Homescapes Hack, Mod Apk, Cheats & Generator (1)

Homescapes Hack, Mod Apk, Cheats & Generator

Homescapes Hack APK is a new Arcade game that is inspired by the 3-Match Games, which is a favorite genre with everyone. If you have ever played Gardenscapes, you will find that the gameplay of Homescapes does not have much difference. In this review, you can also find the latest mod version of the Homescapes Hack game. Of course, we will show you how to download and install the Homescapes MOD APK easily on your Android Smartphone. Let’s Go!

Homescapes Hack – Game Features

Find below the list of features offered by Homescapes Hack game:

  • Your Facebook account friends can be invited to assist with creating your customized atmosphere within the house.
  • Cute pet: Meet a fluffy and naughty cat.
  • Amazing Characters: Make use of the in-game social media network to interact with each other and also watch them their lives.
  • Beautiful & huge mansion: It holds numerous secrets that need to be discovered.
  • Thrilling math-3 levels: Explosive combinations, featuring unique boosters, and numerous funs.
  • Interior Design: The players can customize their in-house.
  • Exclusive gameplay: Need to assist Austin for renovating his house by matching and swapping the appropriate pieces.

Additional Features

Play with friends – The game lets you connect to your Facebook account and search for friends. Invite your friends together to do the quests, create a family atmosphere for your house. Or share your achievements in the game.

Impressive graphics – Homescapes’s 3D graphics are built around animated cartoon characters. The colors in the game are quite fresh, creating a sense of comfort when playing.

Exploring Austin’s house – Players become a real butler with the task of renovating old homes to welcome the return of the family. There are many rooms in the house that you must renovate, complete quests to get money, buy new items to decorate them or repair old ones. There are some exciting secrets hidden in the rooms waiting for you to discover.

Numerous missions to complete – Homescapes carry over 400 different tasks for players to explore and complete. You need to complete the missions to unlock the new features of the game.

Addictive Gameplay – Homescapes gameplay is inspired by three-match games, easy-to-play and addictive. You help Austin refurbish his house by pairing the same objects into one row. You will spend a lot of hours to conquer the challenge of the game.

It is required to give a completely new makeover for the old mansion. Your designer skills can be showcased by decorating & furnishing the hall orangery, kitchen, and even other house areas, that also includes the garage. You can maximize your freedom by using the numerous design options for exploring your creativity, any sort of customized designed for eventually to create an amazing dream house.

Homescapes game can be played free of cost however, it is essential to purchasing some in-game items using the real money for utilization. In case, if you do not prefer to utilize this feature then under the device’s Restrictions menu, the users can disable this feature.

Homescapes MOD APK (Unlimited Stars)

Homescapes Mod Apk
Homescapes Mod Apk

The characters within the Homescapes MOD APK game are specially designed using the animation style. The graphics are quite bright and even created with the assistance of utilizing the 3D engine. This game will be much suitable and can be played by everyone to relax their stressful hours. You can also find more information on latest Android version of Homescapes MOD APK for your reference.

Install Homescapes MOD APK on Android Device

You can follow the below instructions to download Homescapes MOD APK file and install the same:

  • You need to download two APK files and store the same on your Android device. (Homescapes APK file and Homescapes MOD APK file).
  • Browse and locate the original APK file (Homescapes APK file) under the File Manager or Downloads folder and install the same.
  • After installation, access the App Draws using the game icon and log in using your account credentials. The provided tutorial needs to be completed and access the Task tab.
  • Now, navigate the original directory and again install the Homescapes MOD APK.
  • After successful installation, you can enjoy accessing the full features of the MOD free assignment.

Homescapes Generator – Requirement of Stars & Coins

Homescapes Hack And Mod Apk
Homescapes Hack And Mod Apk

Within the game, the players need to design their customized mansion by surpassing each game level after completing the 3 puzzles match to earn the stars. To complete the mansion’s decorating work, you can utilize the stars. The level 3 match can be completed by using some extra moves or even more lives. To overcome this situation, you may require some coins to perform.

It is also required to spend some coins in case if you prefer to redecorate your designed mansion. Basically, the Homescapes game will allow the players to utilize both stars and coins to complete the mansion decoration. The players can also utilize the legit Homescapes Cheats to fulfill their required stars and coins easily.

Homescapes Hack & Cheats 2019 – Important legal ways to gain Stars & Coins

  • You need to watch the in-game advertisements.
  • Connect to the entire Social media network.
  • Match more or four same sets of pieces.
  • Collect the Daily Reward points.
  • Join Events.
  • Within minimum moves, you need to complete the level.
  • Take part in the Leagues and Competitions.
  • Defeat the 3 levels thrilling match.
  • Use Playrix to join or participate in other games.
  • Press the message icon, in case if you can view the same on your game screen.
  • Try to complete the task within a day.

Use Homescapes Cheats Online Tool

You can find numerous online tools available across the marketplace to use the Homescapes Cheats within the game. The Homescapes Online Tool is much simple and includes a user-friendly interface to use this service. Follow the below instructions to access this server:

  • Choose the Homescapes Cheats Online Tool.
  • Input the User ID of your Homescapes account.
  • By default, your game account will be automatically protected by enabling the Proxy settings.
  • Now, choose your required Coins and Stars added to your account.
  • Tap the Get Now icon.
  • Within a few minutes, your game account will be automatically credited with the requested amount of Coins & Stars. 

Homescapes Generator Online Tool

Homescapes Generator Unlimited Coins and Stars
Homescapes Generator Unlimited Coins and Stars

The players can create numerous Stars and Coins by using game tools such as the Homescapes Generator Online tool. This tool is also available at free of cost for users to download. Within a few minutes, the users can follow the instructions to utilize the tools and most of them are benefited. This online generator tool is designed with the help of a legal source. Hence, it is not required to bother about the banning process.

Most of the players will be lost their team and madden ultimate resources and group stars. You may experience several troubles with the lack of Coins & Stars while trying to upgrade the game. The players can utilize the Homescapes Generator Online tool to obtain an unlimited number of Coins & Stars at free of cost.


Similar to other games, this Homescapes games also require resources. It is essential to think about utilizing those options much quickly. Resources such as Coins or Stars are the most important currencies used within the gameplay. There are numerous possible ways to obtain them. You need to purchase any items or things within the gameplay by using those currencies. Make use of the powerful Homescapes MOD APK to generate the resources. It can offer a wide range of options to generate both Coins & Stars.


The most essential and first resource of this game is the Coins. It is one of the important currencies that are available within the Homescapes Hack tool to progress your game level. The players have to maintain a better position by maintaining a huge amount of coins for home renovation. With the use of these currencies, it is much easier to play the game.


When compared to Coins, Stars are also most important to utilize during the gameplay. It can help the users to build the house with upgraded abilities and also boost them to work more. You can utilize the Stars to purchase any tools or other things to build the home. Homescapes Cheats include the Stars with absolute main currency. It is most important to follow a strategy to earn more Stars for purchase.

It can provide the users with numerous options and also allow them to upgrade multiple features during the gameplay. Make use of the Homescapes Generator Tool to gain or generate more Stars for utilization. There are different options and choices available across the online platform to use. It is advisable to select the best option and never try to overuse them.

Note: You can find numerous options to obtain resources. It is also possible to gain the Coins & Stars by performing certain tasks, things, and many more. Make use of the Homescapes Generator tool to purchase these currencies.

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