trade Organization has been trying to remake its image, trading in the persona of global tyrant for that of a "hip," "with it" agent of change. The group's efforts took a bizarre turn today with the unauthorized release of a memo outlining a sophisticated WTO public relations campaign intended to win the support of American youth.

The memo, leaked to the Swiss newspaper, Le Matin, was prepared by the American marketing firm Y Not, Inc., which specializes in advertising campaigns aimed at 12 to 19-year-olds. Entitled "Positive Anarchy," the document lays out a detailed plan for selling the WTO brand to American youth through merchandising, product placement and so-called guerilla marketing.

News of the plan has some of the WTO's more straight-laced supporters shaking their heads. "I don't think that this so-called spin is the answer to our problems," said Hans Dieter Sprecht, director of International Trade for the Deutsche Bundesbank. "The WTO should be focusing more on security issues, including security at its own meetings."

Critics of the WTO immediately condemned the organization. "We think it's despicable that the World Trade Organization would aim its propaganda campaign at children," said Fiona Lippman-Suarez, a spokesperson for the London-based activist group Global Justice Watch. "Then again, what can you expect from an organization that thinks it's fine for 4-year-olds to make footballs and carpets?"

The embarrassing revelation comes at a particularly awkward time for the WTO, which is preparing to launch its fourth ministerial conference in Doha, Qatar in November. Just last month, the organization released a pamphlet entitled "10 Common Misunderstandings About the WTO," responding to criticism by anti-globalization protesters.

The WTO denied any knowledge of the public relations memo, "Positive Anarchy," the full text of which appears below.


Campaign Plan for "Positive Anarchy"

Privileged and Confidential Subject to Attorney-Client Privilege Attorney Work Product


July 2, 2001

To: WTO Youth Action Working Group

From: Y NOT, Inc.

Re: Strategic Youth Campaign


First the problem: the World Trade Organization faces significant obstacles in its efforts to bring its message to the 12 to 19-year-old demographic. Non-interest, lack of information and misinformation all remain significant problems. Furthermore, polling data continues to skew substantially towards the competitor "brand," called here "Anti."

Now the solution: using detailed polling information provided by Teen Data, Inc., we think we can begin to create a meaningful WTO "brand" experience for the teen demographic. The key to our efforts will be to reach the so-called "unaffiliateds," that part of the demographic that has no information about the WTO "brand" and as a result, has yet to form any kind of negative opinions. By targeting this sub-demographic through grassroots messaging, guerilla marketing and subversive affirmation, we believe we can realize significant market share for the WTO "brand."

1. Subversive Affirmation: the On-Air Strategy Our polling data from Teen Data, Inc. indicates that 72% of the 12 to 19 year-old demographic receives news-type information from late night television and comedy shows. Obtaining positive "brand" coverage through these media is our best bet for reaching the audience. * Note: polling data shows that while there is significant awareness of "Anti" (63% of teen boys, 74% of teen girls), the demographic is already experiencing pronounced fatigue with the "Anti" "brand." 49% of the mixed demographic said they were "ready for something new."

We recommend the following media strategies:

- Team up with professional comedy writers to produce comic material relating to the "Anti" competitor "brand." Discussions are underway with the Daily Show, Conan O'Brien and Saturday Night Live.

- Create a visible presence around the WTO "brand." Focus groups responded positively to Mike Moore as spokesman, with 39% indicating an "above average willingness to listen" when Moore was on camera. Discussions about placing Moore on late night shows are ongoing -- no concrete results yet -- although Charlie Rose has reportedly expressed some interest.

- Take advantage of daytime openings. 37% of the demographic indicated that they regularly record daytime shows for later viewing. Of this sub-demo, 72% watch the Jerry Springer show. We are currently negotiating with Springer's producers over a proposed "brand" showdown in which a young female representing the WTO "brand" would face-off against a young male representing "Anti."

- Recruit model/spokespersons. Polling indicates that "Anti" has benefited significantly from association with high profile musicians/actors. (Note: 43% of teen girls identified U2 singer Bono as related to "Anti" "brand.") Through a third party, Y NOT, Inc. initially approached actresses Sarah Michelle Gellar and Tara Reid about serving as spokespersons for the WTO "brand," but made little headway. We have since been approached by a representative of Kevin Costner, but aren't convinced that he is "brand" appropriate.

2. Guerilla Marketing Of teens reporting fatigue with the "Anti" "brand," 46% focused on "Anti" merchandise including puppets, bandannas and gas-masks. The relatively static nature of "Anti" "brand" merchandise creates the opportunity for the WTO "brand" to effectively compete for market share by introducing its own product line.

- Work with Teen Data's Trend-Setter division to identify coming trends in teen fashion and mark said merchandise with WTO "brand." Note: all garments must be made in USA or include "sweatshop free" label. We don't want to set ourselves up for that one!

- Explore product placement possibilities. The expanded Reality TV niche presents exciting opportunities for product placement, including WTO "brand" merchandise. Note: discussions with Mark Burnett about placing WTO product in Survivor 3: Africa have been extremely positive, although still at the exploratory stage.

- Utilize one-to-one teen marketing. 83% of the demographic reported that they are "most likely to take information seriously if it comes from other teens, which means that the most effective marketers of the WTO "brand" are teens themselves. We are currently working on customizing the guerrilla marketing strategies of Big Fat, Inc. ( for the WTO "brand." This highly effective method utilizes trend-setting teen marketers who sell product to their own demographic while keeping their own affiliations hidden.

3. Image Cultivation Even teens who failed to identify the meaning of "WTO" (note: 81%) still associated the "brand" with negative imagery. When asked if they would be likely to purchase "WTO" product, 32% responded "extremely unlikely," while 27% responded "unlikely." Asked what would make the WTO "brand" more appealing, 39% of this group suggested either rearranging the brand logo or selecting a replacement logo. Based on this data, we recommend the following:

- Adopt embedded marketing strategy. Teen marketing research shows that teens may respond positively to marketing symbols used in association with formerly unpopular brands. Utilizing this strategy, the WTO "brand" would be replaced by a symbol or logo that teens consider more appealing. Note: in focus groups, 59% of teens reported that they would consider purchasing WTO product if associated with friendly talking frog.

- Consider reconfiguring product logo. Teens who responded negatively to both WTO "brand" and "World Trade Organization" responded less negatively when letters were said to stand for something else (World Time Out or We Think Off-Beat were both presented to focus groups.). Possibilities are obviously limited within the current logo-scope. Consider using other letters?

- Pursue "truth in marketing" strategy. 76% of teens surveyed said that they have "high respect" or "some respect" for "brands" that "do what they say they are going to do." Utilizing "truth" strategy also presents significant opportunity to erase some market share currently dominated by "Anti" "brand." 62% of teen focus group participants reported that they would "be interested in trying" a "brand" that 1) eliminated Third World debt or 2) provided free drugs to people suffering from AIDS or 3) got rid of sweatshops. Just a thought.

From : 

Reply-To :  To :  

Subject : !b_a_Act: Leaked Memo Reveals WTO Plan to "Sell" Itself to American Youth Date : Fri, 20 Jul 2001 03:56:41 EDT Students United for a Responsible Global Environment - 



Video surveillance grows ever more powerful


By May Wong AP Technology Writer Published July 22 2001

OAKLAND, Calif. -- The purse-snatching suspects tried to convince police they weren't anywhere near the victim.

Unfortunately for the suspects -- now facing robbery charges -- crisp, digital images from the Oakland train station's new surveillance cameras caught them in a lie.

Similar cameras are being installed in another two of the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit's busiest stations. The surveillance system represents the latest in video technology, the kind also cropping up in schools, street corners, even restaurants.

"The images are much better," BART police Sgt. Frank Lucarelli said. "You can blow them up and they don't degrade as much."

It's a far cry from BART's old patchwork of cameras, which produced the blurry, hard-to-follow shots often seen on television crime shows.

The latest setup features live streaming video with sharp, color images at up to 500 lines of resolution, compared with the old system's 160 lines in black and white. Only partially installed, the new system has already yielded footage that helped police solve 10 crimes.

Once fully in place, the equipment will allow police or dispatchers to remotely monitor and control the cameras, zooming in on trouble spots from headquarters miles away.

Digital surveillance systems are growing more powerful, less expensive -- and increasingly common.

To privacy advocates, they are ominous and invasive.

"Whether it's the Big Brother of government or the little brother of industry, both pose a threat to our privacy," said Barry Steinhardt, associate director of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Revenues related to video surveillance more than tripled from $282 million in 1990 to more than $1 billion in 2000, and the Security Industry Association forecasts that they could grow to $1.63 billion by 2005.

The latest technology lets operators pan, tilt, or zoom their cameras via the Internet or a company's computer network. A single monitor can simultaneously display images from up to 16 cameras, reducing the expense of multiple screens.

Finding a particular image used to mean hours of scrolling through analog tapes. Doing it digitally takes less than a minute.

"These cameras are so good today, and the software to control and record them is available at a reasonable cost," said Dale Scheideman, planning director of the Clark County School District in Nevada.

Using a laptop, he said, "I can sit in the parking lot of a school and can view the inside of the school."

The Las Vegas-area district is spending $16 million to install the cameras in 250 schools. With a camera that can zoom in on license plates from 100 yards away, Scheideman said, school officials recently caught a young man trying to break into a car.

"Business is booming," said Patrick Blair, a vice president with Vital Link Business Systems. The San Francisco-based company provides monitoring services to restaurants, allowing owners to watch their kitchens and dining areas over password-protected Internet connections.

Vital Link opened two years ago and claims 2,500 customers nationwide. The equipment costs several hundred dollars to install and $250 per month for a standard four-camera package.

Century Fast Foods is outfitting its 41 Taco Bell franchises in Southern California with monitoring systems to keep an eye on customer service and employee theft -- a common problem in the transient fast-food work force.

"I could go on vacation and still watch my restaurants," said Jim Clark, the company's vice president of operations.

Another start-up, Vantum Corp. of Boulder, Colo., has a remote video monitoring system that can begin recording automatically in response to motion, a light turning on, or distinct sounds such as breaking glass.

The systems, which cost from $1,295 to $1,995 apiece, can trip an alarm or send alerts by page, e-mail or telephone.

Within a year, operators of Vantum's cameras should be able to program them to follow the movements of a given object or person.

"This stuff isn't science fiction anymore," said Howdy Pierce, the company's chief executive.

Government-backed surveillance systems are perhaps the most controversial, leading to fears of an Orwellian society.

Al Greening, a San Francisco resident and BART rider, understands the desire of law-enforcement officials to keep subways and streets safe.

"But I'm a little apprehensive of the Big Brother aspect, too," he said. "It hasn't gone too far yet, but I could see where it could."

The number of U.S. cities with locally approved street surveillance is unknown. But such surveillance has become more common since a 1997 California Research Bureau report counted at least 13 cities from Tacoma, Wash., to Dover, N.J.

In June, for instance, California's Simi Valley approved a grant to install cameras to catch graffiti vandals. Palm Springs voted to seek similar funds.

In addition, more than 60 U.S. cities are using traffic cameras to photograph motorists who drive through red lights. Richard Retting, senior transportation engineer at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, said only a handful of such cities existed in 1997.

"With the exception of very rural states, all are drafting or pushing for state laws" allowing red-light cameras, Retting said.

Some 400 motorists are challenging the constitutionality of red-light cameras in San Diego.

America still lags behind Britain, where more than 300 jurisdictions use public video surveillance. Last fall, London police began prowling the entertainment -- and crime -- hot spots of Soho and the West End in a van armed with nine cameras.

For now, the video eyes spreading across the United States remain a hodgepodge of individual systems. The ACLU worries about a future in which such systems are so linked that someone's identity and whereabouts could be tracked with a few computer commands.

Various efforts are underway to develop the necessary tools.

Colorado's Department of Motor Vehicles this month said it planned to buy cameras and map the faces of drivers to curb identity theft and fraud, contributing to a growing number of government databases of facial images.

And a few weeks ago, Tampa, Fla., became the first U.S. city to install surveillance cameras that scan faces and match images with a database containing 30,000 mug shots of people wanted by police.

Some European cities already use face-recognition technology. Tampa used a similar system in January, picking out faces of 19 petty criminals from among the 100,000 fans at the Super Bowl.

For the Privacy Foundation's Richard Smith, the Tampa project looks like an ominous prototype: "Ten years from now, do we really want to live in a country where face matching is done routinely in public places?"

Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist 7/18/2001


The Profitability of An Early Death by Robert Lederman


Perhaps you've seen their heart-warming public service ads on TV about renovating a drug rehab center and how much they care about kids despite being a cigarette manufacturer. Here's something they left out of those 60 second announcements.

The tobacco giant Phillip Morris just suffered an embarrassing public relations gaffe by inadvertently revealing a fact economists, actuaries and eugenicists know but rarely speak publicly about.

Governments save huge amounts of money when citizens die prematurely.

Phillip Morris, one of the world's wealthiest corporations, recently commissioned a study intended to highlight this fact as a selling point to the Czech government, which is considering legislation to regulate cigarette smoking. Phillip Morris controls almost 90% of the rapidly-growing Czech tobacco market.

The study described premature deaths from cancer and emphysema as, "indirect positive effects" of smoking, leading to "savings in public health care costs and state pensions due to early mortality of smokers."

Responsible for millions of deaths in the U.S. due to smoking and the decades spent hiding the truth about its dangers from the public, Phillip Morris is by no means unique in its coldly-calculating bottom line approach to business. Automobile, pesticide, chemical, food, biotech, pharmaceutical and health care corporations all factor in similar statistical selling points as they lobby the Congress to prevent legislation from being passed that would protect human life.

Ever wonder why U.S. technology can get us to the moon but can't manufacture cars that don't blow up when hit or that kill an average of 50,000 Americans each year? Why do 500,000 Americans die each year from nothing more than taking prescription drugs? Did it strike you as peculiar when our "compassionate" President GW Bush wanted to prevent new restrictions on how much arsenic - a deadly poison - would be allowed in our drinking water?

Are you curious as to why in this modern age of refrigeration there's a steady increase in deaths from food poisoning or why our food supply is more disease-ridden than at any time in the past fifty years? Is the government's rush to release thousands of untested genetically-altered plants, animals and organisms into the environment scientific over-confidence, or might it be an indication of a more sinister purpose than helping feed the multitudes?

As you watch the news each night, do you ever wonder why so many people are getting cancer, are infertile, have disabling learning disabilities or psychological problems and thus need a lifetimes worth of expensive prescription drugs in order to function - drugs which will directly shorten their lives?

Is it possible our government wants people to die prematurely?

Just think of it in these simple terms. If millions of today's senior citizens were to die a mere one year sooner, the U.S. government would save hundreds of billions of dollars in health care costs, social security and other social services. If they died five years sooner the savings might amount to trillions of dollars. Viewed in that context, causing even a minor increase in premature death in the American population would be the single most cost-effective economical measure the government could ever take.

New York City often represents the cutting edge of U.S. governmental efforts concerning human health. Whether it's throwing children off welfare, issuing the police hollow-point bullets, closing public hospitals or spraying the entire population with toxic pesticides, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani can be counted on to be at the forefront of any government efforts to downsize the population.

Take his enthusiasm during the past three years for spraying poisons invented by the Nazis on eight million New Yorkers.

Was it an oversight or an error that the Mayor consistently lied to the public about the well-known negative health effects of being repeatedly exposed to the organophosphate and pryrethyroid nerve gasses Malathion and Anvil? Was it an accident that products whose labels specifically state they are not to be sprayed on people under any circumstances were directly applied to children in parks, to shoppers and to millions of workers going to and from their jobs? [2]

My eight years of research on Mayor Giuliani shows him to be ideologically linked in numerous ways to the science of eugenics or population control - as is his pal GW Bush. Both men claim to get their ideological inspiration directly from the Manhattan Institute, a right-wing think tank founded by Reagan's CIA chief William Casey after he brought thousands of former Nazi experts in eugenics to the U.S.

If understanding Giuliani's Nazi-connection requires one to research the maze-like corporate, think tank and CIA connections behind his administration, GW Bush's are a simple matter of documented American history. Until their assets were seized by the U.S. Congress in 1942, President Bush`s family operated banks and shipping companies that were fronts for the Third Reich. Their Nazi-connection is the source of the Bush family fortune and continues to this day. [3]

Bush and Giuliani's policies euphemistically code- named, "compassionate conservatism" and "quality of life", share a common but never publicly stated objective - the efficient shortening of our lives.

The poor, children, minorities, the elderly and the environment must all be sacrificed in order to increase the profitability of corporations - the same corporations which put these elected officials in office or which in Bush`s case, he, his family and his administration members are major stock-holders in.

The increase in disease creates fantastic economic opportunities for drug manufacturers and health providers while at the same time lessening the long-term total in social benefits that the government must pay out. Disease is rapidly becoming the driving force behind the entire U.S. economy. It may prove even better than war as a profit-driving engine.

What more cost-effective way to cut government spending than to massively apply chemicals to the population which reduce fertility, worsen chronic illnesses such as asthma (which is at epidemic proportions among minorities in N.Y.C.) and lead to terminal diseases such as cancer?

The reason many people balk at accepting this view of Giuliani or Bush as eugenicists is that they don't see people immediately dying in large numbers as a result of their policies. What isn't understood is that we are dealing with death rates as analyzed by an actuary. Like geology, the effects can only be observed over a long period of time.

Learning from the mistakes of the past century, immediate death - as in rounding up millions of people and shipping them to gas chambers - is an unworkable solution from this viewpoint. Reducing life expectancy by as little as a single year or reducing fertility so that one less child is born to each family or so that an additional 15-30% of people become infertile is all that's needed in order to save vast amounts of government money while creating a huge economic boon for pharmaceutical, chemical and medical companies.

These savings on social programs can then be passed along in the form of tax write-offs and corporate welfare - exactly as Giuliani and Bush have done to the delight of their wealthiest patrons.

Another factor which makes it hard to comprehend what's really going on is that today's eugenics agenda is not necessarily about targeting Jews, Blacks or some other minority. In this madness, no one is to be spared. Giuliani's enthusiastic use of Malathion may have even given himself prostate cancer, which is a known effect of repeated Malathion exposure.

Before you say this proves he could not have known it was harmful, ask yourself if Phillip Morris executives didn't allow their family members, children and friends to smoke, knowing as they did that tobacco was a definite cause of cancer?

Ask yourself if Ford executives allowed their friends to drive cars they knew were defective and might shred their tires at high speeds or overturn?

Ask yourself if the drug manufacturers that have every study at their disposal and know the long-term effects of taking their products don't allow their own friends, family and relatives to take these dangerous medications or if chemical company executives aren't aware that they and their children are being slowly killed by air pollution and chemical contamination of the environment?

Perhaps this is what is meant by the saying, money is the root of all evil.

We all owe a debt of gratitude to whoever at Phillip Morris commissioned the benefits of an early death study. Perhaps as a result more Americans will realize that our corporations and the government they own and operate may not be the public servants and public benefactors their glossy commercials and service announcements would lead us to believe they are.

Public enemy #1 might actually be a far more apt description for them. ------------------------------------- [1] CBS Evening News 7/17/2001 Philip Morris: Dead Smokers Cheaper Tobacco Co. Outlines Savings To Czech Gov't From Smokers' Deaths Company Is Lobbying Against Stricter Anti-Smoking Regulations July 17, 2001 AP

(CBS) "Sick smokers may burden a country's health care system, but dead smokers save governments money. That's the conclusion of a study on the financial cost of smoking that was commissioned by tobacco giant Philip Morris. The company is lobbying the Czech government against stricter health regulations on cigarettes with a study of "indirect positive effects" of smoking, detailing "savings in public health care costs and state pensions due to early mortality of smokers...The study by research company Arthur D. Little International concluded that the financial benefits to the Czech government from duties and taxes paid by consumers, importers and tobacco businesses outweighed the costs of health care, lost working days and fires caused by cigarettes. "

[2] For the latest article on Giuliani's West Nile Virus fiasco see:  Village Voice 7/18-24/2001 Mutant Malathion: How New York's mosquito spray campaign spawned a deadly neurotoxin

[3] For numerous documented articles about the Bush/Giuliani-Nazi connection, the CIA's Manhattan Institute, eugenics and West Nile Virus information see: 

Street artist information Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T. (Artists' Response To Illegal State Tactics)  (718) 743-3722 Feel free to forward widely.

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The Walls Have Ears 

A Sierra Times Exclusive by Emily X

When Phil Zimmerman published PGP, "Pretty Good Privacy", ten years ago, Internet users were numbered in the hundreds of thousands, the World Wide Web was a glimmer in Tim Berners-Lee's eye, and the term "spam" had not yet been invented.

But surveillance of the internet—as well as most other forms of electronic communication—was already well established in 1991. Echelon —the result of a joint agreement between the US, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada—had already been in operation for at least ten years. It was a sweet deal: US government agencies were not permitted to do wholesale surveillance on their own citizens' communications, and governments of other "free" countries often had similar prohibitions. The answer: spy on each others' citizens, not one's own, then trade the information.

As the Internet has been growing, so has the scale of the surveillance. It's common knowledge among some employees of AT&T—the initial provider of all communications lines in the US, and many overseas lines— as well as the Baby Bells, that there is wholesale interception and scanning of internet traffic going through the major nodes in the US.

One of the nodes, known as MAE-WEST, is located in California's San Francisco Bay Area. It's a prime location for listening, as one telephone company employee explained: "One third of all of the Internet traffic in the world goes through California." It makes sense, when one stops to think about it. A large number of the dot-coms and computer industry companies are located in California.

One of the other major nodes is conveniently located close to both AOL and NSA headquarters in Virginia: MAE-EAST. Like MAE-WEST, a huge amount of traffic goes through this node.

So how much is intercepted? Nobody knows for sure, but various sources within the communications and cryptography communities believe that it's between 20 and 60% of all traffic. That's a lot of traffic.

What's to fear? That's way too much for an army of humans to check. The solution is to use computers to scan the traffic, looking for anything that might warrant further (human) attention. Advances in natural language recognition, coupled with massive amounts of processing power concentrated in "farms" means that it's ever more possible to pull out just the kinds of communication that's of interest for review by a human. It makes for great surveillance efficiency, but it's lousy for personal privacy.

As if that weren't bad enough, the FBI, apparently miffed that the NSA and the Echelon partners weren't sharing enough data with them, have come up with their own "sniffing" system. Originally named Carnivore (and renamed to the innocuous DCS 1000), Carnivore not only looks at all packets going to and from a particular user, but looks at tens or hundreds of thousands of other users' packets as well.

The FBI tried to get reputable computer scientists to verify that Carnivore did not promiscuously spy on all data going in and out of a server used by one particular person. They had to dig pretty deep to find a relatively obscure group to do so.

The group reported that the version of Carnivore that they examined did work as the FBI claimed, and that it threw away packets of all users who were not under surveillance.

But, they noted, "While the system was designed to, and can, perform fine-tuned searches, it is also capable of broad sweeps. Incorrectly configured, Carnivore can record any traffic it monitors…. While operational procedures or practices appear sound, Carnivore does not provide protections, especially audit functions, commensurate with the level of the risks." As if Echelon and Carnivore weren't bad enough, a number of European governments—many of which loudly protested Echelon spying on their traffic—are now laying the groundwork to implement their own Internet surveillance systems.

Security Through Mathematics

The Carnivore reviewers pointed out that one of the limitations of Carnivore was that it "can be countered with simple, public-domain encryption." But what they see as a limitation, privacy and free-speech advocates see as a control on government capability to snoop on every facet of electronic communication.

First, some basics. A good encryption program has the following characteristics:

It is controlled by the person using the program. It resides on that person's computer, not a server, and does not depend on any other person or entity to concur in its operation. Thus, services like Zixmail are undesirable because encryption takes place on the Zixmail server, making it a fat target. On the other hand, a service like Hushmail downloads a Java applet to the browser to allow all encryption to take place on the user's computer. It uses algorithms that are well-known and heavily tested in the cryptography community. Some of the best-tested (and strongest) algorithms are 3DES, RSA, Diffie-Hellman, RC5 (128 bit), CAST, IDEA, Blowfish, and soon, Rijndael.

The author of an encryption program is willing to publish the source code to the program so that it can be examined for leaks, errors, and back doors. It's always a bad idea to trust one's privacy to a program whose authors say "Trust us." There's actually quite a number of different programs that fulfill these requirements.

PGP is simply the most used and by far the best-tested of the lot. Unless the prospective encryption user has the capability to evaluate other products—a rare talent, indeed—then it's best to stick with PGP.

PGP is available for free at the International PGP web site. In various versions, it's available for the Amiga, Atari, BeOS, EPOC (Psion etc.), MacOS, MS-DOS, Newton, OS/2, PalmOS, Unix and its variants, Windows 2000, Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98/NT, and Windows ME. Also at the International PGP web site, there are numerous manuals, how-to guides, and even mailing lists to learn how to install and fully use the program.

The next question that never fails to come up is: "How secure is PGP anyway?" Sometimes this is followed by "I heard that 'they' can break it."

To answer that will require a little arithmetic. At the center of its encryption algorithms, PGP uses a technique known as "128-bit symmetric encryption." This means that to break the encryption on a PGP message by trying out all possible combinations, an average of about 170,141,183,460,469, 231, 731,687,303,710,000,000,000 tries will be needed. Let's assume that one's opponent has all the computing power that money can buy and all the time in the world to crack the message. By today's standards, it'll take over five quintillion years to crack that message. (Emphasis mine. Editor)

Barring some miracle in factoring, most cryptography experts don't believe that the algorithm contained in PGP can realistically be broken. The fact that a single individual can control the privacy of his communications against a much larger opponent is referred to as "Security through Mathematics."

Wise Use

PGP can put a lot of power back into the hands of an individual, but it cannot save the stupid from themselves. If, for instance, a person writes down their "secret" passphrase on a yellow stickie and attaches it to a computer monitor, PGP isn't going to provide much protection.

There's a number of common-sense measures that anyone can and should take listed in the resources below.

It's a good idea to learn to use PGP before it's really needed. This means getting other people to use PGP for even the most casual of communication. Encrypt jokes and recipes with it. Get in the habit of using it, so that when it's necessary to protect such weighty communications as business information or political speech, it has become second nature.

As always, it's best to remember Benjamin Franklin's maxim: "Three people can keep a secret, if two of them are dead." While PGP can protect one's communications in transit from surveillance, it cannot guarantee that the recipient is trustworthy and will keep the message a secret. If unsure about somebody's reliability, keep quiet!


PGP is available from the International PGP web site.

Before setting up PGP, reading the PGP Passphrase FAQ is a very good idea. The definitive book on Echelon is Secret Power by Nicky Hager. This book is very hard to find in the US, but is available from its New Zealand publisher, Craig Potten. An excellent array of information on both Echelon and Carnivore is at Cryptome. This is probably the best resource in the world for factual information on surveillance activities.


Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist 


By: Todd Brendan Fahey

"I'm going to have to disappear for a while, don't call me... I think I may be in some trouble." Gary Condit, showing uncanny predictive abilities and incredible understatement on May 5 or 6, according to flight attendant (and Condit's former mistress) Anne Marie Smith.

It is an odd juxtaposition: just as the FBI is transferring the Chandra Levy investigation to its "Cold Case Unit" (the one that did such a good job solving the death of Vince Foster), with the explanation that, or so CBS's Jon Stewart is reporting, "local police have put an inappropriate emphasis on the role of Congressman Gary Condit, D-Calif., in the case," humble armchair sleuths have learned that Congressman Gary Condit made a panicked-telephone call (the "I think I might be in some trouble" call) to stewardess-cum-galpal Anne Marie Smith, from a pay phone in front of a McDonald's fast-food joint way out in Luray, Virginia., at the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains--some 80 miles from his Washington D.C. digs.

Posters at, hearing this odd tidbit as reported on FoxNews, July 17th (with Rita Cosby continuing to perform a genuine public service in keeping the world to-date on this story), uncovered some strange facts about Luray, Virginia:

--that it is some 80 miles away from his Washington D.C. digs

--that it is renowned for its caverns (according to restaurant and motel-desk area travel brochures) (a Google search for Luray, Virginia, will produce all sorts of references to the "famous Luray Caverns")

--that it is reputed to be a haven for motorcycle gangs, of the 1%er variety...

And because the media and investigators, incredibly, have not followed through with the basic question, that being: "Congressman, What was the purpose of your visit to a remote part of Virginia, a long way away from your Congressional office, and how did you get there, and why did you feel compelled to call Anne Marie Smith from a pay phone in front of a McDonald's restaurant, to say that you `think I might be in some trouble'; and, specifically, what was the nature of that `trouble' that you felt you might be in?"; ...because no one else is asking these questions, I thought I would take the time to do so, now.

Additionally, the good Congressman from Modesto, California, has yet to make a public statement, other than his initial half-truth, that he and intern Chandra Levy were "good friends"; but he made a potentially huge misstep whilst attempting to recall his own schedule during the last day of Ms. Levy's last known day on this Earth; to wit:

--Condit was NOT with "off-air" ABC reporter Rebecca Lynch from between 6:30-7:30pm, May 1, as was previously reported to Washington D.C. police by Condit's chief of staff Mike Lynch, who, on June 29, released a timeline of the Congressman's activities during the days in question. The restaurant meeting, which ostensibly served as a discussion between Condit and reporter Cooper on various House Agriculture committee goings-on, took play on May 2--two days AFTER Levy was last seen, and a day after the last known activity coming from her cell-phone or computer via the Internet). Here we have one full hour unaccounted for by Gary Condit on the day that Levy might have left this Earth and a bald-faced "error" in Condit's timeline, as offered by his chief of staff to D.C. police. Furthermore, according to Su-Lin Nichols, a spokesperson for ABC News, Ms. Cooper has "not been contacted by any law enforcement authorities." (Source material condensed from "Washington's Incurious Police")

--We do know that Mr. Condit met with Vice President Dick Cheney at 12:30pm, May 1, in a meeting that has been put at roughly 45 minutes in duration by White House sources; but the timeline released by chief of staff Mike Lynch reveals that there is no evidence of the whereabouts of his boss from between 1:15 and 3:30pm, when he was seen attending a constituents' meeting. Recall: Ms. Levy's last known activity (or the last activity reported by her computer log) was 1:30pm.

There is also a question as to the roughly 60 minutes that Mr. Condit is supposed to have spent at a doctor's office later that same day (May 1), from between 5:00 and 6:00pm. Were I Washington D.C. police and/or FBI, I would want to know the doctor's name, address, the purpose of the Congressman's visit, and would, of course, want to verify with said physician and attendant nurses/receptionist that Condit was, indeed, present at the doctor's office during this period.

In sum: Gary Condit, clearly the strongest non-suspect in this case, and who had maintained a sexual relationship with Chandra Levy, has fully three and one-half hours of unexplained absences in his schedule, on the day that Chandra Levy--who was, as the media has just revealed, surfing Condit's House Agriculture Committee Web site and also various media sites, including Washington City Paper, Washington Post and the Drudge Report --is last reported to have been alive.

It is curious that still available online in the Washington City Paper, is an in-depth 1999 story of another dead intern, one Joyce Chiang. At 26, young and sexy (FBI profilers, are you paying attention?), Ms. Chiang, who interned for Rep. Howard Berman (D-CA), in an office then - directly adjacent to the office of Congressman Gary Condit, was last seen at a Starbucks coffee shop in Dupont Circle, January 9, 1999; on April 1, a paddling canoeist found Chiang's corpse washed up against some boulders at the edge of the Potomac, south of Belle Haven Marina in Fairfax County. There is not much more to be said about the similarities between the two interns, other than that Chiang had also left behind in her apartment her pager (Levy, her cell phone); and, that the last call Chiang received on that pager was from a pay phone at Dulles Airport. To-date, D.C. police have never identified Chiang's last phone call.

Gary Condit is fairly infamous among his own staff, and the staffs of past official positions he has held, for "checking out" at odd intervals, "going incognito," as one of his staff called his behavior recently. Stewardess Anne Marie Smith says that he wore disguises-- different hats and sunglasses--during their public outings. And, most coincidentally, Chandra Levy's aunt, Linda Zamsky, revealed to investigators that her niece would frequently contact her Congressional beau by means of a beeper, or pager, to a secret number, which would alert him to the inquiry of one among his stable of babes.

There are other troubling pustules in this case: Condit's known dalliances with the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang, and even, according to a New York Post article recently, his attendance at a birthday party held for a biker convicted of the killing of a police officer.

We also have former Congressman John LeBoutillier's deeply-disturbing anecdotal report that Mr. Condit might like to take a walk on the wild side, as it were; and what with the attorney for Anne Lee Smith divulging recently that Condit enjoyed sexual excitement of the sort that was "not normal for a heterosexual man," and with growing interest in the contents of the "forbidden closet" in the Congressman's apartment and "DNA evidence" having reportedly been found all over Condit's carpets, I, for one, won't be surprised when Mr. LeBoutillier's report is verified as being true, but only as the tip of the iceberg.

That this Congressman also has a brother who is a known speed-freak, a convicted felon, a fugitive who has not been seen since 1996, is also worrisome, as is the fact that the Congressman also has another brother who, while a Sergeant in the employ of the Modesto Police Department, bought between nine and 11 weapons illegally, from a gray- market police surplus clearinghouse, and who, when requested to return those weapons, could only produce four (4) of them to his superiors. That the fugitive-con, speed-freak sibling--as is being reported today (7/20) by Geraldo Rivera, and which will be the subject of tomorrow's Star tabloid, was found in Tampa, Florida, after disappearing for a week at the end of April from his job at a construction site and reappearing the first week of May, with the use of a cane, should be of concern to FBI/D.C. police, as well.

America, we have as a member of the House of Representatives a man who sits on the House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee-- ostensibly, a man who provides Congressional oversight to WE THE PEOPLE over those who guard our nation's most sensitive National Security secrets--and who is legendary among his staff for disappearing without a trace, who wore disguises with at least one mistress; who has at least two mistresses (some sources say there could be 10 women cooperating with investigators); who appears to be fairly profligate in his spending habits (the $2,500 gold bracelets to Levy and who knows who else should raise some red flags, on a Congressman's official $140k salary); who has refused to speak of this matter to his own constituents and who has repeatedly stonewalled law enforcement investigators and perhaps even (by the errors in his May 1st timeline) lied outright of his whereabouts; who employs the very best of attorneys and pricey spin-doctors, who are being paid for, how?, we-don't-know and who fits every inch the profile of a spy, a la Robert Hanssen, regardless of the outcome of the Levy case.

And now the case is being turned over to the very same FBI office that failed to produce a credible explanation as to the death of Clinton legal advisor Vince Foster--an FBI which has just been exposed as having "lost" up to 140 laptop computers, three of which contained classified data, as well as hundreds of firearms, sans explanation.

Ladies: The scum hath risen to the top. The Peter Principle is fully in force. We have a fox guarding the hen house. And yet we take it like chumps and suckers. It is well past time to demand accountability of Washington, and to rise up by any means necessary-- be it by passive resistance, tax revolt or force of arms--if We The People are blown off in our request for a return to basic Constitutional principles and reasonable representation.

I feel sick just writing these words. But it's all too clear: We've been had.

Fahey, a strategic writer stationed in South Korea, has served as aide to Central Intelligence Agency agent Theodore L. "Ted" Humes, Division of Slavic Languages, and to the late-Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) chief Lt. General Daniel O. Graham; to former Arizona Governor Evan Mecham (R-AZ), former Congressman John Conlan (R-AZ) and others. He is author of Wisdom's Maw: The Acid Novel, Far Gone Books, 1996) and "Al Hubbard: The Original Captain Trips" (High Times magazine, 1991), exposes of the CIA's MK-Ultra program and its influence on the Sixties' psychedelic counterculture. He is the architect of

Todd Brendan Fahey is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Todd Brendan Fahey can be reached at 

Published in the July 27, 2001 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright © 2001 Ether Zone Online. (   ). Reposting permitted with this message intact.




The Rape of Nanking By Denis Mueller

Forgotten History - Friday, July 13, 2001 "Little known facts and overlooked history" ============================================================ 

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The Rape of Nanking By Denis Mueller

It was an event so appalling that even the Nazi’s were shock- ed. From 1937 to 1938, over 300,000 Chinese were murdered and, depending on the estimates, 50,000 to 80,000 women were raped and mutilated. Women of all ages were violated and held cap- tive while being raped. The officers and the Emperor of Japan knew what was happening but did nothing to stop the atrocities and many of the officers laughed at the barbarity.

What is especially appalling is that the Japanese to this day deny that this ever occurred. For those of you that have any questions about the truth, just go to the Internet and look at the pictures. They will make you cry. The Japanese beheaded victims and threw the bodies into mass graves. Senior officers derived great pleasure in the horrors. They even went so far as to rip out the fetus of pregnant women and parade around with them on bayonets.

The war against the Chinese began in 1931 with the invasion of Manchuria. The armies of the emperor marched into China, and by 1937, surrounded the city of Nanking. The killing was widespread and anyone caught was killed on the spot. It got so bad that the Japanese armies started to use prisoners for bayonet practice.

In one building zone, 400 men were seized and were marched off to be executed. The cowardly officers of the Nationalist army, who would easily lose to the Chinese Communists after the war, fled the city. They left the civilian population and the remaining soldiers to the mercy of the Japanese who showed no mercy. The streets were littered with bodies. The only hospital opened was the American University Hospital whose facilities were inadequate to serve such a massacre.

The Japanese looted and plundered the city while forcing the Chinese to carry their loot before murdering them. This kind of behavior continued for weeks. The Japanese high command knew exactly what was happening but allowed the carnage to continue. After beheading countless people, they lined their heads up in a nice neat row.

The cruelty of the Japanese during World War II continued throughout the war. Americans who survived the horrors of Japanese imprisonment can testify to that. Even after their surrender, the Japanese continued to behead Americans. But for some reason the public largely forgets these atrocities. Why is that?

One explanation is that China fell to the Communists in 1949. Americans wondered who lost China, but we now know that the corrupt government that now rules Taiwan lost China. The Japanese on the other hand became part of the West. We needed them so any mention of their heinous crimes have been buried. The government of Japan steadfastly denies any such thing ever happened despite the evidence and any mention of this barbarity in not mentioned in their textbooks. This is truly disgusting. There will be no justice in the world until the victims of Japanese cruelty are compensated for their suffer- ing.

Sources: New York Times, December 17, 1937 The Rape of Nanking, Iris Chang


The Federal Writer’s Project By Denis Mueller

Forgotten History - Tuesday, July 24, 2001 "Little known facts and overlooked history" ============================================================ 

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The Federal Writer’s Project By Denis Mueller

During the Great Depression, over 25% of Americans could not find work. To try to alleviate the situation the federal government stepped in and created the Works Progress Admini- stration (WPA). It was an ambitious project that put 8,500,000 people to work. These workers built roads, bridges, buildings, parks and, in many ways, they built the infra- structure for the United States.

The WPA also included what was called the Federal Arts Pro- ject. This aspiring provision included unemployed artists writers, musicians, actors, directors, painters, and photo- graphers. The New Deal initiative made a lasting impact on American culture. They painted murals and performed plays which toured areas that had never seen theatre before. This was quite a feat, however, none of these were more important than the Writer’s Project, which at its peak, employed approximately 6,500 men and women across the country. The pay was not good, only twenty dollars a week, but it beat starving. And in turn, what these artists gave back to America was far more than they received.

It especially helped young and emerging writers such as Nel- son Algren, Saul Bellow, John Cheever, Zora Neale Hurston, Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison, Margaret Walker, Stetson Kenn- edy and Studs Terkel. This truly impressive list of writers helped to produce a series of state guidebooks and recorded the stories of more than 10,000 ordinary people from a variety of regions, occupations and ethnic groups. The stories of regular people trying to live a decent life became the focal point of the work for many of these writers.

These accounts produced a mosaic of events that would be valuable for later historians and provided the framework for the work of the writers themselves. Their narratives included stories about Billy the Kid, the Chicago Fire, people who went out West in the pioneer days, those who immigrated to the United States and the stories of former slaves who gave an account of what slavery was like. The idea was to create a climate that would help foster the tolerance that is necessary for a democracy to survive.

Benjamin Botkin, the editor of the project, hoped that the writers would draw upon this material so they could create work of their own. He was not a fan of "ivory tower writing" and urged the writers to move into the streets, the stockyards and everyday life for their inspiration. It worked and such great literary pieces, such as Nelson Algren’s "A Walk on the Wild" and Ralph Ellison's "Invisible Man," were inspired from this experience. Other writers learned to listen to the speech patterns and language of everyday people and took this knowledge into the theatres and literature.

In the end, the New Deal arts projects came under attack by redbaiters and redneck racists. People like Martin Dies, who was a supporter of Nazi Germany, and racist John Rankin, at- tacked the program. These fascists saw tolerance as an idea that threatened their power, which was propelled by ignorance. In the post-war years the ivory tower of academia, which was threatened by the stories of these writers, condemned the writings of stories about ordinary people. You see the aca- demics can never handle the truth unvarnished.

The Federal Arts program of the New Deal remains a high point in American history. The treatment of artists in our country remains a national disgrace. The city of Berlin, not the country of Germany but the city of Berlin, spends more on the arts than the entire arts budget of the United States. Is it any wonder why our culture has turned into an abyss of vio- lence, depravity and hate? Art is meant to challenge, to shake things up and can be a tremendous tool for understanding and tolerance. Let us remember the Federal Arts Project and the good it did.

Sources: Ann Banks, First Person America. Studs Terkel, Hard Times: An Oral History of the Great Depression. William Leuchtenburg: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal.


"We've Got the Cards" 56 Years After Hiroshima Mickey Z.


Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist 

"We've Got the Cards" 56 Years After Hiroshima Mickey Z. 

"It is an atomic bomb. . . . It is the greatest thing in history." President Harry S. Truman August 6, 1945

About two months ago, I wrote an article about the film, Pearl Harbor, in which I attempted to present some context about December 7, 1941. I received hundreds of e-mails - mostly supportive, I must add. There was, however, one point made repeatedly by those less then thrilled with what I had to say about U.S. actions in WWII: America had no choice but to drop atomic bombs on Japanese civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Had they not done so, my detractors declared, the Japanese never would have surrendered and millions of American soldiers would have perished in the ensuing invasion of the Japanese islands. 

We are approaching August 6, 2001, the 56th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, and it¹s apparent that this issue is long from settled. Thus, I'd like to begin yet another discussion on the question: Why was the bomb used? Before confronting the unleashing of the bomb, there is lesser-known myth that must be dealt with: the life-and-death race with German scientists. "Working at Los Alamos, New Mexico," writes historian Kenneth C. Davis, "atomic scientists, many of them refugees from Hitler's Europe, thought they were racing against Germans developing a Nazi bomb." Surely, if it were possible for the epitome of evil to produce such a weapon, it would be the responsibility of the good guys to beat der Führer to the plutonium punch. While such a desperate race makes for excellent melodrama, the German bomb effort, it appears, fell far short of success. 

Thanks to the declassification of key documents, we now have access to "unassailable proof that the race with the Nazis was a fiction," says Stewart Udall, who cites the work of McGeorge Bundy and Thomas Powers before adding that, "According to the official history of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), those agents maintained contacts with scientists in neutral countries . . ." These contacts, by mid-1943, provided enough evidence to convince the SIS that the German bomb program simply did not exist. Despite such findings, U.S. General Leslie Groves, military commander of the Manhattan Project, got permission in the fall of 1943 to begin a secret espionage mission known as Alsos (Greek for 'grove,' get it?). The mission saw Groves' men following the Allies¹ armies throughout Europe with the goal of capturing German scientists involved in the manufacture of atomic weapons. While the data uncovered by Alsos only served to reinforce the prior reports that the Third Reich was not pursuing a nuclear program, Groves was able to maintain enough of a cover-up to keep his pet project alive. In the no-holds-barred religion of anti-communism, the 'Good War' enemy was never fascism. 

Truman's daughter, Margaret, remarked about her dad's early presidential efforts after the death of FDR in April 1945, "My father's overriding concern in these first weeks was our policy towards Russia." The most commonly evoked justification for the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan was to save lives, but was it true? Would such an invasion even have been necessary? Finally, were the actions of the United States motivated by an escalating Cold War with the Soviet Union? Here are the facts that don't mesh with the long-accepted story line: Although hundreds of thousands of Japanese lives were lost in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the bombings are often explained away as a "life-saving" measure - American lives. Exactly how many lives saved is, however, up for grabs. (We do know of a few U.S. soldiers who fell between the cracks About a dozen or more American POWs were killed in Hiroshima, a truth that remained hidden for some 30 years.) In defense of the U.S. action, it is usually claimed that the bombs saved lives. The hypothetical body count ranges from 20,000 to "millions." In an August 9, 1945 statement to "the men and women of the Manhattan Project," President Truman declared the hope that "this new weapon will result in saving thousands of American lives." "The president's initial formulation of 'thousands,' however, was clearly not his final statement on the matter to say the least," remarks historian Gar Alperovitz. 

In his book, The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb and the Architecture of an American Myth, Alperovitz documents but a few of Truman's public estimates throughout the years: December 15, 1945: "It occurred to me that a quarter of a million of the flower of our young manhood was worth a couple of Japanese cities . . ." Late 1946: "A year less of war will mean life for three hundred thousand - maybe half a million - of America's finest youth." October 1948: "In the long run we could save a quarter of a million young Americans from being killed, and would save an equal number of Japanese young men from being killed." April 6, 1949: "I thought 200,000 of our young men would be saved." November 1949: Truman quotes Army Chief of Staff George S. Marshall as estimating the cost of an Allied invasion of Japan to be "half a million casualties." January 12, 1953: Still quoting Marshall, Truman raises the estimate to "a minimum one quarter of a million" and maybe "as much as a million, on the American side alone, with an equal number of the enemy." Finally, on April 28, 1959, Truman concluded: "the dropping of the bombs . . . saved millions of lives." Fortunately, we are not operating without the benefit of official estimates. In June 1945, Truman ordered the U.S. military to calculate the cost in American lives for a planned assault on Japan. Consequently, the Joint War Plans Committee prepared a report for the Chiefs of Staff, dated June 15, 1945, thus providing the closest thing anyone has to "accurate": 40,000 U.S. soldiers killed, 150,000 wounded, and 3,500 missing. While the actual casualty count remains unknowable, it was widely known at the time that Japan had been trying to surrender for months prior to the atomic bombing. A May 5, 1945 cable, intercepted and decoded by the U.S., "dispelled any possible doubt that the Japanese were eager to sue for peace." In fact, the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey reported shortly after the war, that Japan "in all probability" would have surrendered before the much- discussed November 1, 1945 Allied invasion of the homeland. Truman himself eloquently noted in his diary that Stalin would "be in the Jap War on August 15th. Fini (sic) Japs when that comes about." 

Many post-Hiroshima/Nagasaki sentiments questioned the use of the bombs. "I thought our country should avoid shocking world opinion by the use of a weapon whose employment was, I thought, no longer mandatory as a measure to save American lives," said General Dwight D. Eisenhower while, not long after the Japanese surrender, New York Times military analyst Hanson Baldwin wrote, "The enemy, in a military sense, was in a hopeless strategic position . . . Such then, was the situation when we wiped out Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Need we have done it? No one can, of course, be positive, but the answer is almost certainly negative." 

Or was it the cold logic of capitalism that motivated the nuking of civilians? As far back as May 1945, a Venezuelan diplomat was reporting how Assistant Secretary of State Nelson Rockefeller "communicated to us the anxiety of the United States government about the Russian attitude." U.S. Secretary of State James F. Byrnes seemed to agree when he turned the anxiety up a notch by explaining how "our possessing and demonstrating the bomb would make Russia more manageable in the East . . . The demonstration of the bomb might impress Russia with America¹s military might." General Leslie Groves was less cryptic: "There was never, from about two weeks from the time I took charge of this Project, any illusion on my part but that Russia was our enemy, and the Project was conducted on that basis." During the same time period, President Truman noted that Secretary of War Henry Stimson was "at least as much concerned with the role of the atomic bomb in the shaping of history as in its capacity to shorten the war." What sort of shaping Stimson had in mind might be discerned from his Sept. 11, 1945 comment to the president: ³I consider the problem of our satisfactory relations with Russia as not merely connected but as virtually dominated by the problem of the atomic bomb." Stimson called the bomb a "diplomatic weapon," and duly explained that "American statesmen were eager for their country to browbeat the Russians with the bomb held rather ostentatiously on our hip." "The psychological effect [of Hiroshima and Nagasaki] on Stalin was twofold," proposes historian Charles L. Mee, Jr. "The Americans had not only used a doomsday machine; they had used it when, as Stalin knew, it was not militarily necessary. It was this last chilling fact that doubtless made the greatest impression on the Russians."

 It also made an impression on J. Robert Oppenheimer, the scientific director at Los Alamos. After learning of the carnage wrought upon Japan, he began to harbor second thoughts and he resigned in October 1945. In March of the following year, Oppenheimer told Truman: "Mr. President, I have blood on my hands." Truman¹s reply? "It'll come out in the wash." Later, the president told an aide, "Don't bring that fellow around again." "Why did we drop [the bomb]?" pondered Studs Terkel at the time of the fiftieth anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. "So little Harry could show Molotov and Stalin we've got the cards," he explained. "That was the phrase Truman used. We showed the goddamned Russians we've got something and they'd better behave themselves in Europe. That's why it was dropped. The evidence is overwhelming. And yet you tell that to 99 percent of Americans and they'll spit in your eye." Let the spitting begin.

Mickey Z. (Michael Zezima) is the author of Saving Private Power: The Hidden History of 'The Good War' , on which this article is based. He can reached at .

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National Security Archive Update, July 27, 2001

* - UPDATE  -




For immediate release, 27 July 2001
For more information:  Archive director Tom Blanton, 994-7000


WASHINGTON, D.C., 27 July ­ George Washington University’s National Security Archive today posted on the Web ( one of two State Department documentary histories whose release the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is stalling, even though the documents included in the volumes were officially declassified in 1998 and 1999, according to public State Department records.  The two disputed State Department volumes cover Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines in the years 1964-68 and Greece-Turkey-Cyprus in the same period.

The CIA, as well as action officers at the State Department, have prevented the official release of either volume, already printed and bound by the Government Printing Office.  The National Security Archive obtained the Indonesia volume posted today when the GPO, apparently by mistake, shipped copies to various GPO bookstores; but the Greece volume is still locked up in GPO warehouses.

The Indonesia volume includes significant new documentation on the Indonesian Army’s campaign against the Indonesia Communist Party (PKI) in 1965-66, which brought to power the dictator Suharto.  (Ironically, Suharto’s successor, ex-President Wahid, is on his way to Baltimore this week for medical treatment, and has been replaced by his vice-president, who is the daughter of the man Suharto overthrew.)  For example, U.S. Embassy reporting on November 13, 1965 passed on information from the police that “from 50 to 100 PKI members were being killed every night in East and Central Java….”; and the Embassy admitted in an April 15, 1966 airgram to Washington that “We frankly do not know whether the real figure [of PKI killed] is closer to 100,000 or 1,000,000 but believe it wiser to err on the side of the lower estimates, especially when questioned by the press.”  On page 339, the volume seems to endorse the figure of 105,000 killed that was proposed in 1970 by foreign service officer Richard Cabot Howland in a classified CIA publication.

On another highly controversial issue ­ that of U.S. involvement in the killings ­ the volume includes an “Editorial Note” on page 387 describing Ambassador Marshall Green’s August 10, 1966 airgram to Washington reporting that an Embassy-prepared list of top Communist leaders with Embassy attribution removed “is apparently being used by Indonesian security authorities who seem to lack even the simplest overt information on PKI leadership at the time….” On December 2, 1965, Green endorsed a 50 million rupiah covert payment to the Kap-Gestapu movement leading the repression; but the December 30 CIA response to State is withheld in full (pp. 379-380).

The CIA’s intervention in the State Department publication is only the latest in a series of such controversies, dating back to 1990 when the CIA censored a State volume on Iran in the early 1950s to leave out any reference to the CIA-backed coup that overthrew Mossadegh in 1953.  The chair of the State Department historical advisory committee resigned in protest, producing an outcry among academics and journalists (see “History Bleached at State,” New York Times editorial, May 16, 1990, p. A26:  “At the very moment that Moscow is coming clean on Stalin’s massacre of Polish officers, Washington is putting out history in the old Soviet mode.”).  Congress then passed a law in 1991 requiring the State Department volumes to include covert operations as well as overt diplomacy, so as to provide an accurate historical picture of U.S. foreign policy, 30 years after the events.

The documents are available at the following URL:



Fascism in Genoa by Starhawk


This is another Free ZNet Update. You can remove yourself from the mailing list, or put a new address, from our top page -- 

We are adding a new polling facility that we will be making use of online and via email shortly. We have recently had a major update of the Colombia Watch Pages...among all our watch sites, accessible from the top page. There are many other new pages online, as usual...dealing with Genoa, the upcoming Washington demos, Charleston aftermath, Milosevic, and on and on...of course.

But for this mailing I wanted to convey the last piece by Starhawk, one of our ZNet Sustainer System commentators, direct from Genoa. If you check the ZNet site for other Genoa reports, and the indymedia coverage which is extensive, you will see that there is a large a mount of evidence on behalf of her various claims.

In any event, her piece follows...


Fascism in Genoa by Starhawk

I was there when the carabinieri raided the IndyMedia Center and the Diaz school, in Genoa, at the end of the protest against the G8 meeting. We heard the shouts and screams, couldn't get out the door, ran upstairs and hid, fearing for our lives. Eventually the cops found us, but we were the lucky ones. A Member of Parliament was in our building; lawyers and media arrived. There was some obscure Italian legal reason why the police could be deterred. They withdrew.

But nothing could save our friends across the street, at the school where people were sleeping and where another section of the Independent Media were located. The police entered: the media and the politicians were kept out. And they beat people. They beat people who had been sleeping, who held up their hands in a gesture of innocence and cried out, "Pacifisti! Pacifisti!" They beat the men and the women. They broke bones, smashed teeth, shattered skulls. They left blood on the walls, on the windows, a pool of it in every spot where people had been sleeping. When they had finished their work, they brought in the ambulances. All night long we watched from across the street as the stretchers were carried out, as people were taken to the jail ward of the hospital, or simply to jail. And in the jail, many of them were tortured again, in rooms with pictures of Mussolini on the wall. This really happened. Not back in the nineteen thirties, but on the night of July 21 and the morning of July 22, 2001. Not in some third world country, but in Italy: prosperous, civilized, sunny Italy. And most of the victims are still in the hospital or in jail, as I write this four days later.

I can't adequately describe the shock and the horror of that night. But as terrifying as it was to live through it, what is more frightening still are its implications:

That the police could carry out such a brutal act openly, in the face of lawyers, politicians and the media means that they do not expect to be held accountable for their actions. Which means that they had support from higher up, from more powerful politicians. According to a report published in La Repubblica from a policeman who took part in the raid, when the more democratic factions within the police complained that the Constitution was being violated, they were told, "We don't have anything to be worried about, we're covered."

That those politicians also do not expect to be condemned or driven from office means that they too have support from higher up, ultimately, from Berlusconi, Italy's Prime Minister, himself.

That they could beat, torture, and falsely arrest Italians means that they do not expect to be held accountable by their own people.

That they could beat, torture and imprison internationals shows that they do not expect to be held accountable by the international community. And indeed, who is going to hold them accountable? George Bush, the unelected, unmandated heir of a coup? Sweden, which just used live ammunition on protestors? Canada, builders of the Wall of Shame? That Berlusconi could support such acts means that he must be certain of support from other international powers, and that these overtly fascist actions are linked to the growing international escalation of repression against protestors.

That the Italian government used tactics learned from Quebec: the wall, the massive use of tear gas, and that the RCMP had observers in Genoa in preparation for next year's meeting in Calgary, means that police repression is also a global network. As we learn from each action, so do they.

That the Italian government are now targeting the organizers of the Genoa Social Forum shows where their agenda was heading all along: the discrediting of the anti-globalization network, the discouraging of peaceful and legal protest as well as direct action. The leader of the Forum has lost his job. Others are fearing for their freedom and safety.

It's hard to make sense of all that happened in Genoa. So much happened so fast, and in the middle of it it was hard to know what was going on. The Black Bloc suddenly appear in the midst of a square that is supposed to be a safe space for peaceful gatherings: the police gas and beat the women and the pacifists and let the Bloc escape. We are having a quiet lunch in the convergence center by the sea, when suddenly tear gas canisters are flying into the eating area and a pitched battle begins directly outside, not a hundred yards away from the main march. Prisoners report being tortured until they agree to shout "Viva il Duce!" The police rationale for the attack on the school was the supposed presence of members of the Black Bloc-but they never attacked the actual Black Bloc encampment, and by the night of the attack most of the Black Bloc had left the city. I'm not an investigative reporter-I'm an activist and once upon a time when life was not so overwhelming I was a novelist. I don't like conspiracy theories but I make sense of the world through stories. Genoa makes sense to me if this is the plot:

"Memo: Italian Security to Italian Government/U.S. and International Advisors:

"Subject: Covert Security Plan for Genova "Top Secret!

"The overt Security Plan for the Genova G8 meeting has been covered in a separate memo. The subject of this memo is the covert plan.

"Phase One: Lead up to the action: This phase is characterized by two major aspects: the creation of a climate of fear and anticipated violence by the stockpiling of body bags, deployment of missiles, etc. And second, a concerted effort to undermine the popularity of the stronger, radical groups such as the 'Tute Bianca' or White Overalls through smear campaigns, accusations that they cooperate with the police etc. If necessary, we will plant actual bombs to increase the climate of fear.

"Phase Two: Recruitment and infiltration: We will concentrate on infiltrating the Black Bloc and strategically placing provocateurs who will be in positions to instigate attacks, violence, and destruction of private property which will turn the population against the protestors. In addition, we will encourage Fascist groups to run as segments of the Bloc which will then give us an excuse to attack the main body of protestors

"Phase Three: Friday, 20 July. We arm the police and carabinieri with live ammunition rather than rubber or plastic bullets. With luck, deaths will result. Our 'Bloc' can appear strategically near any group we wish to attack, giving us the excuse to gas and beat the 'nonviolent' demonstrators. Protestors should be severely beaten and arrested protestors tortured to deter them from further demonstrations. In addition, our Bloc will instigate the destruction of property, particularly small shops, private cars, and will attack and beat other demonstrators, perhaps even a nun or two, further discrediting the anarchists. A high level of violence and destruction should lessen the numbers expected for Saturday's march.

"Phase Four: Saturday, 21 July. Our strategy here is directed to undermine, divide, and disperse the march. We instigate more property damage and police battles in the morning near the assembly point of the march. One of our factions will attack the Tute Bianca during the march itself. Shortly after noon, we begin a battle just outside the convergence center, near the corner where the march turns north, giving us the excuse to gas the convergence center. We attempt to drive the battle into the march, splitting or disrupting it, and providing the rationale to attack the march with tear gas and other dispersal agents.

"Phase Five: Post-march. We continue the climate of fear with a midnight raid on the main communications center and sleeping quarters of the protestors. Severe force is justified by rumors of Black bloc presence. We uncover 'evidence' of connections between the Genova Social Forum and the bloc, thereby discrediting them. Beatings, arrests and torture will discourage future involvement with protests.

"Phase Six: Sunday, 22 July and beyond: We continue harassment and random arrests of foreigners and suspected protestors. We begin a campaign of accusations against the Genoa Social Forum, connecting them with the Black Bloc, moving against their employment, their credibility, and possibly taking legal action against them. This will also force them to disavow the Black Bloc, further splitting the movement.

This memo is fiction, but I believe it's essentially true. Like a mathematical proof, it has a simple internal consistency that makes sense of the known facts. And there is more and more mounting evidence that the 'black bloc' in Genoa was significantly composed of organized fascist groups working in collaboration with the police.

If it is true, even partly true, what does it mean to us?

It means that the response to the events in Genoa will determine what level of force can be used against future demonstrations, whether we will see smashed skulls and more deaths in Calgary, and blowtorches in the armpits in the third world.

There are signs, however, that their strategy may backfire. On Monday all over Italy 250,000 people took to the streets. The pressure is on for the Minister of the Interior to resign; Berlusconi's government is threatened.

There were demonstrations at Italian embassies all over the world. We need to keep the pressure on, to make sure the issue doesn't fade away. Keep calling and writing the embassies. Get your political organization, union, workplace or group of best friends to write and call. Ask your local news media why they are not telling this story. Now is not the moment to be ideological and purist; now is the moment to call in all our allies, set aside our differences, and act in solidarity. For if this level of repression goes unchallenged, no one is safe, not the most legal NGO, not the most reformist organization with the mildest demands. If we don't act now, when a political space remains open to us, we may lose the space to act at all.

Continue to organize and mobilize for the next one. Fear is their most powerful weapon. The fact that they must resort to fascist violence shows that we are a serious threat.

If we want to continue to be a threat, we also need to look critically at our own movement, to identify what we do that leaves us wide open to infiltration and manipulation.

And we need both better preparation and better networks of support for these actions.

The Genoa Social Forum needs support. They've sent out the following call-please answer it.

> On Monday the opposition has demanded in Parliament the resignation of the > Ministry of Interior and on Tuesday demonstrations in thirty Italian cities > are held, with more than 250,000 people participating. > > We ask your help for denouncing these threats to democracy and justice. > You could act in one or more of the following ways: > > 1. Write a short statement (or a brief article) in support of the right to > protest against the G8, in solidarity with the Genoa Social Forum and the > peaceful demonstrators. Please state clearly your affiliation. The texts > will be published by the Left daily Il Manifesto, and by other media around > the world. > > 2. Send formal messages of support on behalf of associations, NGOs, media > organisations, Universities, etc. > > 3. Write/sign an international appeal for democracy, justice, respect of > human and civil rights. If many of you are interested, we can work together > on a text in the next days. 

 Please send your articles and messages to: >  > > and to the > > Genoa Social Forum > via San Luca 15/9 - 16124 Genova > tel. 010 2461749 > fax 010 2461413 > e.mail  - 



Disinformation, July 27, 2001

The Tribunal on US Drug War Crimes
Russ Kick

Every day sees another violation of rights in the name of the War on Drugs. Property is seized without due process (often without any process at all); innocents are hurt and killed in raids of the wrong homes; tens of thousands of people suffer nightmare brutality in prisons merely for possessing marijuana, a substance much less harmful than alcohol and tobacco; people of color are sent to jail in disproportionate numbers; mandatory sentencing guidelines take away all judicial discretion; the military is used against the citizens of the US; and the US supports and funds a secret war in South America. Meanwhile, law enforcement and, perhaps to a lesser extent, the judicial system have become systematically infested with corruption due to the huge amounts of money involved in the illegal drug trade.

The people who started and continue to run this system call their efforts the “War on Drugs,” a metaphor that aptly describes the militaristic mindset that girds it. As in any war (even an unofficial one, declared unilaterally), loss of life among combatants is to be expected, but the killing of innocents, the arbitrary application of the law, the widespread corruption, and the destruction of Constitutional rights and international human rights cannot be excused or tolerated. So let us now judge the authorities using their own framework, that of war.

I call for the formation of a Tribunal on US Drug War Crimes.

According to Merriam Webster, a tribunal is “a court or forum of justice.” It is also synonymous with tribune, “an unofficial defender of the rights of the individual.” Since no court is willing or able to judge the conduct of those running the Drug War, we must form our own.

Such an act is not without precedent. Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark has conducted unofficial tribunals regarding war crimes committed during the Gulf War and the NATO attack on Yugoslavia. In June 2001, the Korean Truth Commission released its judgments regarding the slaughter of civilians during the Korean War. The most famous citizen’s tribunal was the International Tribunal on US War Crimes in Indo-China, formed in 1966 by philosopher Bertrand Russell with the assistance of Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, and others. This body heard testimony from participants in the Vietnam War, who revealed the atrocities that were occurring in Southeast Asia.

Similarly, the Tribunal on US Drug War Crimes would call people who have been involved directly in the Drug War. Among the witnesses who could testify to the injustices this war has inflicted:

* Families of innocents who have been killed. This would include Jim Bowers, a missionary whose wife and 7-month-old daughter were shot to death over Peru after the CIA’s contractors mistakenly identified them as drug smugglers, and the family of Tennessee resident John Adams, who was shot to death when the police accidentally raided his house, instead of his neighbor’s.

* Those who have been wounded because of mistaken identity. This would include the unnamed man who was shot in the leg in front of his family because, according to the police, he was an Hispanic driving the same kind of jeep as a known drug dealer. (It turns out that he was an innocent, unarmed man going out to dinner with his wife and children.)

* People who have had their property seized because the authorities claimed they were involved with illegal drugs yet who were never tried and, in many cases, never even charged with a crime. These witnesses would include parents whose property was seized because their minor children allegedly had drugs, and hotel owners whose businesses were seized because a guest allegedly made a drug transaction in one of the rooms. The Tribunal will also investigate cases in which authorities manufactured suspicions in order to justify the seizure of valuable real estate.

* Innocent people who have been arrested because of false information supplied by informants.

* Innocent people who have been framed on drug charges by corrupt law enforcement officials.

* Members of racial minorities who have been harassed because of racial profiling.

* Colombian villagers who have been sickened by herbicide sprayed by US corporations under Plan Colombia (aka, the Andean Initiative).

* Colombian farmers whose non-coca crops have been destroyed by herbicide sprayed by US corporations under Plan Colombia (aka, the Andean Initiative).

* Some of the estimated 34,000 people who will lose college loans and grants because they’ve been convicted on drug charges at some point in their lives.

* People--including the elderly and the disabled--who have been arrested for using marijuana to alleviate pain, nausea, glaucoma, and other medical problems.

* Drug arrestees who have been beaten/tortured while in police custody.

* People who have been sentenced to unjustifiably harsh terms because of simple drug possession. (Starting under Clinton’s watch and continuing to the present, the average sentence for a drug offense is twice as long as for manslaughter.)

The Tribunal will also call upon government and law enforcement officials to testify, since they’re the ones who would be “on trial.” Those who would be indicted range from the architects of the Drug War--such as US presidents and “drug czars”--all the way down to its foot soldiers, the police officers who regularly injure or kill suspects and non-suspects.

Although it is unlikely that any Drug Warriors would accept the invitation, the Tribunal very well might hear testimony from governmental dissenters such as New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, Superior Court Judge James P. Gray, and former Secretary of State George Schultz. Expert witnesses--doctors, academics, lawyers, journalists, and others--will also be asked to make statements and answer questions.

Naturally, the Tribunal would have no legal powers; it would be unable to subpoena witnesses or documents, to make arrests, or to impose any form of punishment. Like all citizens’ tribunals, its main purpose will be to air grievances, to give a forum to the victims of injustice, to shine a harsh spotlight on the corrupt, inexcusable nature of this so-called war. The Tribunal will demonstrate in front of the world that US authorities are committing crimes--violating local, state, federal, Constitutional, and international laws, as well as destroying basic human rights--in the zealous pursuit of a so-called war.

Such a tribunal would need to draw massive media coverage in order to achieve its goals, and this will only be possible if well-known, credible public figures are involved. Among those who might be willing to play strong roles are Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman, former Senator Alan Cranston, commentator Arianna Huffington, newsman Walter Cronkite, US Representative Ron Paul, former Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders,  psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, former police chief Joseph McNamara, National Review editor William F. Buckley, scientist Stephen Jay Gould, former US Drug Czar Peter Bourne, Federal Appellate Judge Richard Posner, and the officials mentioned previously--Johnson, Gray, and Schultz. All of them have expressed contempt for the War on Drugs, and their presence would not only add gravitas to the proceedings but would also assure a large amount of press coverage. Additionally, they have many important contacts who could arrange for such a proceeding, which could perhaps be underwritten by the Lindesmith Center and/or other well-financed organizations that call for drug law reform.

Perhaps such a tribunal would spur a real judicial body to charge at least a few Drug Warriors, in much the same way that Christopher Hitchens’ book The Trial of Henry Kissinger is prodding judges in several countries to ask Kissinger some hard questions, with an eye toward eventually prosecuting him for international war crimes and violations of human rights laws.

Even if no real Drug War trial materializes, the Tribunal will have forcefully made a point. We need justice, even if it is the unofficial variety.

Links for Info About the Drug War

Homepage for the Tribunal on US Drug War Crimes

The Lindesmith Center and Drug Policy Foundation

DRCnet Online Library of Drug Policy

Common Sense for Drug Policy

Media Awareness Project

Drug War Facts

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

The November Coalition

This document is anti-copyrighted and may be reproduced by anyone anywhere, as long as the author is credited and this notice is included



Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist




By: Todd Brendan Fahey

Congressman Gary Condit has been interviewed for the fourth time by law enforcement officials, but, as is being reported by Niles Latham of the New York Post, investigators "were not allowed" to ask of him details regarding the watch case which he placed into a trash can in Alexandria, Virginia, with the assistance of his driver, senior aide Michael Dayton, just hours before FBI were to search his Adams-Morgan apartment, July 10th. It must be concluded, then--since this fourth investigatory meeting with Condit was anticipated by FBI sources at being five (5) hours in length, but lasted barely 60 minuites--that Abbe Lowell, Condit's attorney, advised his client against answering any among that line of questioning; or else, since Condit has not yet been declared a suspect, terminated the interview prematurely. Whatever the case, the Congressman is not cooperating, as is the feeble spin thrust about by his PR lackey Marina Ein (who, by the way, has never met her benefactor; & we, the American public, still have no answers as to who might be paying Mr. Lowell and Ms. Ein and others who assist in this grotesque obfuscation of truth).

Nor do we know how a destitute Darrell Condit, the fugitive ex-con, who had supposedly not been seen since 1996, since skipping bail in Broward County, Florida, on a drug charge, could afford the price of one John Sale, an attorney who worked in the Watergate investigation. Attorney Sale did say that his client (Darrell Condit) had not been in contact with his Congressman brother for around a year, prior to his recent capture, but did not say whether the Congressman--as is his duty, to police and to the taxpayers--reported any contact between himself and his brother between 1996 (the year of Darrell's ostensible disappearance) and 2000 (the last time, according to Mr. Sale, Darrell Condit had contact with his brother).

No, it will be necessary to charge Gary Condit with murder or with being an accessory to murder, before charges of "obstruction of justice" can be applied to him. And as this is still a missing persons case, and we have no crime yet declared, Condit has committed no "obstruction" of justice per se. Nevermind that the two hour "constituents" meeting in which Condit is purported to have been engaged, between 3:00-5:00pm on May 1, has now been downgraded to a "telephone meeting" by his Congressional staff (translated: nobody is on-record as having seen Mr. Condit between 1:00-5:00pm, May 1-- the Michael Isikoff/Newsweek-issued "scoop" that had Vice President Dick Cheney serving as alibi for Condit, thankfully, did not stick, all 25 minutes of it...); further, until the case becomes officially one of a criminal nature, that senior aide Michael Dayton is the same man who told another Condit mistress, Joleen Argentini McKay, over several phone calls bearing the same message, that she should "put the affair behind her," or that "it would ruin her," will also not avail prosecution; nor will, as it appears now, Mrs. Condit's explosive phone conversation with Chandra Levy on or about April 24, when the Modesto housewife phoned Condit's apartment, only to find Levy on the other end--when, initially, Mrs. Condit told D.C. police that she had never met or heard of Chandra Levy.

We have, again, a Congressman, his wife and his senior aide, each of whom have either attempted to destroy evidence and/or who have told very brazen lies to Washington D.C. police and/or FBI investigators. We have a Congressman who initially floated a terribly distracting report to the media and D.C. police, which has been, the face of later meetings with police investigators, retracted by Condit. According to the Washington Times, "Condit reportedly told police he broke off his "close friendship" with her April 28. One of his lawyers told reporters she then harassed the congressman by phone, calling five times the next day and trying his pager some 20 times over two days. He portrayed her as `extremely disappointed and distraught, refusing to take no for an answer.'" Weeks later, Condit would would tell police and media that he never did break off the relationship, and that Ms. Levy showed no sign of being depressed.

But none of this is apparently enough for an arrest. In this Imperial- era in our nation's history, it is clear that not even the "live boy or dead girl," of which Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards joshed, is enough to get a politician in trouble.

But will he be charged with murder or of being an accessory thereto?

Legal novices insist that where there is no body, there can be no murder case...but Thomas Campano, a former Delaware District Attorney, would disagree, and is currently serving a life sentence for murdering his mistress Anne Marie Fahey in Delaware, her body-- according to Campano's brother--entombed in a cooler and at the bottom of a lake.

The greater question is, therefore: Does the FBI (whose yearly operating budget comes from Congress) have the mutt for to make Condit a suspect? And as, as FDR was so fond of saying, "Nothing in politics happens by accident," we should know the Agency's strategy by the man it appoints to lead the Levy investigation.

Enter agent Bradley J. Garrett, the FBI's lead investigator in the "Levy case":

--The first thing you should know about this gentleman is, that he was the prosecution's closing witness in the case against Mir Aimal Kasi, the Pakistani national who offed two CIA agents at an intersection in front of the Company's Langley headquarters, and was the FBI agent dispatched to Pakistan for the safe return of Kasi back to the United States, and who is also credited as receiving Kasi's confession of said crime. Involvement in such a case, at minimum, reveals Mr. Garrett's "sensitivity-training" to things related to National Security.

--The second thing you should know about this gentleman is, that he participated as a lead FBI investigator into the "suicide" of Clinton White House legal counsel Vince Foster. (An article from WorldNetDaily... "Foster's body was found July 20, 1993, at 5:50 p.m. near the northwest corner of Fort Marcy Park, Va., approximately 700 feet from the parking lot. The body was found in a heavily wooded area lying on one of the earthen berms of the Civil War fort. The official cause of death -- touted from the outset as a suicide -- was declared due to a gunshot fired into the mouth; the weapon, said to be a black 1913 Army Colt .38 Special six-shot revolver, was said to have been found in Foster's hand." It is significant, therefore, to note that x-rays of the initial autopsy of Vincent Foster's corpse are listed by Federal coroners as now being "missing"; and that no one in the Foster family recalls there being a firearm of that model or appearance anywhere, ever, in their residency; and that, also, there was no blood found on the forearm (cuff, sleeve, wrist) of Vincent Foster, such as would have been elicited naturally (they call it "blowback") by a self-inflicted gunshot held close inside the soft- palate.)

--The third thing you should know is, that Garrett served as lead FBI investigator into the case of Congressional intern Mary Caitlan Mahoney, who was murdered by gunshot at a Georgetown D.C.-area Starbucks coffeehouse, a triple-homicide which--according to an Intelligence source close to the FBI investigation of the Mahoney slaying, who wishes to remain anonymous--was "solved" by the same agent Brad Garrett after a suspect was kept awake for three days, his confession being forced under extreme duress. Not so curiously, perhaps, is Monica Lewinsky's statement to Vernon Jordan, in her first meeting with the powerful Clinton White House advisor, as saying, "I don't want to end up like Caity Mahoney" (source: Craig Karpel, publisher The Colby Intelligence Letter, 1/23/98).

And that is really all you should need to know--unless you'd like to know that, according to investigative journalist John Drake, of the Washington Post, in roughly the same hours as the FBI were anointing Mr. Garrett the lead role in the Levy investigation, Washington D.C. Police Department chief Ramsey was removing (read: relieved of his role on the case) the lead forensics investigator in D.C. PD's investigation of Condit's apartment. We wonder what will come of the blood specks on Condit's venetian blinds or the DNA evidence that was reportedly found "all over the carpets." Lastly, this inquiring mind would like to know if it is common for a U.S. Congressman to not have a computer in his apartment; and if Condit had ever had a computer in his Adams-Morgan apartment, and, if so, when that computer was removed from his residence and why?

(And while I'm at it, there is something else also to consider. A NewsMax forum poster had this to say about the May 1st phone records of Gary Condit: "From LeBoutillier's july 25th article: 3) A NewsMax reader offers a unique investigative idea: Check Chandra's and Condit's phone records from May 1 on. If Condit stopped calling her on May 1--several days before her parents told him she was missing-- then perhaps he knew she was no longer reachable. That would be a clue to what he knew.)

This case is less about Gary Condit than it is about National Security, as Congressman Condit sits on three (3) Intelligence Committees and subcommittees in his ostensible duties on the taxpayers' dole.

What we will have, here, should a D.C. grand jury fail to be convened for the purpose of indicting Gary Condit and/or his wife for the murder of Chandra Levy, is the massaging of those sensitive regions in a diseased national character which need, occasionally, by the Powers That Be, to be massaged. We will, should Condit and/or his wife not be charged for murder, see a formal separation between the ruling class and those who support it, fiscally. And it will, then, be the duty of those who support Congress (the taxpayers) to withhold all revenue "due it," until such time that the shareholders of this Republic are satisfied that there is, in fact, satisfactory representation occuring in Washington D.C.

At this point, reports emanating from the National Enquirer and Globe tabloids, that Condit brutally assaulted two 15-year old girls in 1986, and that that case-file is now also missing, the case-worker having fled for her life to Alaska, and that Condit's brother Burl is none other than a sergeant at city of Modesto Police Department--a man who was stripped of his rank in 1994 for having failed to report the purchase of eleven (11) firearms from a grey-market police department sales auction outlet, and who, when ordered to return the weapons, could produce only four (4)--should elicit a chuckle and a yawn.

In the face of such a tawdry State of Affairs, We The People are no longer in control of our own Government; as such, and "When in the course of human events....", we owe it to ourselves to hold another Boston tea party.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

Fahey, a strategic writer stationed in South Korea, has served as aide to Central Intelligence Agency agent Theodore L. "Ted" Humes, Division of Slavic Languages, and to the late-Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) chief Lt. General Daniel O. Graham; to former Arizona Governor Evan Mecham (R-AZ), former Congressman John Conlan (R-AZ) and others. He is author of Wisdom's Maw: The Acid Novel, Far Gone Books, 1996) and "Al Hubbard: The Original Captain Trips" (High Times magazine, 1991), exposes of the CIA's MK-Ultra program and its influence on the Sixties' psychedelic counterculture. He is the architect of

Todd Brendan Fahey is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Todd Brendan Fahey can be reached at

Published in the August 6, 2001 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright © 2001 Ether Zone Online.   . Reposting permitted with this message intact.


Sunday, July 29, 2001 8:19 p.m. EDT Condit Teen Sex Assault Allegations Corroborated

Multiple sources now tell the National Enquirer that two teenagers who interned in California congressman Gary Condit's Modesto office in the mid-1980s claimed he sexually assaulted them.

After being attacked by the sex-crazed pol the two teens fled to Anchorage, Alaska, in fear for their lives, according to an investigator who took their statements at the time.

"They were afraid Gary Condit was going to kill them," the Alaska Juvenile Crime Commission caseworker told the tabloid. "I took statements from them both. Then we sent them on to relatives in Seattle."

The law enforcement source, who asked the Enquirer to shield her identity because of safety concerns, says the explosive report on the Condit sex assault allegations was turned over to state police, then stored in a warehouse, which was later cleaned out in a burglary.

The unnamed prober's account is backed up by her one-time boss, Marroyce Hall, chairwoman and one of the founders of the Alaska Juvenile Crime Commission.

"The person you spoke to was an investigator with my commission," Hall confirmed. "At the time she told me it was two girls who fled from a powerful political figure in California." Hall recalled that the subject of the allegations was Gary Condit.

The tabloid first revealed the teen sex assault allegations against Condit last week, but offered no named sources to back the explosive charge.

Should the women, who would now be in their 30s, decide to come forward in person, it would mark the second time in three years that a prominent Democrat was accused of rape.

In August 1998, Arkansas businesswoman Juanita Broaddrick told FBI impeachment probers that then-President Clinton brutally raped her in a Little Rock hotel room in 1978.

Broaddrick's account was deemed so credible that former sex crimes prosecutor and one-time Clinton impeachment defender Cynthia Alksne said it could have put the then-president behind bars.

The mainstream media virtually ignored the Broaddrick story.

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