Not the fake stuff they dispense
in churches, mosques and synagogues

By John Kaminski

"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"
— Galatians 4:16


You believe in nothing, you say? Well, you're on the right track. Jefferson and Buddha agreed that God gave us our minds to use, not to turn off and obey weird rules we don't really understand. Convince yourself that you're acting on behalf of some omnipotent deity if you like. But don't ever believe in anything you can't prove to yourself. That would be an insult to God and you’d look like an idiot.

We are more motivated than we know by the terms of our contract in this life that is so bitterly limited by time. It is the one factor that unites humans with all living things. This is why all the belief systems came into being. And, in fact, it's why love is so sweet.

Without death, the possibility of goodness does not exist. This is either my particular form of dementia or it is the road ahead in evolutionary thought. Its alternative becomes more obvious to us every day — species suicide. Death is a natural passage of all living things. To believe that you have somehow qualified for a special exemption as a result of your fervent practice of specific phrases pronounced in a certain way is exactly the twist in the panties that has castrated the human race.

Can you face death without that special exemption you have worked so hard to create?


Take a step beyond all these ritualistic parochial insanities by which truly healthy human nature is retarded rather than enhanced. By accepting the fact that we actually die rather than try to put some honeydew spin on it, we better see the contradictions that engulf us. It makes us more honest. And it makes our love real, because then it becomes all that really is. Which is the realest of real deals.

Sigh. I wonder if anyone will get that.

We get one chance. We better not blow it. We get one chance to make things right. Otherwise, they never will be. There is no real supernatural sanction for anything. Those are all just fear-based mechanisms. All magic, no real meaning. Delusion, not a common sense approach. We get one chance.

Deal with it, and get on with the work, because plenty needs to be done.

It takes real faith to do this. Not that leather-bound book stuff. To disregard everything you’ve been taught and figure things out for yourself. To embark on a journey knowing in your mind that you may be wrong, but knowing in your heart that you can’t be. The question is too important.

All we need to know is that we are here for just a little time, with one chance to make it right. It’s not that hard. You’d think.

We are put here for a little time to figure out how best to repay this debt we acknowledge simply as the gift of being here. Wouldn't you agree your life is the greatest gift you have ever received?

Surely you agree that we may not live this life for ourselves, for what can we give to ourselves that has not been given to us by others? Surely you understand by now that actual consciousness does not exist within ourselves, but in the bright field between us where our information is exchanged.

So what kind of person are you? Were you brought up ‘right’? Are you civilized? And honest? So how would you say thank you for the gifts that you've been given, to kind of spread that effortless contagion of simpatico felicity that's the mood in which you would would prefer to spend every moment remaining to you?

What would be the best way to do that? How about the first step being repatterning the way you live your life?

Step A is gratitude. Could we have been provided a better example for ourselves than George W. Bush, a perverted, preprogrammed cutout who can
order the murder of millions without a second thought? For who is he but a reflection of ourselves, all our raging impulses at the injustices that have been done to us exploding outward onto innocent victims instead of focused inward to strive toward peace, enlightenment, understanding, and compassion.

We're going in the wrong direction. We all need to turn around and look squarely at ourselves. This is, for want of a better term, the galactic synchronization that is upon us. It is not the latest Illuminati curriculum. What's happening now is beyond the manipulations of clandestine focus groups. Earth is going into the universe. The one rule is: Play fair, or you can't play at all.

It is human destiny to teach the universe about how it turned an evolutionary hazard faced by all living things into the grandest, most sublime kind of love that could possibly be known by anyone, even God.

That love is made possible by recognizing that we know that one day the people most important to us are not going to be here, and that we won’t be here, either. What will survive of us but the love we gave to others?

This information is borne through understanding the predicament we all share, and that in understanding the nature of time we gain the highest ecstatic feeling available to living beings, which is sublime oneness with the All.

You don’t have to trust me when I tell you this is something you might like. I encourage you to try it out for yourself. You see, this attitude leads to no wars at all.

Playing fair is all about understanding ourselves.

Why are we here? What are we doing? Can we answer the big questions? Do we ever contemplate them?

As our material world hurtles toward its own destruction, we all must face some hard questions.

How would we feel if we were responsible for this accelerating death of the Garden of Eden that we witness happening every day? Can you admit to your soul that we ARE responsible. OK, we're at the next step. Talk is one thing, action another.

1. What role have we played in our own destruction?

2. Has someone assisted us on our road to perdition?

You can't really answer the second question unless you've looked at the first. That too many people have not is the cause of most of our woes.

Thus, we need to decide if we have caused our own problems, or if somebody has caused them FOR us. You need to be aware of this question, and examine the evidence as objectively as you can.

Whichever conclusion you reach, there does exist substantial evidence that one shadowy group — the one that always seems to be the behind-the-scenes "advisers" — has dogged human civilization down through time, and consistently profited from conflicts they create themselves, through manipulation of the systems by which society operates.

Currency control and thought control have led us to this dangerous situation we see in AD 2006, in which official government language represents a plastic reality that does not actually exist. (Any resemblance to to standard religious versions of reality is NOT coincidental.) What they say is happening is not really what actually IS happening, except for all those dead bodies caused for reasons that everyone knows are lies.

I urge you to investigate this question.

Then, if you can, prove to me that your faith in the United States of America, for God and country, is either justified or justifiable. You won’t be able to do it. Corruption reigns supreme, and those on the take don’t give a second thought about those like us crushed beneath the wheel. We’re just another derivative commodity to them.

Not only have our political leaders made the most depraved crimes fashionable, but our religious leaders have utterly failed us.

Where are the words of Jesus in the mouths of TV evangelists who preach the conflagration of Israel as the only way to a stultifying new reality?

Where is the man of God who will stand fast and say “No more!” to the perverts who crush our children to death so their War on Terror that is really a War OF Terror can cannibalize the entire Earth?

Though I belong to no church and espouse no creed, I am that man.

I see through the charade. The calming power known as God is instantly available to every person on this planet with absolutely no intercession needed by anyone. In fact, anyone who pretends to say HE knows the way is by definition a fraud, lying to himself with a certainty that cannot possibly be true, and then trying to convince himself of his own lie by converting YOU to what he believes. We’ve seen way too much of that on this planet. We need to do away with that form of Pavlovian proselytization.

I put my faith in front of all the purposeful searching I have done, because I know none of it would have been possible without the glowing inner knowledge that I had to do it, that I had no other rational choice. I mean, what other occupation is there for any decent human on this planet?

Some Buddhists believe in the bardo, an after death state in which each soul gets to review the gory details of its past incarnation in preparation for choosing a new life into which to be reborn. I always liked that description metaphorically. The Tibetan Book of the Dead is really a book about life, and teaches us how to review and reconstitute our lives in a more functionally satisfying way. Philosophers from Castaneda to Gurdjieff urged us to recapitulate our lives to see, if we could, what it was we were actually doing.

Of course, human society is well past that point now. An odious Nutrasweet syrup of petrochemicals laced with viruses has flowed across our consciousness to the point where we live in a country that enthusiastically endorses torture of innocent people, and mass death by remote control — before a bomb drops in Afghanistan, a button is pushed in Tampa.

And still at night, when everyone has gone away and I can no longer hear the cyberharpies complaining about my boorish personal behavior, but never once answering the questions I posed, I hear the song of the universe, which has provided all of us with such great beauty.

Hey, I fell in love at age 57. There must be a God, AFAIK.

But I knew my real faith before I found love. And that faith was surely not grounded in the fetid rituals of centuries past.

I found it in the stars actually, where there’s a rhythm that exists beyond even Fibonacci’s mind that animates every living member of this reality we perceive. The same pattern, the same song, in everything.

The human opera is caving in on itself. Its mordant dreams have simply manifested in reality.

It’s well past time to change the dream, wouldn’t you say?

How about a more realistic goal?

How about the Three Commandments?

1. Do no harm to any living thing anywhere. (Let the Iroquois determine hunting rules.)

2. Be honest and fair and realize any other living being is really another yourself. (Check with the Mayans.)

3. Understand that no one can live alone. Yet we enter and leave alone. Make the most of your time. We can’t live WITHOUT each other, because we MUST die alone. That’s when we’ll know we are loved.

OK, maybe four commandments.

4. Know that real warmth is best found in giving shelter, because then we know we have lived and loved.

We’re all in this together. And we have one reality.

It has, as you know, been hijacked.

The scam is a very old one.

Real faith is believing we can fix it, that we must fix it.

As Robert Frost once said, “For Heaven and the Future’s sakes.”

Let’s cut out the bureaucracy and build heaven right here. Now that’s what I call real faith.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida whose Internet essays have been seen on hundreds of websites around the world. His little booklet, “The Day America Died,” was one of the first to alert the public that the 9/11 story was fake, and that small movement has now become an avalanche about to engulf society as a whole. For more on what he has written, or to contribute so he can keep his phone connected, check out

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THE UNION JACK, by Anonymous ...."It requires approximately one thousand minutes to read this volume, after which the reader will reject or accept it, as it is no haven for neutrals and no camouflage for treason. It is intended that this revelation will force upon the reader an unequivocal division of the issues pertaining to a suffering world; that he may penetrate the deeper meaning of world revolution from which he will find himself on one side or the other. It will, it is hoped, remove the veil of imaginary patriotism and catapult the reader from his state of euphoria into the conscious reality of the spiritual power that has moulded him into a mental zombie...."

"It requires approximately
one thousand minutes to read this volume,
after which the reader will reject or accept it,
as it is no haven for neutrals
and no camouflage for treason.
It is intended that this revelation will force
upon the reader an unequivocal division of the
issues pertaining to a suffering world; that
he may penetrate the deeper meaning of
world revolution from which he will find himself
on one side or the other. It will, it is hoped,
remove the veil of imaginary patriotism and
catapult the reader from his state of euphoria
into the conscious reality of the spiritual power
that has moulded him into a mental zombie...."













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