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This presentation introduces a fascinating, provocative and controversial book called Star Guests, Design for Mortality, one of the first volumes in the writings and channeled discourses compiled by William Dudley Pelley beginning in the late twenties. He moved to New York following a successful stint of writing novels and screenplays in Hollywood, preceded by an adventurous career as a roving journalist and war correspondent in Eastern Europe and Russia. This came during and following the First World War, coinciding with the Bolshevik Revolution and establishment of the Soviet Union. From that experience, he began a crusade against communism in all its forms, including those arising in the United States. The earlier parts of his life are a story that could be about a character found in novels and movies. During the politically volatile 1930s, Pelley rather quickly became a key figure in American right wing politics, fiercely opposing the Roosevelt Administration and our involvement in the Second World War. For what were essentially thought crimes, he spent time in a federal lockup after a conviction for so-called “sedition”. He was released in 1950, apparently after swearing to avoid anything even remotely political, which he did. The complete story is quite absorbing, but we focus only on his metaphysical writing and publishing ventures during the spiritual-philosophical latter phase of his life.

William Dudley Pelley is America’s forgotten mystic and spiritual guide. Many now basic New Age beliefs and paradigms spring from this same era, not only from Pelley, but from contemporaries such as Guy and Edna Ballard and the popular I-AM Movement. When Pelley began publishing in 1950, this coincided with the beginning of modern interest in UFOs, alien life forms and more. George Hunt Williamson and other key figures in the UFO movement spent time working and studying with Soulcraft. Not only that, Soulcraft doctrines preceded the Bridey Murphy phenomenon, the works of J. B. Rhine, Timothy Leary, Thelma Moss, L. Ron Hubbard, Bishop James Pike and many more.

I have assembled some of the principles which are meaningful and helpful to me. Please be advised this represents only a rather small portion of the myriad of mysteries and blessed teachings revealed in the Soulcraft discourses. Be Well, Enjoy and Prosper.


Star Guests is from a manuscript created by automatic writing sessions, channeled by “discarnate entities” in 1928 and 1929, while the author was in New York. In order to gain insight into the ancient mysteries, and about our true origins, the reader must be open to some challenging concepts, literally reaching to the stars -- to the star system Sirius, to be precise. From there, spiritual (later corporeal) beings came to earth, committing sodomy with physical earthly life, creating some strange beings who images are, to some degree, still with us. These travelers were immigrants from the star system Sirius. Pelley presents all of this – and a great deal more -- in an intriguing style in Star Guests and other books in the series of channeled writings. The automatic writing sessions eventually produced over one million words. Beginning in 1950, the volumes (along with several related journals, newsletters, pamphlets and magazines) were published under the general heading of Liberation Soulcraft Doctrine.

In Star Guests, Pelley speaks of the larger publishing project, and expresses his feelings and intense experiences as the channeler.

“I am not unduly exercised by any experience which life may allot to me – so long as I feel the assurance that it is included in the program that determines my cosmic destiny. Having gone through this myself… the transcendent interpretations I have been twenty-two years recording, I can only make compensation by passing it along in honest form to the harassed brother or sister who has not been so favored. I would be incurring the worst possible type of karmic debt, I am certain, if I did not do this. As industriously as I can, in my sunset years, I am recording and publishing the sixteen books of the Soulcraft Doctrine – of which this is the fourth. Every mystery or complication which human life holds, somewhere has explanation or elucidation within these sixteen volumes. But the drama of the redemption of man is the greatest and most basic of them all. In Behold Life we had the general preview of why life functions and achieves in mortal form. In Thinking Alive we considered most of the realities of Thought as a creative and motivating universality. In Earth Comes we had the exposition of the integration of Cosmos and the solar planet on which we find ourselves in particular. In Star Guests we have the first broad foundations laid for the drama of Man as a creature of physical predicament and sensation—that has to be more minutely examined and assimilated in Adam Awakes.”

[Unless indicated, the following quotations come from Star Guests.]


Voices from the clairaudient sessions with discarnate intelligences speak directly about their purposes and intentions in our world. This is a spiritual effort to awaken something deep in our memories, deep within our inner selves, helping us access elemental mystical archetypal images from long gone magical days of yore.

“Memory is not Memory if we must forever make new Thought-Bodies each time we give up our material bodies. Man will someday know the truth and then he will make new bodies in the image of God. Make no mistake, we are those now in the Light and we have much to tell you. ‘Music of the Spheres’ is no idle phrase, but the center of the mystery of this, our universe.”

“Where there is harmony there is life, and all discord is death. We of the more harmonious planes, which are next above the planes of earth, make this statement to you because you are of that company whose bodies are yet of earth but whose eyes are opened to perception of the truth. Many of us are with you, not alone at this moment but in many moments when you are unaware of our presences. We will make more power for you in all that you undertake if you will but open yourselves more completely to our touch.” P. 10.

“But there are no barriers in the universe of Truth! What seem barriers to you are but creations of fear that are the children of Hate and therefore the antithesis of Love. A Great Teacher has told you that ‘love casteth out fear.’ We say to you more than that. Where Love is, no fear can find entrance. When the sun is high in the heavens, how can there possibly be shadows?” …

“We may not give you more than the smallest glimpse of the mysteries that we may not reveal to you.” …

“Patience is one of the manifestations of Love, and without it spiritual development is impossible. Many a spiritual battle has been lost because the importance of patience was not fully understood. Patience has no kinship with Resignation. Patience is positive. Resignation is negative. Do you need further explanation of that truth?” pp. 20-21.


“Great nations are not led of great statesmen, I tell you. They do the behest of the widely advertised, not the truly great in heart. They do follow demagogues who rant of war when war threateneth, and rant of peace when peace is popular. They are worldly sheep led of blind shepherds who do consort with wolves.” p. 159.

“O My Beloved, have endurance! We are writers of tales and sawyers of timbers. Verily we shall write epistles unto the Father and raise dwellings of marble as homes for His people! Know that the Goodly Company gathereth, that My spirit hovereth anew above its earthly heads. Know that I go to keep communion with them, and a covenant with them, and that presently all shall know one another for the brethren whom they are.” …

“The World knoweth not My true servants’ identities. It considereth them men and women who have brains of promise and fertility. But my servants know they are more than men and women. They are divine of essence, making missions to earth for the Father and Myself. This is their shibboleth: that the Father holdeth them to an accounting for their responsibilities in this progressing world!” …

“In the days ahead shall come great disturbances of Nature; great cataclysms shall fill men’s hearts with alarm; great international rumblings shall be felt; science shall run riot; nation and nation shall suffer in common from burnings and floods and famines and exhaustions. There shall be minor wars. The sons of men shall cry Peace! Yet behold no peace cometh. These are the signs and omens.” pp. 218-219.


“The agents of these forces [that reach out to us] are invariably the Beings whom you describe as Angels. We say ‘invariably’ because because they constitute a special order of creation higher than man constitutes, and organized to render specific service. Sometimes this service is fleshly, sometimes it is purely spiritual. It can be either.” p. 172.

“There are celestial messengers and ‘special agents’ abroad in Cosmos, who incarnate now and then for particular purposes in either male or female bodies, depending on temperaments. Humanity long ago coined the word ‘angels’ to describe these spirits.”


The Elder Brother is called by several titles including the Christ and the Man of Nazareth, but also Great Teacher, Master Teacher, Great Avatar, and Universal Spirit. Soulcraft teaches that we find the ultimate awareness and enlightenment within ourselves. This is the spiritual principle behind the Hindu greeting, “Namaste” – “The Light in me recognizes the Light in you.” We are made in the image of God, and we receive the Divine Light so we can share it with others. In several ways, the Bible affirms this. In the Old Testament Book of Genesis, we are told we are made in the image of God, and then Jesus tells us in the New Testament to look within, that the keys to the Kingdom are already within us.

“It is time to bring humanity an entirely remodeled concept of the Christian faith, and introduce this Man of Nazareth to the modern world as an Elder Brother – precisely what He calls Himself – who stands ready to help and encourage as a loving older brother would, and does, those of His family and relatives who need what He is able to supply them. The big thing we’ve got to alter our concepts to grasp and assimilate is this – WE ARE ALL CHRISTS IN SCHOOL!”


“As of this writing– May 20, 1950 – World War Three is still ahead of us.”

Great wars are on their way’ the message had stated in 1929 – and note that ‘wars’ is used in the plural. We live in an era when the Piscean Age – or celestial month – is closing, and the Aquarian Age opening. Such periods are attended by vast social disturbances.” …

“We are subtracting nothing of the divinity and faith of the Christian religion, to bring to humanity the concept of the real Elder Brother as we in these modern times are electronically discovering Him.”

This was channeled in 1928, when radio was barely on the scene. Could this refer to our more advanced electronic age? Pelley believed that the early years of the twenty-first century would bring the transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. Perhaps 2012 is such a time. It means the end of a new cosmic astrological age, not the end of the world. Pisces is the age of Water and steam. Aquarius is the age of air, electricity and electronics.


“We are saying to these times: Forget your Hebraic ideas of vengeance in all this Deity business and try to grasp from His words and preachments the real Elder Brother as he is. If he has no evidence of vengeance in His makeup, why need we pay homage to any God of Vengeance whom He regards as Father? As a matter of fact, He tells us specifically that to think of the Personage whom He regards as Father as being vengeful, is to deal in blasphemy.”




In another Soulcraft work, Stairs to Greatness, the Elder Brother, the Master Teacher, the Great Avatar addresses us with a message.

[Begin quoting.] I have heard the plottings, the cajolings and beseechings of Circumstance to produce an effect upon the fortunes of Mind. I would utter a word of sterner admonition than I have spoken before.

All which happeneth, happeneth for a purpose. That which happeneth not is merely withheld from the experience of the race involved in it, in that such race is not spiritually prepared to profit without taxing the agencies of Love available to it.

There is no particular need, my dear ones, for over-concernment that whatsoever matureth out of your current summer doeth evil to my flock. True, great revelations come shortly for mankind’s eschewments – that which is worthy for man to display in order to survive. But all of it is a vast academic sum which he who hath the intellect to work, commandeth the solution to his soul’s eternal profit.

I say, be not concerned with that which threateneth with the autumn. Pursue my work, looking neither to the right nor the left. Give it your loving heed, make it your prime concern, feed my sheep placed in your care with the increments of goodly works and leave the vast import of the mightier program to those who view it from Above! I mention this word of caution that you may not be overly exercised if the brethren disclose facts of either military, geologic or meteorological happenings that disturb you.

The whole world is my garden. I do not cultivate a corner of the garden and let the balance grow to weeds. I look upon it as a garden to be tilled, beauteous in many aspects, sacred in its potentials for giving nourishment and inspiration to all who look upon it from any sphere.

Remember, I am the gardener. I am not allowing unfriendly or unhallowed forces to make my garden an eternal jousting-place. This is my promise to all who heed my words. But I have strange ways and methods of enforcing such decrees. I do not chastise directly with pain on the offending one.

I try as i may to find those of superior abilities and wits to start many in adventures of inspiration that others beholding their interest thus generated in a GREAT DEPARTURE, follow on themselves and all are uplifted.

That which you have been told thus far hath its origin in this: that men are not cast upward, not heaved upward, but enticed upward, and as the enticement payeth the tariff for the act, so do others follow to gain a like increment, that all arrive at the higher vantage-point by similar route although from dissimilar incentive.

There is a great truth lying in wait for the microscopes of your intelligence in the very factor which [Ascended Masters] hath riveted your attention upon, that as you go upward in enticements, you find human nature and human consciousness responding more and more readily to the profit of the Beautiful. And the profit of the Beautiful, my dear ones, is the only profit!... which again partaketh of Holy Spirit because Beauty is only Holy Spirit in Action.

Give thought to that which is introduced to you by this paper. Give it deep thought and I will reveal a new incentive to you to carry over the bleak days which are necessary for humanity to endure that it may arrive at an appreciative understanding of the rich days.

Now we go from you, leaving you to your thought. Pursue and develop it, because presently, my beloved, a GREAT DOCTRINE groweth from it. A GREAT DOCTRINE groweth out of it! -- that hath within it the truth of eternal manifestation in all forms.

My blessing on your effort to interpret my garden in the beauties of the colors wherein I would display it.

You recall I asked you at the outset of these pages, Could Man Know Himself? There is one way he can.

He can try making comparisons between himself and God and coming to grasp how stupendous is the gulf in this item of Cleverness.

Let man begin to comprehend the very instability and paltriness of his own cosmic infanthood and he can write a Manifesto unto a more adult consciousness whose agenda contains the items with which I close. [End quoting.] Stairs to Greatness, 1956.


If you’ve come this far in our journey through a small part of two of the best books in the Soulcraft series, I hope you have good feelings about what Star Guests and its companion volumes offer spiritual seekers. Be aware that there are more than a few teachings and revelations I have not touched on at all. To learn more, you must seek, but without a doubt, you’ll prosper if you do. Soulcraft enhances and amplifies whatever spiritual systems and metaphysical paradigms you may already employ.

# # #



Some (but less than half) of the original book titles are still available. Reprinting is doubtful, so get them while you can.


Other used titles, including his earlier novels and screenplays, are sometimes available on sites such as www.abebooks.com.

If you want help in locating hard-to-find volumes – or perhaps donating some of them to my Pelley research library – or if you have other questions, email EagleRevisionist@aol.com.

By the way, I have over 1000 pages of Soulcraft newsletters from the late 1950s entitled “Purposes of the Infinite, Private Weekly Transcripts of Psychical Proceedings for Students in the Soulcraft Fellowship, Inc. -- Confidential”. If interested in discussing this, please write.






William Dudley Pelley never really tried to start a new religion or sect, but in many ways, the Soulcraft Liberation doctrines redefined the basic understanding of the Christ, who manifested to Pelley as the Elder Brother beginning in 1928-29, and was also called by other names. Soulcraft says we are all “Christs in School”, realizing our own inner godhood and divinity. In essence, this reflects the ancient Indian Vedic scriptures with their basically pantheistic theology. God is all, all is God, and we can all achieve various levels of divinity as we climb the Karmic ladder to ever higher levels. As you know, this is now a basic creed among New Age and metaphysical groups, often reflecting basic Soulcraft concepts.


Apart from the religions of ancient India, several others preach similar doctrines. Today’s Gnostic Christians and New Age movements, as well as certain sects of Kabalistic Judaism, believe in reincarnation. Metempsychosis is, of course, a key Soulcraft doctrine. Indeed, as pointed out in the Soulcraft discourses, that we live other lives is a teaching of Jesus in the New Testament. This appears in several synoptic texts: Matthew 17, Mark 9 and Luke 9. It seems clear that past lives are the real topic. As we know, the Roman Church co-opted the emerging Christian religion and took over its scriptures in the early 300s. Once in charge, they removed many controversial things, such as those having to do with metempsychosis. However, for whatever the reason, they left some texts largely intact. The one that follows has to do with the Transfiguration, which was already established as a doctrine in early Christianity. With the exception of Origen, the early Church Fathers avoided reincarnation altogether, just as their counterparts do today. Consider what he said about the secret teachings of Jesus.

“The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you. But to those on the outside everything is said in parables so that, 'they may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never understanding….” Mark 4:11-12.

"He replied, "The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them. Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance." Matthew 13:11-12.


“[Jesus] conversed with His disciples in private, and especially in their sacred retreats, concerning the Gospel of God; but the words which He uttered have not been preserved, because it appeared to the evangelists that they could not be adequately conveyed to the multitude in writing or in speech… and they saw… what things were to be committed to writing, and how this was to be done, and what was by no means to be written to the multitude, and what was to be expressed in words, and what was not to be so conveyed”. Origen, Contra Celsus, Chap. VI. 18.

Read the texts carefully (also in Mark 9 and Luke 9), and decide for yourself if this speaks of past and future reincarnations, a doctrine that would have been known by Jesus’ inner circle. But more than that, it was known to early Christians, especially among the mystical Gnostics, Essenes and others. The mystical and otherworldly story of the Transfiguration was so strongly entrenched that even the Roman redactors dared not change the text too much, much less totally remove it. Hence, the rather successful tactic has been to simply ignore any references to reincarnation, not even discussing it other than to cite all sorts of other texts supposedly refuting it. The verses below are from the Revised Standard Version.

“For all the prophets and the law prophesized until John the Baptist, and if you are willing to accept it, he is Elijah who is to come.” Matthew 11:14.

“And after six days Jesus took with him Peter and James and John his brother, and led them up a high mountain apart. And He was transfigured before them, and his face shown like the sun, and his garments became white as light. And behold there appeared to them Moses and Elijah, talking with him.” … And as they were coming down the mountain, Jesus commanded them, ‘Tell no one the vision, until the Son of man is raised from the dead.’ And then the disciples asked him, ‘Then why do the scribes say that first Elijah must come?’ He replied, ‘Elijah does come, and he is to restore all things; but I tell you Elijah has already come, and they did not know him, but did to him whatever they pleased. So also the Son of man will suffer at their hands. Then the disciples understood he was speaking to them of John the Baptist.” Matthew 17:1-3; 9-13.

It seems clear to me, but the prelates, priests and preachers cite other texts to the contrary, refuting any idea that “ye must be born again” means rebirth in a later life. If you follow the hypothesis that much of the New Testament was created from earlier Buddhist writings and stories from ancient India, then references to metempsychosis don’t sound so strange. But there are no New Testament manuscripts before the 400s, and a lot can happen in four hundred years. Any direct references to reincarnation were surely expunged, beginning with St. Jerome’s Latin Vulgate Bible in the late 300s. No earlier copies exist. If you think the old monks just sat around in their hermitages copying, preserving and illustrating manuscripts, think again! The monks did reproduce and preserve church approved manuscripts, but also spent time editing and rewriting the then-available scripture texts, then destroying all originals. Beyond that, like a literary SWAT team, the monks hunted down, seized and destroyed any contradictory “heretical” writings such as those of the Gnostics. Of course as with the Cathars, the pious churchmen not only burnt the books but the believers as well.



Give thought to that which is introduced to you by this paper. Give it deep thought and I will reveal a new incentive to you to carry over the bleak days which are necessary for humanity to endure that it may arrive at an appreciative understanding of the rich days. Now we go from you, leaving you to your thought. Pursue and develop it, because presently, my beloved, a GREAT DOCTRINE groweth from it. A GREAT DOCTRINE groweth out of it! -- That hath within it the truth of eternal manifestation in all forms.”



In effect, this is a very Christ-centered doctrine, but within the earlier esoteric traditions of the Christian Essenes, Gnostics and the later Cathars. Metempsychosis is a essential theological and philosophical assumption. May you read and be enlightened.

[Begin quoting.] There are Nine Points to be established before the masses of Christendom.

One, every soul helping to compose the grand ensemble of humanity is an embryonic Messiah, making his way life by life up the Cosmic Stairflight, to graduate resplendent with divinity manifest;

Two, he has chosen earthlife within a certain race, in a certain country, at a specific time in history, to obtain definite developing of intellect which such stations hold to give him – some significant, some mediocre, all of them vital;

Three, the concourse of the nations approaches an intersection in eternity where positive principles demand to be recognized – that each race, each nationality, each system of government, has something worthwhile to contribute to the character gains of all souls composing them;

Four, that certain nations are qualified to serve definite individuals that their progress may be quickened;

Five, that as each individual attains to such consciousness he contributes of his force to attainment of the Ultimate;

Six, that the Ultimate is creation of a condition on this earth-plane where those who show themselves outstandingly spiritual are symbolically allotted Keys to the Kingdom which is established at the Avatars’ imminent appearance;

Seven, that the favored in this concourse are those who are reincarnated purposely to be a part of it, that they pursue their labors and responsibilities unto the End – that this End shall recognize and reward them for fidelity to an Ideal;

Eight, that the Ideal is universal awakening to the basic principles of Cosmos – that each man and each woman is divine in his innermost essence of being, that the centuries await the proclaiming of Stalwarts, that they are present in the earth-scene to witness a new Triumphal Entry: the arrival within the Gates of Modern Enterprise of a new Son of Heaven with healing in His wings;

Nine, this Healing is manifest Honesty of Purpose in that which each doeth standing for righteousness within a hoodwinked generation.

This is the Planet’s Ninefold Path offered for our traveling. There is none greater, none purer. Thus, we deem it a sacrament.

Over the earth comes a New Time suddenly – galvanic awakening of the Sons of God to that which is celestial, recognitions of their birthrights as First-born of Timeless Splendor.

A great religious wakening is slated for mankind in which theology becomes archaic.

People, no matter how common, are Sons of God and it doth not yet appear all they shall be.

They have a commission to execute.

Each man and each woman shall be protected and sustained in the fruits of his industry to time without end.

No political voice shall issue fiats limiting man or woman in his heaven-born rights of person or denying him representation in Councils of Probity.

The Meek shall inherit the earth in that no one shall affect arrogantly to dictate what adult prerogatives shall be in declaring for honesty, efficiency, and integrity in public office.

This shall henceforth be a world where violence is subtracted, where races shall meet in all respect one for another, recognizing and conceding why a race is what it is.

Races shall know and sustain their governments separately according to their needs of spirit for the period. They shall only band together for protection against encroachments on natural liberties. When such menace has departed, rights of peace shall be paramount and respected again among them. There shall be no purposeful coalitions permitted that have as their essence the control of the many by the handful. All mean shall enjoy and expand their wealth by the conscience which is their heritage divine within them.

All men are free peoples under Holy Spirit – and Satan is only and always the symbol of a god of the weaklings. Amen and amen!


The ASPIRATIONS of a man are the fodder for his soul. But different men have differing aspirations depending on their Cosmic gradings. Those of little mein are weak in Cosmic circumstance; the mighty of the ages are chosen for a diadem. None can take it from them. Choose ye this day whom ye will serve: God or Mammon.

God is eternal. Mammon is last night’s squandered huckstering. What doth it profit a man if he gains the whole world’s acclamation yet lose his own soul striving to bow to it?

Those who are superior in point of Cosmic age bend knee to this accolade.

They know the plights and circumstance and accord us with a blessing.

“Every last one of us in this body to learn grace under pressure. If the pressure were lacking, so too would be incentive. The prayer of every truly valiant person should be, Lord, make my future hard.”

When you pray it – and take it – you’ll be finished with further need of earth-life and probably won’t come back to it.

Thus the Stairs to Greatness! Ever so be it!

[End quoting.] Stairs to Greatness, 1956.

We are a free and worthy people, not weaklings or cowards. We disown our fears and cast them far from us. They are largely self-generated anyway. Some of you are especially called, known in Soulcraft as the Goodly Company, preparing for the Great Coming. We are at a New Age, passing from Pisces to Aquarius, right now. You probably know who you are but some may just now be reawakening. Come forth, O Goodly Company. This is your time. Listen and mark it well. The Great Avatar, the Ever-Living and Undying Christos, is coming at the Turning of the Cosmic Cycles. He returns, as always, at the proper places and proper times to the proper people as determined by our Eternal Father-Mother God, the Great and Mighty I-AM, the Ancient of Days.

If the Great Avatar is not already among us, it can’t be very long now. Be aware; watch for the signs. As revealed in Star Guests, thirteen is the number and seven times seven is the number of days.

I close with the loving and sincere hope that some of you are drawn to know more. If so, start your journey by reading Star Guests or any of the Soulcraft books.


# # #


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By Harrell Rhome, Ph.D.
...Today he is unknown but to a few continuing devotees,
students of twentieth century history, readers of obscure books,
and researchers into the outré and bizarre.  Pelley, a truly
fascinating fellow, was a fairly well known public figure from
the “roaring twenties” until his death in 1965. 
But, today he is largely forgotten or misunderstood...







William Dudley Pelley
and the
Silver Legion of America

Father of American Racial Mysticism

by A.V. Schaeffenberg

The 45 Questions
Most Frequently Asked
About the Jews

With the Answers
by William Dudley Pelley

William Dudley Pelley wanted poster
Copyright 1939 by
Dudley Pelley




An Essay in Metaphysics and Historiography
By Dr. Harrell Rhome
....In his 1833 magnum opus, Anacalypsis, Godfrey Higgins addresses
a key theological and philosophical matter. The forces that conflict today
have been around from the earliest times of human existence.
Higgins traces both the linguistic and spiritual roots to the Indo-Aryan religions
of India, but in particular the Zoroastrian religion of Persia.
These pagan Magian traditions quickly made their way into the belief systems
practiced by the Semitic peoples of the desert.
“Thus we see here that the doctrines of the Persians and that of the Jews,
and we shall see afterwards, of the Gnostics and Manichean Christians,
were in reality the same. The following is Dean Prideaux's account
of the religion of Zoroaster: ‘The chief reformation which he made
in the Magian religion was in the first principle of it; for whereas before they
had held the being of two first causes, the first light, or the good god,
who was the author of all good; and the other darkness, or the evil god,
who was the author of all evil; and that of the mixture of those two,
as they were in a continued struggle with each other....’ Read More


By Dr. Harrell Rhome
......Let’s start in the beginning.  We are, more often than not,
told that we are a Christian nation, founded on solid
Biblical principles, but this does not hold up under scrutiny. 
Far from it!  Practically all the key figures in the colonial
separatist movement were Freemasonic occultists. 
If they publicly practiced a religion other than that, it was
usually philosophical Deism and/or ultra liberal semi-Christian
Unitarianism and Universalism. 
Even then, none were ever known as regular churchgoers. 
Religion, as expressed in various Christian creeds and confessions,
means utterly nothing to devout Freemasons, especially at the
levels of the higher adepts. 
They see themselves as above all of that.....
















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